Hikusaak Retires From Golds || Astronaut Becomes Leader

FLIPPERS, Golds’ Empire – Shockingly, Hikusaak decided to retire from Golds after a chat reset. However, taking his place is Astronaut. Let’s have a closer look into this!

In a pretty long post, it was revealed that Hikusaak decided to retire from the legendary Golds army. The reason for his shocking retirement is because he lost motivation for leading. Not only that but, he had planned to leave earlier after the Champions Cup because of pressure he faced outside of armies.

So, why exactly am I doing this? Well, I began to try to go on leave immediately after the Champions Cup battle with RPF due to pressure in the real world, albeit schoolwork beginning to become more strict and a recent dick move where the teachers thought giving us so many projects to do within a few weeks was a great idea. Like, are you freaking kidding me? As a result, my predicament already became worse and running an army was something I just couldn’t multitask with, like I could with other things.

Cut to a week later, when I suddenly appeared for the first time since that battle. I got to talking with Ant and some of the other owners, but there wasn’t much I could do, so I went back on leave. Now, even though I want to come back and start running the army again, I’ve simply lost the motivation to come back and lead at my full potential.

Full post can be read here. Before ending the post, he put a small paragraph stating that he will be back in armies once he feels he’s at the peak of his potential. Following that, he wrote a few messages towards his fellow past leaders.

I enjoyed my time in the army, and I would like to come back to it when I feel I’m at my peak potential. Before I end things, I have something to say to some people here.

During his time as leader, he led a lot events alongside other leaders, including the current ones. Although not as long as some other leaders, he still had a pretty long career in Golds, as he states in his retirement post.

Picture of a Golds’ event while he was leader.

However, as one person leaves, another person rises to the occasion. That person being, Astronaut.On the 4th of December, 3 days after Hiku retired, Astro announced that he’s the new leader of Golds alongside fellow leaders, Coqui, Jodie, Myils, Orange and Ant.

I am Astronaut, your new Leader in Golds (as Ant said that I can remain perm Leader as of now).

Just prior to becoming leader, he was a temporary leader. Luckily for him, the temporary position he was given has become a permanent one. Although this is probably a happy moment if him, it’s not his first time becoming leader in a large army. He was also leader in Water Vikings.

During his time as leader there, WV was known as a pretty big army, constantly getting between 1st and 5th place in the Top Ten apart from when they lost motivation towards the end of Water Vikings life.

This top ten can be found here!

Not only was he Water Vikings leader but also Ice Warriors 2ic. Before getting fired from Ice Warriors, he was known to be loyal to the army and do a good job there. However, he ended up getting fired because he accused the leaders at the time of multilogging.

Thanks to this, it probably puts high hopes in the eyes of the other leaders. Especially the man who promoted him, Ant. Will he be able to do his duties as leader or will he fail as a leader?

Interview with Astronaut, Golds’ Leader

CPAC: Why did you decide to join Golds?

Astro: At the time when I thought it was right for me to join back in this community, I saw that there weren’t many armies remaining which is then when I noticed the Golds army and saw that my follow friend Ant was also in the army and then he convinced me to join and so far I am loving everyone in the army and consider it as a 3rd home army.

CPAC: What plans do you have for Golds?

Astro: So far my only plans are to rise the UK division as it hasn’t been doing too well due to several UK leaders being on leave and for us to reach the high ranks on CPAC’s Weekly Top Ten.

CPAC: As people know, you are a past Water Vikings leader, which army do you prefer, Golds or WV?

Astro: While it was great leading WV at its time and there were some great people in the army, the Golds for me is the same situation and it’s hard to tell which army I prefer. But so far I have high hopes for the Golds due to the closure of the Water Vikings.

CPAC: How long do you plan on leading Golds?

Astro: For a long time, basically until I lose motivation for CPA.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Astro: Keep on digging for Gold.

Well, Astro has high hopes for Golds, and that’s clear to see. It will be an interesting next few weeks for Golds because they’re now going to have to adjust to losing one leader and gaining another. Although, if they do the right things, it will pay off.

What do YOU think? Is Astro a good leader? Did Astro deserve leader? Is Hiku leaving a sad thing? Who do you prefer?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Vice President

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  1. I appreciate this post and what you’ve said about me, Zoomey, even though it wasn’t absolutely necessary to do.




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