Possum03 and 32op Ascend To The Doritos Leadership

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – Possum03 and 32op have attained the leadership status in the new generation of the Doritos, currently under the leadership of Badboy and 13yearoldn00b and the newly added leaders. With this addition to the army, how will these newly crowned leaders lead this army to victory?

The Doritos had been known to revive under the leadership of Mustapha quite frequently, but with Mustapha now dethroned, and these four leaders in the helm, will the Doritos be as successful as some generations under Mustapha?

Possum03 first began her journey in the Golds in December 2014, after being recruited off of Club Penguin. Possum03 first joined the Doritos in June 2015, having been recruited into the army by a recruiting Mustapha. The Doritos was under the leadership of Mustapha. Since then, Possum03 has escalated the Doritos ranks, and at one point, was in charge of the Doritos, to now achieve the leadership position.

Interview with Possum03, Doritos Leader

CPAC: Now that you are leader, what do you plan on doing for the Doritos?

Possum03: I want to lead DCP legitimately. No multilogging will be tolerated. I will also be fixing relations that were ruined during older leaderships.

CPAC: Are there any war plans for the Doritos?

Possum03: For the moment, we will be working on rebuilding the army.

CPAC: What position do you predict the Doritos will be in the next upcoming Top 10 provided by the CPA Central?

Possum03: Honestly, anything could happen. We’ve been having more events and have seen improving sizes. We will only continue to rise. If we keep this up, we could very well see DCP in the top 3 in the upcoming weeks.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Possum03: Fear the Shield!

32op was recruited into the Doritos in February 2012, by WWE the Doritos Creator on a Club Penguin tracker chat. Since then, 32op has reached the status of Leader In Training numerous times. Now, 32op has become a leader in the new Doritos generation.

Interview with 32op, Doritos Leader

CPAC: What are your plans for the Doritos, now that you have become a leader?

32op: My biggest plan is to lead the Doritos to the number one spot on the CPAC Top Ten, which should be happening very soon.

CPAC: What will the Doritos do to reach the top number one spot on the CPAC Top Ten?

32op: My plan is to recruit experienced members into the army and find new ways to recruit to bring in troops into the army.

CPAC: Any final comments?

32op: Fear the Shield!

Both Possum03 and 32op seem like a set of promising leaders and a great addition to the Doritos Leadership. Possum03 and 32op both have a set of plans ready to get put into action to equip the army with the necessary tools to reach the top in the CPA Central Top Ten. After interviewing both Possum03 and 32op, I decided to interview one of the starters of this new Doritos generation, and ask him his thoughts on this new leadership.

13yearoldn00b’s Thoughts on New Leadership 

They both show a lot of promise,considering they’ve held the short stick multiple times.

The Doritos have new additions to their leadership, and with this, new sets of plans to enhance the army in multiple ways, to reach the top place in the CPA Central Top Ten.

Here at the CPA Central we value the reader’s opinion! Do YOU think that the Doritos will strive with these new additions to their leadership? Do YOU think that the Doritos will simply die out? Comment YOUR opinions about the newly crowned leaders in the Doritos!

Emperor Flor

CPA Central Editor In Chief

2 Responses

  1. Well thats good to hear! ;D


  2. Hopefully i will be leader soon but I will see lol.. XD Anyway I love possum and 32op as leaders now


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