Security Leaves Doritos of CP || Redemption Force Return Rumours

SUMMIT, Doritos of Club Penguin Empire – The last couple of weeks have been packed full of leadership and ownership changes within the Doritos of Club Penguin. With 32, 13 and Badboy all changing ranks and the promotion of people such as Rishron to owner and Greeny to leader and demotions of some owners such as Bolt, it comes as no surprise that another owner has seemingly had their position changed with Security choosing to step away from DCP.

Security is a now former Doritos of Club Penguin leader and was quickly made a guest on chat upon taking leave from the army. No post has yet been made on the site to explain the reasons for Security to take leave so CPA Central can reveal that we will be having the exclusive first look into Security’s desires to leave and we will be the first platform to publish a speech on his reasoning.

On January 7th, I was alerted to the fact that there had been a retirement in the Doritos. For this reason, I decided to go to the chat and found that it was Security. Security has been in the Doritos for several weeks now remaining both active and loyal to the army being seen at practically all events where possible. Security was therefore able to rise through the ranks by doing this.

He also recently got inducted as an SM Army Legend following his work in the Small/Medium Army Community in his last few years. This is experience that most armies would be happy to look for as Security may hope to join a new army in the coming weeks.


With details on Security’s leave from Doritos of Club Penguin still quite sketchy due to it being a current event still being discussed, it appears that Security has left on his own will believing that he is not being appreciated to the point in which he should be. He later goes on to discuss this with us during a CPA Central interview that you’ll be able to read on this post.

When I looked for Security, I found that he was in the ownerpool of the Redemption Force chat. This led to several questions from members of the community about a possible return of the Redemption Force. Sooner rather than later, I saw that former RF Leader, Epic was also on chat with creators of the army, Blaze and Reacon.

No one seemed to be in the mood to answer the question of whether we would be seeing the Redemption Force return but if we do – it is possible that Security could take up a placement in the army as he is currently owner on the chat. If this does indeed happen, is there a possibility for war between the two armies?


To best understand someones motivations for leaving an army, I find that it is best to speak to that individual in order to establish the events for how they truly happened due to the liberal nature of believing that man is best to decide what is best for himself. For this reason, I’ve decided to track down Security to the Redemption Force chat in order to ask and give him free reign over what happened in the Doritos Chat prior to him leaving. I also asked him about his future intentions as you will be able to see below. CPA Central have done our best to censor the swears put forward in the following interview.

Interview with Security (Former DCP Leader)

What factors led to you leaving the Doritos of Club Penguin?

I was always loyal to my army. The day I was promoted to Doritos Leader, everything fell on me. I was the one calling whilst I depended on my owners to hype – no one hyped. We had 35 on chat, but maxed 11. What is the point in putting the work in, when after one mishap you are treated like sh*t. Why the fu*k did Badboy put the work in and get couped (treated like sh*t) No one should stay there. When 13 was around he always had my back, there for me always. When I maxed 20, he was proud and now being told 20 isn’t good enough. I am not going to serve an army where they play pin the blame and I get blamed for everything. Everytime they told me we are at our lowest point, its time to fix it. I tried. It didn’t turn out as expected and I had to take ALL of the blame. This isn’t the DCP I signed up for, and I am not signing up for it again. I had to take extreme offers to show my loyalty, NW UK Leader, RF Leader, etc but I said no as I was loyal, but to throw that at me and say you didn’t do a good job, you should fu*ck off from your rank, then I comply.

What do you think will happen to Doritos of Club Penguin in the coming weeks?

I just hope, it turns out well. I left on my anger, but the army I cared for, I still do. It will go back to its heights with a former legend leading. DCP is a family, it is strong. At the end of the day, it is a spirit. A spirit that lasts forever, a beating heart not on some life support. You can take away DCP’s troops, DCPs size but DCP is a family, that is what makes it so special. DCP will go through tough times and get back up. It doesn’t matter how hard you get hit, it matters how hard you get hit and then get back up. DCP will rise.

What are your plans going forward in the community?

What has been written will decide my fate. Who knows? No one can change that. Let the path unfold, you can take away my friends, my connections, my allies and my division, but one thing you can’t take away is me.

Have you got any messages that you wish to relay to anyone in the Doritos of Club Penguin army?

The greatest leadership I have ever served, and as time goes on remember the fate of DCP was yours, and without you, the future will tell.

Security gifted me a rather cryptic answer to questions such as his plans suggesting that he either doesn’t know yet or simply does not want to ruin a potential surprise. If it is the latter, it could fit in with the possibility of the Redemption Force opening its doors once more, but that would spell possible ownership changes in armies such as Rebel Penguin Federation for guys such as Thermal. Despite his obvious anger towards DCP, Security still appears to wish them well in a showing of good sportsmanship.

What do YOU think? Will the Doritos ownership finally stabilise or will their be more losses and promotions? Will we see the return of the Redemption Force?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer

2 Responses

  1. Sec, if youre gonna lead RF again… Don’t let that happen ever again trust me.


  2. i’m selling the website who wants it 🙂


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