Editorial: The Chaos That Was Club Penguin Armies

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – CPA was the closest that this community has come to becoming disorganized since the various incarnations of the Club Penguin Army Council. Its failure was inevitable due to its disorganization, and how out of touch it was with the workings of the community in the modern era. In this post, I will highlight the factors that contributed to the closure of CPA, and what it means for the community.

In 2006, the purpose of this game was to mimic the way armies function and turn snowball fights into snowball warfare. Oagalthorp came up with the idea of a disorganized army instead of small skirmishes on Mammoth, then Commando came up with the idea of nations and fighting for servers. Servers became the basis of warfare, and armies would settle their disputes with war, which consisted of fighting to take over the opposition’s servers. This became the way warfare functioned up until this day.

Now, let’s fast forward 9 years to July 2015. Mach and Zak decided to hold a server draft, in order to reorganize warfare and end the constant stalemates in battles. Commando decided to create a map to track the progress of wars and it was a success, but there was a problem, Commando didn’t just want CPA to track the progress of servers, but to regulate and control how armies worked. He went inactive and the server map went inactive which halted any future plans Commando had for his website.

In May 2016, Goblin was CEO of CPA Central and decided to try to stop the constant cheating in this community by setting up the Coalition Project. The project was pioneered by Goblin and Kingfunks4 and was meant to be governed and controlled by the armies themselves instead of a group of retirees who were out of touch with the community. The project started off as a success, but while this was happening, Commando decided to remake CPA with Clout and DrFlen as CEOs. Commando then held a meeting with the heads of the Coalition Project, and decided to merge the two, with Commando overseeing The Coalition, and running the server map. Goblin then resigned as CEO, Kingfunks4 revived the Water Vikings leaving Commando the sole operator of the Coalition Project.

Then, Commando started envisioning how armies and his site would be run. He set up a committee for deciding battles, added new features to the server map, and began hiring staff to the site. The map would continue to operate like this, and it ran into some controversies, like accusations of bias towards the Rebel Penguin Federation, and controlling the Coalition meetings. Then, Commando hired a whole new staff of people, and give Gar, former SMAP CEO, ownership of the site. In September, WV, AR, Nachos, Kings and ACP all boycotted CPA leading to it’s closure. Now the site has closed until January 2017.

I. Hiring of Controversial Staff

One of the problems with Commando being CEO of CPA is that the only people he knew of were either veteran, or members of the Rebel Penguin Federation. This caused one of the major reasons for CPA’s failure, their staff. When Commando first set out to reopen CPA, he appointed Dr. Flen and Clout as CEO’s. Both of these had no experience running a website, and Flen has had a controversial career in CPA. His history consists of army hopping, IP grabbing, DDoSing, RATing and Doxing among other things. Clout’s only history in armies was her tenure as RPF Commander, and she was regarded by many as just a puppet of Elmikey and that having her as CEO would be the same as having Elmikey as CEO. Due to the public outcry at having DrFlen as CEO, he was removed from the position.

Then Commando decided to seek out staff to hire and while many people applied, his choices seemed to all be former RPF soldiers or current members of the RPF ownership. He made Redgush and Clout Chief Operating Officer, and he made himself CEO. He hired Junie and Shiny, members of the RPF ownership as part of his upper staff. This angered a lot of armies because the only people who worked at the site seemed to be members of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Later on, he decided to make Gar, who was fired from his position as CEO in SM Army Press and was disliked by many of the staff there. Commando made many controversial hirings, but many of these seemed to be out of negligence and that he didn’t understand how the community worked in 2016. He had no consistent staff, and everyone ended up being fired or leaving. It seems he just had these positions for the sake of it and that they didn’t serve the use they were intended for.

II. Bias Towards the Rebel Penguin Federation

One of the main problems in CPA was how everything always seemed to go in favor of RPF. The majority of CPA’s staff were veterans or members of RPF. They had two former RPF Leaders, two RPF Owners, and Chip, who was leading RPF when he was in CPA. Commando claims that RPF were “just the only people who applied”, but by looking at the applications of members who applied to be in different committees, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The battle ruling committee was rarely used, and they didn’t even attend the battles to judge them, so Red Gush and Commando generally did make the decisions. One of their most controversial decisions was making the Army Republic’s invasions against the Rebel Penguin Federation invalid. This caused a dispute between WV, AR, ACP, Kings and Nachos who were all invading RPF at the time. They said that this was a clear sign of “RPF Bias” and Commando said they would reach a decision at the Coalition meetings, but nothing ever happened. They also claimed that Commando was trying to help RPF pass a bill that would have made invasions as part of an alliance illegal unless agreed upon by the two armies fighting.

Another controversial decision was when the Water Vikings and the Rebel Penguin Federation signed a treaty, so the Rebel Penguin Federation couldn’t invade them when they were rebuilding their nation. RPF declared war on Water Vikings a few weeks later, but CPA allowed it because it said that the treaty was invalid because it had no consequences if the treaty was broken, but WV said that the treaty was used to block an invasion by them before and that the AR had no consequences in their treaty with RPF, but it was still valid. These were all examples given of RPF Bias and this was a major factor in the closing of Club Penguin Armies. The suspected bias towards RPF was similar to the CPA Council under Boomer which caused various wars and disputes.

