Epic Master Retires From Armies

FROSTBITE, Water Viking’s Empire – The former Smart Penguins leader, Marines leader and Fire Warriors leader, Epic, has decided to depart from armies because he doesn’t find them fun anymore. The last army he was in was WV. How will this departure effect CPA?

Epic is known in the CPA community for his work in Light Troops. While there, he helped get Light Troops to sizes of 100+, sizes not seen much in armies anymore. The work he done in Light Troops was crazy as he was known as one of the most important people in the army each and every time the army came back.


Light Troops while Epic was with them.

He’s also remembered for his work in Marines, Smart Penguins and Fire Warriors. He managed to lead the armies to places on the CPAC Top Ten they had never seen before. He led Fire Warriors to 4th place, Marines to 2nd place and Smart Penguins also to top 5 places of the CPAC Top Ten.


Marines while Epic was leader maxing over 20.

Epic was recruited into armies by Waterkid and Epic showed his skills in Light Troops and Pirates. He managed to get owner rank pretty quick in Light Troops because Water noticed his skills at leading and getting good numbers on Club Penguin. Epic stayed with LT for a lot of his career. Although he did depart from LT while they shut down and went his own way, he always came back to LT showing that his full loyalty was with Light Troops and Waterkid.

The reason for Epic’s departure for armies is because he thinks armies haven’t been good since the Light Troops have shut down. However, he did say he will always remember armies because they were a huge part of his childhood, which is true since he was in armies since December of 2011. He also said they reason for his departure is because he feels he doesn’t need to achieve anything else in armies meaning he’s done all that he wants to do in armies.

His experience in armies is pretty big. Smart Penguins leader, Marines leader, Fire Warriors leader, Light Troops high owner and Water Vikings leader in training. All this experience is great especially when thinking how high these armies have gotten on the CPAC Top Ten Armies while he was in them.

He made a retirement post on WV, which can be seen in full here. In the retirement post he went through his history in armies and what he has achieved, and how he got into armies. Here’s a bit of what he had to say:

I joined armies in December 2011. I was recruited into armies by Waterkid100 (Pirates Leader at the time). I used to be one of those people who would sit on a recruiting chat all day and see when Rockhopper or something would come on but I was asked by waterkid to join the pirates, I didn’t actually know what to think but I just went and joined anyway, not knowing that I’d stick around with this guy for 5 years.

In 2013 the Pirates merged into the Light Troops & waterkid asked me to follow him as he’d be leading the Light Troops, I did follow and I got my usual rank of 4th in Command.

-Epic Master.

After this he continues to go through his history as well as the wars he saw while with Light Troops. Some wars include Dark Warriors vs Light Troops, Army of Club Penguin vs Light Troops and Rebel Penguin Federation vs Light Troops.

I think it’s okay for me to say that Epic has made an impact during his time in armies and has done a lot for armies. Like him or hate him, you made admit he made an impact on armies in a positive way and armies without him is going to be different since he done quite a lot and was always around.

Interview with Epic Master

CPAC: Why did you retire?

Epic: Armies have been **** since LT closed. I’m sick of everyone saying “Man, LT multilogged to 100” and all that ****, I feel I don’t need to achieve anything else more.

CPAC: Will you be quitting xat to or sticking around to help armies at events?

Epic: I won’t be quitting xat but I won’t really be helping any armies. I won’t be like 24/7 like I used to. I retired to get away from some of that ****.

CPAC: Will you miss anything about CPA?

Epic: I’ve missed LT and that’s it, I wouldn’t brag about being in CPA to my friends like some people actually do but I will always remember CPA as being a big part of my childhood.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Epic: DCP is a Meme!

As he said, Epic will be sticking around but he just won’t be on as much as he usually is. Armies without Epic will be interesting as another person who’s made a huge impact has departed us once again. Epic will be missed by many in the CPA community. Let’s just be happy he will still be around to talk to!

What do YOU think? Is Epic’s departure sad? Do you like Epic? Is DCP a meme? Will you miss Epic?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief

5 Responses

  1. Epic it so sad that you retired Good luck in life!


  2. Missed


  3. they did multilog to 100+ though


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