CPA Central End of Year Awards 2016 – Results

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After a week of voting and debating, the results are finally in. Who is the best leader of 2016? Continue reading to find out!

This year, we have had an incredible turn out with more than 120 votes casted by YOU, the members of this community. It has been a spectacular year for this community with several ups and downs. But 2016 is finally over and we can finally move on and reflect on the year we had. Without further ado, here are the results of the 2016 Awards!

Best Leader

1. 13yearoldnoob

2. Elmikey

3. Antonio

4T. Edwin & Ryan


Biggest Army

1. Rebel Penguin Federation

2. Doritos

3. Nachos

4. Water Vikings


Biggest Rise

1. Doritos

2. Night Rebels

3. Wild Ninjas

4. Kings


Most Dramatic Fall

1. Army of CP

2. Army Republic

3. The Penguin Army Force

4. N/A


Most Shocking Army Death

1. Ice Warriors

2. Smart Penguins

3. Night Rebels

4. Kings


Best Owner

1. Legofan CY

2. Shiny

3T.  Noka & BMX

4T. Soph, Possum & Panda


Biggest Retirement

1. 13yearoldnoob

2. Silverburg

3. Kyle103

4. Tilgen


Best News Site

1. Club Penguin Army Central

2. SM Army Central

3. Club Penguin Army News Network

4. N/A

Best News Site CEO

1. Jodie

2. Lorenzo Bean

3. Kingfunks

4. Shad


Best Reporter

1. 13yearoldnoob

2. Ben // Thatwaryguy

3. Zoomey

4. Christopher1


Best Multilogger

1. Mustapha10

2. Trader

3. Bad

4. Everyone


Biggest Noob

1. Olimad

2. Lord Brad

3. Trader

4. Aless



We can now conclude the 2016 End of Year Awards. A massive thank you to everyone who voted and participated in this year’s ceremony. Similarly to every year, the awards once again, turned out to be a success. Congratulations to all winners. CPA Central will continue to be your number one news site as we head into a new era. Happy New Year!


CPA Central Vice President

 Supa Em

CPAWM Board Member

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer

26 Responses

  1. Congratz to all! Damn 13 for biggest retirement post…


  2. 13 got 3 trophies omg did 13 raided cpac or something!?!?!?!? aha good job 13 you deserved it


  3. This was a popularity contest and 13yearoldnoob clearly has the most friends (or xats to pay people to vote for him)


  4. Nice.


  5. No hate to 13 but these awards were only based on recently and not the entirety of 2016. You should have named it “November-December Awards” because that’s all you put into it. 13 only has been leading in 2016 for a month or less. So how does that qualify him to win all the awards. Are you saying someone can not do anything all 2016 then join last minute do something amazing and he laps everyone else completely. Sammie im coming 4 u fgt


    • Nonetheless, good game to those who won and hopefully we together can make it to the 2017 awards


    • Not that this makes my argument any better, but I led for more than a month. Again this doesn’t strengthen my overall rebuttal, but I led in Aug, Sep, and yeah Dec. So basically, 3 months. GOTTI?


      • I respect thous attempt to the respond to my paragraph gotti, but you have failed at your attempt. As you possibly know, there are 12 months in a year, you said you have led for 3. That is 9 months that you haven’t been active. While there has been people eating cheetos and jacking off for all months of the year wihle playing Club Penguin. So how do you feel knowing you came in here and stole THE AWARDS WHILE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN JACKING OFF AND PLAYING CLUB PENGUIN FOR MONTHS MAYBE YEARS ON END WITHOUT STOPPING. ELMIKEY HAS BEEN HERE SINCE THE BEGINNING, PROBABLY 10 YEARS NONSTOP AND YOU, YOU COME IN HERE FOR 3 MONTHS AND BELIEVE THAT YOU’RE THE KING OF IT ALL. WELL LET ME BE THE ONE TO TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE NOT THE KING OF IT ALL. YOUR 3 MONTHS ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO THE ENDLESS YEARS AND HOURS SPENT BY THOSE WHO ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE AWARDS AND ARMIES. 3 MONTHS? I SHIT FOR 3 MONTHS, THAT’S NOTHING HOMBRE. MY MAN MUSTAPHA, GOD BLESS HIS SOUL, WOULD LAUGH AT THE FACT THAT YOU BELIEVE 3 MONTHS IS AN ADEQUATE AMOUNT OF TIME TO BE A “AWARD WINNING” LEADER, ESPECIALLY THAT OF THE DORITO DESCENT. and to let you know, honestly, doritos don’t even taste that good. i buy the packs of chips that come with a variety of chips like fritos and cheetos and doritos. And my family literally just leaves the doritos and we THROW IT OUT. THE 4 PACKET BAGS OF DORITOS WE TOSS JUST TO DISRESPECT YOUR NAME. Back in vietnam we would spit on people like you, people who believe that just because you’re THERE means that you’re #1. NO, the people who have been here the longest are the ones who get the respect. DO YOU deserve the respect? DO YOU?????. WHY Do you even have the biggest retirement award when you havent even FUCKING retired yet, HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE DUDE. anyway congrats dude you deserved the awards.


    • I agree with trader just about every award hasnt taken into account of anyone from before november


  6. How the fuck was LT not biggest army? It may have only been for 4 months altogether, but getting 100+ every event is something no army has done since.


  7. notice the top three multiloggers all have major ties to DCP


  8. I’m a little disappointed that Shiny didn’t win Best Owner. On the other hand, congrats to everyone, especially 13. You all deserved those rewards :).


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