Verum Temporarily Retires From Nachos Army

FJORD, Nachos Capital – The Nachos army has been on an enormous rise recently. However, due to lack of time and upcoming exams, Nachos leader, Verum has decided to temporarily retire from the army itself. How will Verums’ retirement affect the army as a whole? Let us find out!

The last event that Nachos army had was called “Tournament Training” and it took place on the 25th January, 2017. During this event, the Nachos army managed to get 20 troops and had great tactics. Below is a picture of the event:


On the 27th of January, 2017, Nachos leader, Verum made a post on the army’s website stating his retirement and the reason why he decided to take such a big step. The post by Verum can be found below:

I’ve got exams coming up in a week, so I’ll have to temporary retire for about 3 weeks. I’ll still attend as many events as possible and when I’m studying, I’ll be putting 2 penguins on to recruit. Remember, this army isn’t dependent on one individual or person, it’s the troops who do all the work. A leader’s job is to lead and guide, they don’t do all the work. For the 3 weeks, I’ll be retired, we’re going to have 3 events through the week, three days of mass recruiting and hyping then a massive practice battle on Saturday along with an AUSIA event on Sunday.

We’re entering Phase II of my plan for making Nachos Great Again. Phase I was to massively hype and recruit at the Christmas Break, then maintain troops and consistency and manage to hold our place at the top. We’ve done that, now we need to bring new blood into the army and prepare for March Madness for about 3 weeks. Then we’ll work hard in order to become Champions. In April and May, we’ll try to make sure we’re the most dominant army by going through various war campaigns. Then, we’ll enter the Summer, where we’ll try to enter a new Golden Age and dominate through wars, staying first on the Top Ten and a war effort against our biggest rival which will be remembered as one of the greatest wars the community has ever seen.

In August, we’ll work on winning the Legends Cup and in September, we’ll try to stay afloat while coping with the September Drop. In October, we’ll work on rebuilding the army and replacing the troops we’ve lost because of the end of Summer. In November, we’ll try to win the Champions Cup, while in December, we’ll focus on becoming Christmas Chaos Champions, then I’ll retire and become an advisor and make sure the transition goes smoothly and the army is able to be bigger and better through other and better leaders.

In his post, Verum mentions that following the upcoming exams, he will be unable to lead the army. Therefore he has decided to retire from the army. Verum also mentions the future plan of Nachos and on how they plan to spend this year and prepare themselves for the upcoming tournaments that CPA Central will he holding.

To know more, CPA Central managed to interview Nachos leader, Verum. We asked him a few question about his retirement and how he plans to rise Nachos once he is back. This is what Verum said:

Interview with Nachos leader, Verum

CPAC: Why did you decide to retire from the army?

Verum: I have to temporary retire due to exams, I have to put myself above the army sometimes, but I’ll be back in 3 weeks to continue the rise and keep Nachos at the top.

CPAC: How do you think your leave will affect the army?

Verum: It won’t affect it all, I led the army, I didn’t carry it. The army put the work in to bring them to the top.

CPAC: How do you plan to rise the army once you’re back?

Verum: The same method I’ve been doing for the past month and that the leadership will continue to do, recruiting. Nachos have been rebuilding for a month and they will continue to rebuild. The difference between us and RPF is that RPF can only rebuild for a week, while we can plan to rebuild 2 months.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Verum: Bam’s a fuc***** nigger. F*** you Bam! Co** sucking fa****!


From the interview above, it’s quite clear that Verum stays confident as he gets ready to depart the army. Verum states how the Nachos will continue to rise and won’t fall. He also says that once he is back, the Nachos will continue its rise and will shine at the top. He also makes a statement regarding the Rebel Penguin Federation on how they can only rise for a week, while the Nachos do it for months.

So, what do YOU think? Will the Nachos fail without Verum, or will they stay as the shining stars? How will Verum do in his exams, will he pass or fail? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion, so comment down below and let us know what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter

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