Lord Pain Makes Temporary Move to Advisory Position

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation – Lord Pain’s position as one of the Rebel Penguin Federation leaders has now changed on a temporary basis due to work commitments however Pain will still be involved in the army. Following a monuments victory over ACP, Pain looks to focus on real life while staying true to his army.

On January 18th, a post was published to the Rebel Penguin Federation blog by Lord Pain who announced that he would be temporarily stepping down to the role of adviser. He credited this with the fact that he had obtained a brand new job in which the working hours render him incapable of attending certain events. This of course is a major disadvantage for the older troops in our community who often have to deal with this kind of thing.

Lord Pain made sure that the entire army knew he would still be around and that this is simply a temporary measure. A quote from his post can be viewed below in the speech box.

I have been very depressed all day because I DO NOT want to step down, the army is not ready for me to be stepping down, especially when we are having difficulties with the bot raids. I will be trying to switch to a shift where I will be out during the day, and I will be able to lead RPF. It is with great difficulty and sadness that I give this news to RPF.

While the community is faced with no reason as to not believe Lord Pain’s reasoning, it is questionable as to whether or not that is his only reason. The Rebel Penguin Federation ended 2016 on a high and began 2017 the same way claiming victory over the Army of Club Penguin managing to cease their entire nation.

As Pain said, the army has recently been subjected to several bot raids as of late which CPA Central will be publishing a special report on. One has to wonder whether the bot raids and the fact that war is now over has left Pain unmotivated.

Interestingly, Lord Pain mentioned that the RPF simply is not ready to lose him as a leader of the army. This suggests that Lord Pain still believes there is a place for him in the army and also alludes to the possibility that he may not trust the other leaders to maintain RPF’s success in his absence. Pain will be looking to hurry back to the army and has mentioned that he’ll be looking into changing his shift for a better time to suit his army commitments.

The most recent RPF event.

The most recent RPF event.

Lord Pain went on to claim that he is an overlord within our community and is a God who should be feared. Lord Pain’s claims come from his belief that he is one of the greatest leaders of all time and the fact that he is coming back despite age makes him one of the most dedicated leaders of all time. Pain also continued to mention the bot raids which is a separate topic within itself.

The Rebel Penguin Federation do not currently appear to be too worried about this with very capable owners and leaders still remaining within the army. With the emphasis going to be placed on more recruiting, it’s easy to predict that the RPF will be shifting their focus to building up their ranks where possible.

What do YOU think? Is Lord Pain “an overlord of CP Armies?” Will Lord Pain’s temporary change in rank cause much difficulties for the army?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer

3 Responses

  1. Poor Pain, l am gonna miss him. He did pretty well in the armies, like Pretzels, GT, SWAT, and now RPF. I am gonna miss him very well.


  2. I have a job and still lead COBRA. As if he is trying to switch his shifts


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