Wozza Retires from Club Penguin Army Community

NORTH POLE, Night Rebels Capital – After opening their doors recently, the Night Rebels Army has experienced another piece of bad news for themselves. Former leader and creator of Night Rebels Army, Wozza a.k.a Hedcog has announced his retirement from Night Rebels and the Club Penguin Army Community. What can this result into for the Night Rebels? 

In late December, the Night Rebels had disappeared from the community. After being alive for almost a year after their creation, it seemed that was time for the Night Rebels to shut down. However, on December 29th, Night Rebels Creator, Haroonniaz12, posted a statement on the website stating that the army was not dead. This is what he said:

Hello Believers,

I want to tell you that I am not gone forever and I will continue once I got hold of my stuff because when I do NR will be back and there will be NR everywhere like last time.I apologize I left because I had exams and its sad that no one was capable enough to get hold of things like I did not being proudy shit but its true.Anyways I have to inform you that NR will be back soon and we will be huge. This ain’t over our haters keep saying random stuff but once we get strong everyone wants to join so lets start working on return I will be back someday around this week and when I do Revolution continues I also want to thank people who vote for me in Cpac,its great to know i have so many lovers anyway let the Revolution Continues.

Wozza recently returned to the Night Rebels Army on the 30th of December, 2016. He also made a post about his return. Below is what Wozza had to say about his return to the Night Rebels Army:


I, Wozza, legend of all souls, am making a return to this solid land of an Army. The Night Rebels. I hereby declare this nation of great integrity…. MINE TO LEAD

I will leave you with this one Quote that I totally made up myself and didn’t google “Inspirational quotes”

An Army of Sheep, led by a Lion, is better than an army of Lions, led by a Sheep

Now that the Night Rebels were doing streamline job, they have faced the retirement of Wozza. Before I move on, I would like to tell you more about Wozza or also known as Hedcog. Wozza was a former Dark Warriors Army leader back in 2011. He led two generations of the Dark Warriors last year. Below is a picture of Night Rebels event under the leadership of Wozza:

Last year, during the creation of Night Rebels Army, Hedcog played the main role. He is known to be the one of most important parts of the Night Rebels Army. Here is what Night Rebels Army Hall of Fame page has to say about Wozza/HedCog:

Since Wozza created the Night Rebels along others, they have been a force to be reckoned with. Wozza was a former leader of the Dark Warriors from 2010-2011 and was asked by Tirodoragon to lead alongside himself, HaroonNiaz, and Red. He was very fixated on the idea of the Dark Warriors troops starting up a rebellion army, his unique approach to leading an army helped Night Rebels reach 2nd place in the CPAC Top Ten. He carried the Night Rebels to great heights and played a key role in the creation of NR, with Wozza the NR wouldn’t have the history it has today. Wozza will always be remembered as one of the greats of this army.

The Hall of Fame page stated that Wozza was invited by Tirodoragon, Night Rebels Creator to lead alongside him and others. Now that Night Rebels have come so far in this journey, Wozza has decided to enter retirement stage once again. Wozza made a post on Night Rebels website about his retirement. This is what he had to say:

Hello Wozza here,

So this is it. My last ever post on a Club Penguin Army website.

I’ve had a good time on playing CPA, mostly in the 2009-2012 era, of which I was under another name. But this past year of me playing CPA has made me realise how much it has changed. In the past you had to earn a moderator or owner rank, and it was hard to achieve. Now armies give anyone Moderator or even Owner rank. Ruins the fun and motivation of coming home from school and going straight on Xat.

This is supposed to be a game, for FUN. But people who believe they have power of the whole of the CPA community take that away, they do this by:

  • Being way too Politically correct

    Why can’t they post fun things on CPAC? Such as randomly roasting people, like the post Zoomey made (Which got removed, because someone got offended?!?!) This is a made up game ON a game ON THE INTERNET, which is governed by teenagers?!! And they care whether one person got offended OVER A GAME. The fun is gone from CPA Armies, and CPAC is to blame for it.


  • Too many Rules

    Rules on CPA? This is Armies, War and fun. If there is a war, there should be no invasion rules or anything.. Biggest army, best tactics and strategies. Wins. No 24 hour prep for Invasions or bullshit like that. Have a massive fight on Xat, this is what CPA is supposed to be.

    • Swearing isn’t allowed? What are we all 8 years old?! WE ARE ALL TEENAGERS FOR GOD SAKE!? AND THIS IS THE INTERENT, where ANYONE can search up Porn, Bombs, IRL War fights and people dying. 10 year olds play GTA nowadays with Sex, guns and killing people. People are even sending nudes to other people in the community, Yet… we cant swear on xat?! GET REAL.

These are the main reasons why CPA is struggling today, too many rules and too politically correct. It has made CPA boring and doesn’t appeal to the new audience. I mainly blame CPAC for this.

I know I haven’t been the best Creator/Leader for NR, I am too busy for a CPA lifestyle. I tried to come back but I am too busy, sorry.

Wozza out.

In the retirement post, Wozza states that main reasons for his retirement are CPA being political and having way too many rules. Wozza surely seems to be really annoyed from the CP Army Community.

To know more, CPAC managed to interview DrMatt, Night Rebels leader. We asked what they think about Wozza leaving the Army alongside the Community.

Interview with DrMatt, Night Rebels Leader

CPAC: How do you think Wozza’s departure will affect the army?

DrMatt: I don’t think it will affect us much, Wozza was barely active, He will be remembered as creator and legend. He will be missed. Also, I completely understand why he left armies.

CPAC: How do you plan to raise without Wozza?

DrMatt: Well, all we can really do is recruit. I don’t plan on buying advertisements or using my money anymore on Club Penguin related things. All of us at NR will be able to keep the army active

CPAC: The Night Rebels seems to be going slow again, is that because of Wozza’s leave?

DrMatt: No, the Night Rebels have only taken two days break and will be having UK event today and an US event. Be pm the look out for that.

CPAC: Any last comment?

DrMatt: Join the Rebellion


From the interview above, It’s clear that DrMatt is still confident. He also says that Wozza’s departure won’t affect the army in any way and that Wozza was quite inactive in the army itself. Night Rebels seemed to be going down again slowly, but DrMatt broke our myth and said that they only took two days break.

The Night Rebels seems to be doing good so far, however, no one can predict the future. So let us all just wait and see what the destiny has decided for the Night Rebels Army in the upcoming months.

So, What do YOU think? Can Wozza’s departure lead to fall? Can the Night Rebels stay alive, or will they die like last year? We here at CPA Central value your opinion. So comment YOUR opinion down below and let us know what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter

6 Responses

  1. “CPAC: How do you plan to >>>raise<<< without Wozza?"
    What is NR? A hamster? No, it's an army.
    Also, there is only one rebellion, and its RPF.


    • “The verbs raise and rise both refer to something going “up”. The main difference between them is that raise is transitive (it must have a direct object) and rise is intransitive (no direct object). We also note that: raise is regular: raise, raised, raised.”


    • Night Rebels refer to a direct thing. That is why, raise and not rise. I’ve re-checked with Grammar checkers and even with Zing and Supa


    • You can’t argue on it’s name… You could have asked any creators about creating a name, a year ago…


      • I am legit disgusted with this guy. All Chio has ever done is criticize people. Shows what kind of educated parents he got and what kind of personality his parents are teaching him. We can surely see what kind of a person he will be in the future.

        Anyways, I don’t really care about his comments. I usually don’t get pissed. However, if you see other comments, like trader and Badboy, they focus on a legit mistake which help me learn more. This guys is legit nonsense.


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