Leadership Crisis in the RPF?

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – In just a week, the Rebel Penguin Federation has seen the retirements of many of the faces, both new and old, that have been at the helm of their new era. What does this mean for the RPF, and will we be seeing a new army in the #1 spot this week?

If one was to check the RPF ranks page a week ago, they would be surprised at the amount of leaders the army had employed. It is only a few days later, and influential people within the army such as Lord Pain, Chip, and Silverburg have been moved to the adviser spot, or in Silverburg’s case, the “Hokage” rank.

On Wednesday, January 18th, Lord Pain made a post on the RPF site stating he will be temporarily stepping down to the role of adviser. He cited a new job, and its working hours, as the reason. In his post, even Lord Pain questioned whether RPF was ready for his departure.

I have been very depressed all day because I DO NOT want to step down, the army is not ready for me to be stepping down, especially when we are having difficulties with the bot raids. I will be trying to switch to a shift where I will be out during the day, and I will be able to lead RPF.

On top of this, Chip, the sole leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation for several months, made a quiet retirement earlier this week. Without a doubt, Chip has made the RPF much more stable, even with the absence of Elmikey and Silverburg. These retirements have already impacted the Rebel Penguin Federation. Their last event was for the UK division on Tuesday, January 17th, where the army was able to get a moderate size online before being raided.

Picture showing the ongoing bot raiding issues the army is dealing with.

Picture showing the ongoing bot raiding issues the army is dealing with.

The current leadership of the RPF is Bounce, Elmikey, Ghost, and Serpent. While four leaders is more than enough, many of the leaders listed above are inactive. Ghost and Serpent have not been seen in several days, and Elmikey has gradually become less involved with the affairs of RPF since the Summer. It does not look like RPF will be placed high on this week’s CPAC Top Ten.

Will RPF be able to pull through? Will their current leaders and advisers step up? Could we see a new leadership in the RPF, or will the army fall? Comment your opinion below!


CPA Central Reporter


7 Responses

  1. there is such thing as 12ic but ok.


  2. lol. rpf can go from dead to unstoppable in a few days of recruiting. dont worry


  3. bold the last paragraph

    never put a question mark in the title, CPAC reports news. news are facts. not questions.


  4. This post is way too short and at the end of your post you don’t address your rank in RPF, you put your rank in CPAC. This isn’t RPF site


    • I don’t care if this post is too short or not Bad. At least Tom made an effort to even POST! Bad, I think you ought to look at the positive sides of posts, not just the negativity. 😛

      P.S. Tom, this post actually encouraged me to step up my game in RPF. Great post.


      • Posts get graded, this will probably get a low grade, just giving some constructive criticism to a fellow reporter


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