Bounce Retires From The Rebel Penguin Federation

Tuxedo, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – With Club Penguin coming to a closure very soon we’ve seen many people return to the army community, but today we see someone retire. Bounce, former RPF leader has decided to retire from the Rebel Penguin Federation’s leadership and step down to adviser.

On February 11th 2017, Bounce, Rebel Penguin Federation leader announced on the RPF website that he was stepping down to adviser. Claiming he has no time for armies and that he has a hectic schedule. Here were his words:

Stepping Down To Advisor

Unfortunately, I have been extremely inactive lately. The reason is plain and simple. I no longer have time. My life was already hectic before I re-joined in November but I decided to come back one more time because I wanted to be a part of the amazing leadership. My time has run out and now I have to wrap it up. This has been obviously the greatest experience I have ever had and I want to thank every single rebel for this amazing ride.

Fight the good Fight!


To say Bounce didn’t do much in the RPF during his reign would be an understatement. During Bounces’ time as leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation he managed to do a lot of things while working alongside people like Chip, Elmikey & Silverburg. He managed to help lead them to the Christmas Chaos finals and he also lead them during plenty of battles. One of which was against the Ice Warriors.

RPF vs Ice Warriors

During the Christmas Chaos VI Finals, (one of the craziest endings to the tournament’s final ever) The Rebel Penguin Federation made a number of unknown mistakes during the battle like retreating mid-battle and getting disqualified and basically handing over the trophy to the Doritos. It was an unlucky loss for the RPF but Bounce was there to keep his troops’ heads up and helped make the army big in the following weeks.

RPF vs. The Doritos in the Christmas Chaos VI Finals

 As you can see Bounce has made a big impact on the Rebel Penguin Federation over the past few months and him leaving could be a major shock to the system, but knowing how RPF works, I think RPF will move on. I think that Bounce will always be remembered in RPF’s history as being an inspirational figure and being a good leader aswell. You can also see Bounce has earned his place on the RPF Hall of fame, which was well deserved and well earned.



I managed to grab a quick interview with Silverburg, RPF leader.

CPAC = Blue

Silverburg = Black

What do you think about Bounce leaving the RPF leadership?

I’m not quite sure. People usually retire because they’re “busy IRL” but it’s usually just because they’ve lost motivation. RPF has not had events in the past few days and we haven’t been recruiting. So that’s probably why.

Do you think Bounce did a lot of work during his reign at the RPF?

I think he did a lot to help the RPF grow.

Any other comments?


As you can see, Silverburg, RPF leader, will dearly miss Bounce and he believes Bounce has a lot of things to do IRL. He clearly doesn’t have time to play Club Penguin anymore. It’s understandable aswell because this happens to a lot of army leaders. He also believes that Bounce did a lot to help RPF grow.


Personally I think Bounce leaving the RPF is sad but I don’t think it’ll affect their recruiting or sizes. The Rebel Penguin Federation is going stable at the moment but this week they haven’t had many events. So over the next week or so we have to see what happens! – Bounce will be dearly missed from the RPF leadership and from armies as a whole as he was an inspirational figure for the few months that he lead. I also think that he left at the wrong time because of the fact that RPF is currently in a state of war against the Nacho Army too. Things could go wrong quite fast but we’ll just have to wait and see.


So what do YOU think about Bounce leaving the Rebel Penguin Federation? Will the RPF fall in size? Will RPF grow as they have proven in the past? Or will they simply stay the same as they are? Here at CPAC we want YOUR opinions!

Epic Master

Some Guy who works at CPAC

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