III. The Chaos of The Leaderboard And Resources

When Commando decided to reopen CPA, he wanted to add in more ideas to the game, including a leaderboard, resources, and server levels. Commando thought this would make the game better, but this isn’t what happened. What these new server add-ons would do was never truly explained, and wasn’t agreed to by the coalition. A quick explanation of what the resources would do was that when you invade a server, you take resources, and the army with the most resources gets first on the leaderboard. Another idea Commando had, was that each server had their own level, and if they were a level 5 you would keep invading them, and if they were above a level 3 and the invasion was disputed

Another idea Commando had, was that each server had their own level, and if they were a level 5 you would keep invading them, and if they were above a level 3 and the invasion was disputed, the army that owns the server would keep it. The problem with this was that if let’s say Team Red invades Team Blue, and Team Red maxes 30 and Team Blue maxes 20, if they claim they’ve won the battle, then they get the server. This was a really stupid idea because it could have easily been abused.

One of the reasons, WV, AR, Nachos, Kings and ACP left CPA was due to RPF being first on the leaderboard for 3 weeks because they had more resources. This was later amended, but this idea put the value of resources over servers when resources are not even a part of Club Penguin just an idea that Commando came up with. All of these new ideas where not thought through properly, which ended up with them failing and just overcomplicated everything.


All of these problems ended up causing a mass exodus of armies from the site in September. Five armies left the Coalition and Club Penguin Armies because they were annoyed at these problems. Army Republic left because of their disputes over treaties with CPA and they accused CPA of being bias towards RPF. ACP left because it was annoyed at the organization and problems with the server map. WV left because of the bias towards RPF, and the disputes with Commando and RedGush. Kings and Nachos left because they didn’t like the bias towards the Rebel Penguin Federation.

I’m in no way saying Commando did all this on purpose and was bias to RPF, but that he didn’t recognize that CP Armies have changed since 2007 and that if you hire all your staff from the one army, they’re going to tilt the odds in their favor. CPA as a concept is a good idea, but it should have just been a map with a battle ruling committee, instead of controlling the Coalition and trying to usher in a new age. Maybe CPA will return in January, or maybe they’ll never return at all, but if they do, then they shouldn’t repeat the same mistakes as last time.

What Do YOU Think? Was CPA a failed project? Will they return in January? Should Commando still be at the helm? Comment Your Opinion Below!


CPA Central Reporter 



18 Responses

  1. Overall great post, but you forgot to mention the lack of fun that armies who boycotted had in the map. Their idea of battles was boring and competitive

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kid thinks hes security


  3. its because im the best leader ever, if i had stuck around these past months CPA would still be alive. flexes


  4. Loved the post.


  5. i think this is the 10th post in the past week regarding the matter


  6. It joined in on destroying armies, because it was impossible for a army in the map to war a army outside the map. Ended up that all armies inside the map were allies (Except like the last week), and all armies outside the map were allies. This made it so that there was no war, and troops became bored and quit.


  7. Bias Towards the Rebel Penguin Federation? I think by one way it was not true. When RPF was attacked by the Nacho Alliance, they transferred all it’s servers to Doritos of Club Penguin for it’s protection. When the state of war between RPF and Nacho Alliance was over RPF asked to DCP for giving them back it’s servers, but CPA declared it illegal IDK why. So RPF lost all it’s servers and AT THAT POINT OF TIME CPA was not bias towards the Rebel Penguin Federation(according to me).


  8. No, CPA was a failed project i suggest making another better website to do with war, Club Penguin Armies is a fun experience like CP itself,so stop complaining nothing lasts forever, so make the most of the valuable time you have left, stop the war between life and death. I predict this community has 1-2 years left., SO LETS MAKE THE FREAKING MOST OF IT. CPA is dying slowly but surely like i said 1-2 years it will be dust but who says its over now! Keep strong and stop complaining as i said, nothing lasts forever.


  9. Actually, AR was eventually allowed to invade RPF, and they did take a lot of their servers. The real reason those armies opted out was because after the Legends Cup, RPF had literally no servers so commando allowed them to invade EACH ARMY three times a day, when the original rule was you can only invade three times a day period. And for anything else, Commando would have said for that to be acceptable it would need to be voted on by the coalition, but he let RPF invade each army three times a day without it being agreed on at a meeting. Thats why they left. AR’s treaty was looked at and they did invade RPF.


  10. Also you didn’t finish the first paragraph under section III about the leaderboards.


  11. And Kings never left the map


  12. this wasn’t a good post or a good reflection of cpa and its intent or its shortcomings were

    cpa wasn’t bias to rpf. rpf just cared more about cpa than other armies, so they did what they had to do to get on top

    commando didn’t hire bias staff, he hired stupid staff. & the same thing that happened to acp, nachos, iw, cpac and other armies happened to cpa. the leader left, and it left massive power vacuum in cpa. nobody could wield the authority that commando had. gar tried, but he was too egotistical to. clout tried, but she’s flat out too emotional, volatile and reckless to be taken seriously. flen tried, so did flor, then they were both lackwits so commando shut it down.

    commando didnt hire enough smart people. guys like spy who knew what it took to be successful in this community and had a decent rapport with people. instead he hired people from rpf. issue with rpf people is that they’re so rpf centered that they literally know nobody outside of rpf. it’s because the average rpf recruit is a lot younger than the majority of the rest of the community, that extends to rpf owners as well.

    cpa collapsed bc of the same reasons cpac began to fail, just to a worse extent. a shitty community + staff that is too stupid to live up to its predecessors = ded.

    also, i told commando the server levels were a stupid idea and it should just be the map. i told him the staff he hired wasn’t good. i told him to fire flen and relegate clout. gobby coulda done’d it better.


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