BREAKING NEWS: Water Vikings Multilogging Penguins Leaked


Update- Due to a lack of evidence, Change and Bep have been cleared of any accounts accusing them of cheating.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters- The Water Vikings army has recently closed down and this makes us all wonder, was it just the September drop or entirely something else? Usually, around September all armies begin to fall and sometimes close, but with recent events, it makes it hard to believe that was the case for the Water Vikings.

Note- The following material was compiled by Trader and then later formatted by the CPAC staff.

Water Vikings have been huge throughout 2015 – 2016 with only some weeks where they’ve dropped below first place, this being very suspicious because of how armies like RPF fall and drop throughout the year. As most of you know, Water Vikings have had a lot of influence on the media; however, CPA Central made it clear that important features of the running of CPAC such as the Top Ten and tournaments would not be handled by any individual who could demonstrate a degree of bias.

I’ve always known that Water Vikings were multiloggers but I lacked the proof needed to officially go around saying that they did it, this was only till a few days ago when one of the main leaders made a fatal mistake that led to the end of the Water Vikings. The Water Vikings closed down and most of the people in it scattered around armies, one of them being Golds. Shortly after Buddy joining Golds I was given a pastebin of penguins that he used in Water Vikings by a null. After confronting Chip about what had happened, he just gave me some more of the penguins for a dollar. I don’t understand why he did this but I’m not complaining at all.

The only part about this that really angers me is that the Water Vikings held first place for so long using multilogs resulting in the armies behind them having no chance, and to think that one of the main people doing this was a Club Penguin Army legend and winner of countless awards and achievements. This is where armies are at, where our own legends are betraying us. The following penguins were used by the Water Vikings to enhance their sizes.

Alexis CP : Alexy1
Sebastian CP : American
Texan CP : texany1
Shadowmass2: shadowy1
Monsterella6 : Leet1337
Zakhary222 : nohackme
Sheapasta : epatane
Maggie41203 : epatane
Hakeem7679 : epatane
275xtx63 : Numbrah
Strimmy : test123
Mikeofficial : Mikey1
Cloudpengy : Cloudy1

Some of these penguins go all the way back to 2015 such as Hakeem, Maggie and Sheapasta, these are the ones that Buddy accidentally leaked out to the public. When I asked the null how he got these penguins, he said that Buddy gave them to him to add items to the penguins. The rest of these penguins are more recent and can be seen at multiple Water Vikings events throughout the year of 2016. In case they try to delete the event pictures, I took some.


The part about this entire thing that really bothers me is that the Water Vikings closed down their army and joined Golds just to give Golds a bad reputation. Golds has spent months now gaining the reputation they  deserve, and now it has been destroyed in a few days. 90% of the owners / leaders in Water Vikings joined Golds and are using the penguins I exposed to give Golds this reputation. Water Vikings gave Golds the deduction. The Golds multilogging evidence can be found here

Only a few penguins in these pictures are circled, you can find the rest by looking. Knowing the Water Vikings and how they act they’ll probably say something like, “Lol but we didn’t multilog though.” Well, it’s not that simple. Below are multiple pictures of them admitting to the multilogging that was happening.


I think most of us knew that the Water Vikings multilogged at least a few, but I have to applaud them for doing it in a way that they almost had 2 successful generations without getting caught. If it wasn’t for a slight slip up with Buddy it would have been perfectly planned out. The supposed media protection, the Top 10 ranking and the influence that the leaders had in the community would make it nearly impossible to expose them officially.

Buddy, Change, Funks and Bep are cheaters.




CPA Central Acting Chief Executive Officer

51 Responses

  1. Play with fire and get caught. L.


    • And now WV’s greatest generation as the top army of the summer is now tainted forever.


      • It has been degraded to a small extent, but not as far as completely tainted, no. The week were WV maxed constant 60’s was only five multilogs, making it a max of 55 legitimate penguins, and the Water Vikings still managed to surpass their high scores if you take out the ten multilogs out of their size average. It really matters what you deem “greatest generation”.


        • You can’t justify cheating by saying “it was only 5 penguins.”

          It’s still cheating and the generations tainted.


        • Back when Jerry multilogged in ACP to save the dying US division he received no credit for the sizes of 25 we would normally it, basically considering it invalid.

          I guess times change and standards fluctuate.




  3. That a boy Trader. And what army is Chip in now? RPF. And what army is on top? RPF. I can only wonder if they are multilogging.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You quite literally trigger me. You’re awfully deluded, and I hope things get better for you. If I was multilogging in the RPF, I wouldn’t have admit to multilogging a few penguins in the Water Vikings. RPF was the top army, even maxing higher sizes before I joined, and you clearly do not understand how RPF works; we pride ourselves in our tactical advantage and not our sizes. Have 10 on chat? We log on. Have 40 on chat? We log on. We have actual recruits, something ACP hasn’t had since AGES ago. You think just because ACP can’t surpass sizes of 10, any army who does is automatically multilogging.

      On a side note, this post was completely tangent, as it should’ve targeted the golds and not the Water Vikings. However, it did mention the golds near the bottom, but it was all about the now dead army, which makes the whole exposure thing pointless. Water Vikings might’ve multilogged five to ten in 2016, but they were a good army. It’s not multilogging that killed the Water Vikings, in fact, the multilogging helps armies that function/functioned like the Water Vikings, because it only helps them grow in sizes, as Water Vikings were the number one army built for the Top Ten. Multilogging affects you negatively in tournaments and war battles as it really slows down your tactical advantage. What I’m saying is, even though the Water Vikings multilogged 5-10, they were a good army and one not to be reckoned with.


