The Clan Shut Down After Multilogging Scandal

GRIZZLY, The Clan Nation – The Clan seemed to have been doing very well, even placing second on the CPAC Top Ten Armies. The army’s energy proved to have been short-lived, however, when Duck admitted to multilogging and Fear, a leader from the Clan, shut it down.

On June 28th, a post entitled “RIP” was pinned to the top of the Clan’s website. In this post, Fear stated that the Clan has shut down and he doesn’t want anything to do with Club Penguin armies for the time being.

Whether its true or not, Duck admitted to multilogging.

I don’t want sympathy or any shit. And i’m not trying to act all like this army is all clean.

Title says it all were closed and i dont want to do anything with CPA with the time being

—Fear, The Clan Leader

It was only a few days earlier when the Clan was celebrating their second place victory on the CPAC Top Ten Armies. When Duck, someone who seemed loyal to the Clan, admitted to multilogging to help the army get to second place, that changed.


Picture of most recent Top Ten Armies.

On the Clan’s website they released a post called “2nd CPAC! **** YEAH!”. Clearly, they were happy with their sudden rise. Unfortunately, it seems to have been too good to be true. Only two days later would Duck admit to multilogging and the reputation of the army was gone and the leaders will to lead the army was gone.

People had their suspicions before Duck admitted to multilogging, but all the leaders, purportedly unaware that multilogging was happening right under their noses, denied all allegations. Some people in the community thought it wasn’t right that an army that placed in the SMAC Top Ten Armies since its beginning could rise up to second place on the CPAC Top Ten Armies so quickly. Sadly, they were right.

The leaders of the Clan have decided not to continue the army and to shut the army down. Instead of rebuilding what they lost, they thought it was best to take their second place victory, whether it was deserved or not, and leave.


A Clan event where the army reaches sizes of 23.

The Clan seemed like a good army that would do well someday. Sadly though it was too good to be true and just as quick as their rise, which was based off lies they fell. Sadly for the leaders they could get a bad reputation from this even though they had no idea of what was happening. Hopefully they do not because it wasn’t Jay’s and Fear’s fault that multi logging occurred.

Interview with Jay, leader and legend of the Clan

CPAC: Why did the Clan shut down?

Jay: We were tired.

CPAC: What was your reaction when you found out Duck multi logged?

Jay: My reaction was “WTF”, but only Duck multi logged, the leaders are clean. At least we managed to get second on CPAC.

CPAC: Will their ever be a chance of the Clan reopening?

Jay: Nah, Clan is dead forever.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Jay: To me, the Clan never multilogged. The clan is my home army. Clan forever!

From the interview above you can tell Jay is upset about the multilogging happening and that he wants to pretend it never happened. Sadly for him, the army he once was loyal to is dead due to multi logging. Fear and Jay are now retired, but as Jay said, at least the ended it with an army getting to second in the CPAC Top Ten Armies.

What do YOU think? Will the Clan ever return? Is it the leaders fault? What will happen to Duck?

Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPAC Associate Producer

9 Responses

  1. Someone remind me this: Next time I make a post, don’t do it while laying in bed. It’s very awkward.




  3. According to Duck’s post , he clearly said that most of the penguins were his.And Chip pointed out over 10 penguins which were framed as ‘multilogs’.
    I personally feel that all the leaders of the Clan , knew that Duck was multilogging , but I think they probs decided to keep quiet , which made Duck continue multilogging.




  5. whoops


  6. I will explain Fear quit CPA Forever


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