Bounce Announces Retirement

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – As the end of October and the beginning of November begins, leaders and troops’ schedules get busier due to school and etc. Will this affect their army?

Rebel Penguin Federation leader, Bounce, announced his retirement just a few days ago due to his busy schedule and the Club Penguin army community getting boring due to the closure of CPA. Bounce released a post titled “My Departure” on the 23rd of October 2016. Below you can view the post or you can also view it by clicking here.



I really hate to announce this but it is time
I pack up my boots and retire. For a while now, I have started to enjoy CPA less and less. I really liked the concept of this community, and I will never regret the time I have spent here, but my schedule starts to get even more busy each day and I am starting college soon. 2 years ago I could never imagine myself in RPF and well you know the rest of that story.
This has been my best experience in CPA and I will never forget this. We have managed to do
quite a lot, like:

  • Dominate the Top Ten during the infamous
    September drop
  • Managed to recapture all our servers and make
    the alliance completely retreat from the map
    after they had successfully invaded our whole
  • Managed to win 3 wars and even kill an army that
    had dominated the CPAC Top Ten during the summer.

I know that RPF will be accomplishing a lot more,
and it saddens me that I will not be part of that. I also knew RPF will remain the best and nothing would change. I have entrusted Chip to keep this
army’s flame lit until Siver and Elmikey return.

Interview with Former Rebel Penguin Federation leader, Bounce

CPAC: Why did you decide to leave the community and the Rebel Penguin Federation army?

Bounce: Well, recently CPA has gotten very boring. The server map was a great idea and I thought that would spice things up and it did for the first month but that fell apart. To top it off, my schedule has gotten extremely busy.

CPAC: Do you think that your departure will affect the Rebel Penguin Federation army and their sizes? 

Bounce: No, I believe Chip will do a great job until Silver and Elmikey return in December.

CPAC: How do you feel about leaving RPF, was it planned or a sudden choice?

Bounce: I had been thinking about it for 2 weeks, but I decided to not retire, that was when my schedule got even busier. That is when I decided that I should retire for the better of RPF.

CPAC: Anything else you would like to add?

Bounce: Fight the good fight!

CPAC: Thank you for your time.

Bounce: No problem.


What do YOU think? Will the Rebel Penguin Federation’s sizes be affected by Bounce’s departure to the army and community? Here at CP Army Central, we value YOUR opinion!

Ben // ThatWaryGuy


9 Responses

  1. Gonna miss you Bounce! Thanks for your help and don’t forget that you will always be the best guy l ever met on xat! 😉


  2. Bounce, we never expected that. But sometimes u have to bring a change in ur life whether u like it or not. WE WILL NEVER FORGET U!!!!!!. Ur so nice! #fight for BOUNCE


  3. bounce…?


  4. also what the fuck was this post, literally copied & pasted the original retirement


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