      • “It’s not multilogging that killed the Water Vikings, in fact, the multilogging helps armies that function/functioned like the Water Vikings, because it only helps them grow in sizes, as Water Vikings were the number one army built for the Top Ten.”

        I am so getting a photo of that. Just so if/when you get into trouble like this again, I can throw it back into your face.


        • Completely took what I said out of context; I wrote the comment and I’m not taking anything back. Keyword(s): Armies that function/functioned like the Water Vikings, “as Water Vikings were the number one army built for the top ten”. Multilogging help DCP in 2015, SWAT and WV(BL) in 2016 when it came to the top ten, did it not?


          • Remind me what happened to those armies. Oh yeah they had their reputations destroyed, and they all fell. There is no SWAT army for the past few months, Doritos has returned, but is under some serious multi watch. And WV just died.


      • I am fairly certain you made the when you were WV. You claimed you WV don’t multiply, now you are in RPF and you say the same thing about them as you did WV. Face it Chip your shit stinks just as bad as anyone else’s.


    • Oh, so now any army, who are getting #1st on TOP 10 multilogging? SERIOUSLY? Guys, you’re just jealous of us.


  4. Safe bros join Teutons leave multi logging behind


  5. Me and Bep had nothing to do with 2016.




  7. i dont understand what bep or change had to do with any of this hahaha they were just advisors


  8. Are we fighting and exposing dead armies now?


  9. (sighs) Any one else wanting to move cp armies somewhere else now?


  10. The awkward moment when some of these multi’s were moderators on the chat and actually talked. Some of you guys had a lot of time on your hands,.. 😦


  11. my q

    if WV was maxing 55 legit with only 5 multilogs like Chip claimed

    …. why fucking multilog


  12. Even though you claim they are multilogs when they were active troops in the army that you managed to get the passwords for, I don’t see how this would have anything to do with anybody but chip when you say they were apparently his…

    How could you possibly justifiably link my name to anything of the sort without any evidence against me at all.


  13. Due to a lack of evidence, Change and Bep have been cleared of any accounts accusing them of cheating.

    That’s stupid. You can’t say “you can’t call our names into question because there is a lack of evidence”

    They can be accused by the public. They can have their names mentioned. Is there 100% proof they were involved? No. Is there 100% proof they had nothing to do with it? No as well.


    • agree with you.
      people have to realize that we’re not tinfoil hat wearing retards just for being wary of suspicious shit. i wouldn’t be surprised if everyone above 6th-7th place on CPAC was cheating right now. sad nobody will call any of this out, but we’re the ones who are risking our reputation to do this anyway
      oh well, it’s becoming a norm.


    • Whatever happened to that ‘absolutely irrefutable evidence’ bullshit you were blabbering on about back when I exposed DCP? I guess that hypothesis is relative to whoever’s at the receiving end, fucking hypocrite.


      • whoa there, slow down buddy, massive difference. the difference is how it’s displayed & the action taken as a result.

        difference between

        “this evidence against DCP is enough to warrant a deduction, they are without a doubt multiloggers”


        “you can’t question change and bep. you can’t call their names into question. you can’t ask, or make up your own decision because there isn’t 100% proof they’re guilty”

        people are free to think whatever the fuck they wanna think. CPAC provides facts, and the public makes their own beliefs based on the facts provided. but if you wanna say “that guy is a multilogger, deduct him” you better damn well have some solid evidence before you do that.


        • Facts? Could you carefully explain to me how the statement ‘Buddy, Change, Funks and Bep are cheaters.’ is even remotely factual? When I exposed DCP, CPAC would carefully dissect my post and turn it into a more unbiased report, yet in this case CPAC couldn’t be assed to lift a finger so they just copied and pasted Trader’s post in its entirety.


          • because chip said those people are the only ones that had the password lol why r u mad??? bro the salt is crazy dude u ok??? Lmao bro look at u ur so mad. we out here cuh exposin u & shiet. actin all big all summer and 2015 ” we the only army who dont cheat” Lol broooooo i remember yall were liek LOL U HAVE NO PROOF MAN AHHHH COME AT US and now it happened ur all liek no broooo we dont multilog its just buddy lol i didnt do it mannnnn cant be channgeeeee


          • ” yet in this case CPAC couldn’t be assed to lift a finger so they just copied and pasted Trader’s post in its entirety.”

            I agree with you on that, I was actually in the process of writing a report on this myself. But just reposting what Trader wrote is a little sloppy on CPAC’s part.

            Okay, let me clarify what I meant earlier. The fact is that Chip said you Funks, and Bep know the passwords. That is fact. Based on that fact alone, the reader is more than welcome to accuse you of cheating. More than welcome to believe you are cheaters. There’s a difference between “I, as a reader of CPAC, believe Change and Bep cheated. I accuse them of doing so.” and “Change and Bep are definitive cheaters, they should be punished and have their legacy stripped”

            The difference is, the public can believe whatever they want. CPAC needs to rely on fact. That’s why I took issue with the statement “Due to a lack of evidence, Change and Bep have been cleared of any accounts accusing them of cheating.”

            In other words, I’m accusing you of cheating. I think you are cheaters. But without proof, no, CPAC shouldn’t take action. CPAC shouldn’t mark you as definite cheaters,


            • Whatever, you’re entitled to your own opinion. In any case, myself and Bep weren’t leading during this generation, nor did we have any behind-the-scenes involvement. We were too busy with real life shit and finals etc. etc. What I’m trying to say is, those penguins have never been to any events during my duration as leader (with the exception of Monsterella and Zakhary so why is my name even mentioned in this post?


  14. If I am correct, (in which I am cuz you sons of guns are idiots) WV almost NEVER multilogged. I GAVE accounts and those accounts were NEVER used.


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