Coalition Meeting Results

In this Top Ten, we see the rise of – oh shoot, wrong post.

Earlier this month, CPAC presented 7 bills to the Coalition. Each of these bills represented an ongoing problem in this community, and offered a solution. It was then up to the Coalition to decide weather to to implement the bill proposed by CPAC, repudiate the bill, or modify the bill to something better agreed upon. After weeks of debating, arguing, and relentless voting, I’m proud to say we’ve reached a final consensus on all of these bills.

Below you’ll find the 7 bills, and their final voting tally.


24-hour Rule

The 24-hour rule has been a widely acknowledged staple in this community for many years.

The rule states that all invasions must be overtly posted a minimum of 24-hours prior to the start of the invasion. If any alterations are made to the invasion timings or dates during the 24-hour period, the 24-hour period restarts following the change. If this rule is proven to be broken, the invasion will not be recognized as legitimate.

This rule can be waived if both participating armies agree to it beforehand.

Final Vote Tally: 10 Yes, 0 No, 0 Amend –Voted Into Law


SMAC-Army Protection Rule 

When an army reaches the CPAC Top Ten, they are no longer allowed to declare war on, or invade, an SMAC Top Ten army. The only exception is if the SMAC Top Ten army is the aggressor, and declares war first.

If an SMAC army makes it into CPAC one week, goes to war with a CPAC army, then falls back to SMAC the following week, it is up to the discretion of the fallen army whether to proceed with the war or not.
Final Vote Tally: 6 Yes, 1 No, 2 Amend – Voted Into Law

AUSIA Invasion Spam Protection

An army is limited to 3 consecutive AUSIA invasions to prevent an AUSIA spam against an army with no AUSIA. If they attempt to exceed this, their invasions will not be recognized by CPA.

This rule can be waived if both participating armies agree to it beforehand.
Final vote tally ended with a “to amend” ruling. The results of the second wave of voting is below.
Final Vote Tally: One, 4 votes. Three, 3 votes, Two, 1 vote, 0, 1 vote.  – Special Voting To Be Held During Next Meeting

Invasion Spam Protection 

An army is limited to 4 invasions for every 24-hour time period. 4 invasions, plus 4 defenses, means that each war is limited to 8 battles per day.

This rule can be waived if both participating armies agree to it beforehand.
Final vote tally ended with a “to amend” ruling. The results of the second wave of voting is below.
Final Vote Tally: 3-3, 6 votes. 4-4, 1 vote. Voted Into Law At 3 Invasions, 3 Defenses Per Day

Opt-out Rule

When an army is recognized by the CPA project, they’re offered a presence on the leaderboard/Server Map, and, assuming they qualify in the CPAC Top Ten, representation at the Private Voting Forum.

For an army to be recognized by the CPA project, and by extension, the Server Map, they must abide by the rules and laws voted in at the Coalition meetings. They must also qualify in either the CPAC Top Ten/SMAC Top Ten, or successfully capture a server from a CPAC Top Ten/SMAC Top Ten qualifier.

If an army chooses to opt out of the CPA project and refuses to abide by the laws put into motion by the Coalition, which is their absolute right to do so, they will not be allowed a presence on the Server Map and they will not be allowed to put forth delegates to attend the Private Voting Forum. They will still still be allowed to battle other armies, have a presence on the CPAC Top Ten, and declare wars (although their invasions will not be recognized by CPA or the Server Map).
Final Vote Tally: 6 Yes, 0 No, 0 Amend – Voted Into Law 
Defending Armies Seek Attacking, Or Attacking Armies Seek Defending? 
Should defending armies seek the invading armies, or should the invading armies seek the defending?
Final Vote Tally: D seek A, 4. A seek D, 6 – Attacking seek Defending

Battle Time Limit Rule

The default battle time would be a total of 30 minutes. If an army doesn’t show up to an invasion within the first 5, they forfeit automatically.

If both participating armies agree, the default battle time can be changed.
Final Vote Tally: 6 Yes, 0 No, 0 Amend – Voted Into Law
So, what exactly does all this mean? Well, it means we’ve concluded the compulsory meetings that were dedicated to creating one single universal rule system for invasions. However, this doesn’t mean the meetings are over. The meetings will still be held on a semi-regular basis. Coalition meetings, with the exception of the upcoming meeting scheduled in this post, will now act as a Grand-Jury of the community. It’s function will be to decide the best course of action should any problems or disputes arise with the invasion rules, the Server Map/Draft, or anything else.
 Next, we have another meeting, which we currently project to be the last scheduled meeting before the long awaited Server Draft. This meeting will be ran slightly different than the meetings in the past. The purpose will be to discover a surefire method of deciding who wins battles and who loses. The system proposed by Commando last year will be the starting grounds for this discussion.

Coalitions Project General Assembly

Saturday, July 2nd

Army Central Chat

1 PM – 2 PM EST

12 PM – 1 PM CST

11 AM – 12 PM MST

10 AM – 11 AM PST


Coalitions Project Private Voting Panel

Saturday, July 2nd

ArmyCentral Chat






Since this Coalition began, one question has always found itself resurfacing. The question of the Server Draft. For many weeks now, we’ve promised it but we have yet to offer a projected date. Now we can finally give it to you. The date for the draft is scheduled for Sunday,  July 10th. Following the draft, the map will become active and will be implemented as a key structure in our gameplay.

We thank you all for your continued support and involvement in carving out a new era for this community. The work we do here together does not go unnoticed.





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