Greeny Promoted to Doritos’ Leader

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – A few days after Badboy was overthrown from the Doritos Army following several disputed claims, Greeny has been appointed the new leader. We take a look at what this could mean for the Doritos Army and also the state of the army.

Greeny has a good resume of army leadership roles. He’s the creator of the Lime Green Army, he’s led the Underground Mafias Army, the Rebel Penguin Federation and a few more too. Now that he’s in the Doritos, an army that’s known for its high ranks on the CPA Central Top Ten, he will look to continue that trend in the new year.

January 1st saw Doritos Leader, Greeny release a post on the Doritos Army website about his addition to the leadership. The Doritos Army is currently led by 13YearsOldN00b, 32OP, Doritos Legend, Jester, Mikester, Former Kings Leader, Security and now Greeny who had this to say:


The leadership has decided to promote me to leader. We’re currently in a rebuilding stage, and I believe that I can help us reach great heights once again.

~Greeny, Your New Leader

Greeny is mainly known for leading the Underground Mafias Army, the Rebel Penguin Federation and creating the Lime Green Army. He’s had success in his role at the top of all of these armies so whether he’ll be able to emulate that success in the Doritos Army is yet to be seen.

The Doritos Army held their first event with their new leader, Greeny earlier today. During this event, the Doritos Army managed to maximum 20 troops. That type of number on New Years Day is a very good place to be especially as troops look to be heading back to school following the December break.


To learn more about Greeny coming into power, CPA Central managed to interview the new leader himself. Full Interview can be seen below:

Interview with Doritos Leader, Greeny

CPAC: How do you plan to raise the army?

Greeny: By enforcing recruiting and keeping troops under control.

CPAC: What can we expect in the future?

Greeny: Let me just remind you of the Christmas Chaos, which we won in seven minutes.

CPAC: Can we expect war in the future?

Greeny: After we rebuild, yes!

CPAC: How do you plan to make the army more fun as a whole?

Greeny: Firing cun**. I mean uh, getting rid of people who ruin the army for others.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Greeny: Firegame was a good man.

As Greeny says, he plans to raise the army by recruiting and keeping his troops under control. However, he also says that he will be getting rid of people who create troubles for the army but whether this strategy will prove effective is yet to be seen.

So, what do YOU think? Can Greeny raise the Doritos Army, or will he fail? “Getting rid of bad people”, can this result into something bad? We want YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Reporter

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  2. Nice fucking reporting, Kyle103… I mean, Flen.


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