Lady Clout Returns to RPF

TUXEDO, RPF Capitol – Clout has rejoined the leadership of the Rebel Penguin Federation, alongside Elmikey, Luis and FlameAries. How will this addition to the leadership effect RPF?

On the 27th of June, a post was released by former RPF leader, Clout, announcing she will be rejoining RPF as leader. In the post she said she was looking to help RPF’s European division and help rise RPF to what it once was.

For those of you who are not already aware, I, Lady Clout, have once again been made RPF leader. I will be ensuring that we have battles that are ideal for European troops to attend, which also will be continent for American troops. These times will be accompanied by the usual 8pm est events, although the expected size for these European AND American targeted events is expected to be greater, aiding in the further rise of the Rebel Penguin Federation.


—Lady Clout, New RPF Leader

As seen in the post above, Clout has great sights for not only the UK division of RPF but RPF as a whole. It will be interesting to see if she can stick to her word, especially while she has a war against Ice Warriors to worry about that’s happening at the moment. To help the war, Clout says she can “help lead the UK division”. Will this be true though? Only time will tell.

It will be interesting to see how Lady Clout helps the UK division in RPF and to see if she will be able to make RPF big enough to invade Ice Warriors’ servers. Since RPF is mostly a US army, getting the UK division back in shape isn’t going to be easy, especially when the RPF have other strong UK-based armies to contend with.


RPF at an US event where they maxed 20+

It will be interesting to see if RPF can be what they used to be in the near future and rise to first on the CPAC Top Ten Armies. Until then, we’re all left waiting to see what happens.

Interview with Lady Clout, RPF Leader

CPAC: Why did you return to RPF?

Lady Clout: I chose to return to RPF to aid in the war against IW. Also, armies are more fun in the summer and leading with the server map in use should be interesting.

CPAC: What plans do you have to help the war vs IW?

Lady Clout: I plan to help lead a UK division, which should work pretty well right now considering it’s summer and US troops can also aid in UK events.

CPAC: How long do you plan on staying in RPF?

Lady Clout: I have no intentions on leaving RPF in the near future, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Lady Clout: Nope.

As seen in the interview above Lady Clout has great hopes to rise UK to great heights in RPF. As the weeks roll in it will be interesting to see if she’s about to stick to her word and rise the UK division to help in war against Ice Warriors.

What do YOU think? Will Lady Clout benefit RPF? Will RPF win war vs IW? Can UK division in RPF be brought back to life?

Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPAC Associate Producer

3 Responses

  1. It says neat future instead of near future in the interview. Otherwise, great post 🙂


  2. There goes RPF….


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