Top Ten Armies: 6/26/16

UPDATE: Due to an error in scheduling, the Clash of the Unforgiven tournament will not be taking place this upcoming weekend, but the weekend following that. Clash of the Unforgiven tournament has been moved to July 9th.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – In this week’s Top Ten, a new army shoots up to 2nd. Go on, see for yourself.

Top Ten

1. Water Vikings [71.00] [+0]

2. Clan [68.74] [NEW!]

3. Army Republic [63.00] [+0]

4. Night Rebels [62.81] [+3]

5. Nachos [61.00] [-3]

6. Rebel Penguin Federation [59.41] [-2]

7. Night Warriors [58.70] [-3]

8. Army of Club Penguin [55.39] [-2]

9. Golds [49.31] [-1]

10. Ice Warriors [49.00] [-1]

Full stats.


1. Water Vikings: Water Vikings started their week off with a celebration training session along with another UK training session maxing out sizes of 30. Later on in the week they held 2 battles one against Nachos then later Army Republic. To end their week they held a practice battle against ACP hitting sizes of 15+.

2. Clan: The Clan had a busy week, beginning with an AUSIA training session where they maxed 17. They did a fast UK training with a top size of 20, then had an unscheduled AUSIA training with 20. The Clan had a training session where they reached 14 online, then did another AUSIA training with 10. They maxed 17 at their next training session, then 22 at their last AUSIA event for the week. After that, their UK trained with a max of 22, then they hit peak size at a US training with 23. To end the week, the Clan claimed the server Grizzly with 11 troops.

3. Army Republic: AR had a pretty busy week, starting with a UK training which saw them reach sizes of 11. Their next event was another UK training, this time with a top size of 13. They had a practice battle against WV, maxing 15. Then, AR did another UK training with 11. Later that day, they took on RPF in a practice battle, peaking at 15. The following day, they battled the Nachos and maxed 14. They concluded the week with a training session where they hit 10 online.

4. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels kicked off the week with a UK training where they maxed 18. Their next event was another training session with a max of 17. Then, their AUSIA division had a recruiting session and topped off at 12. Later, their AUSIA trained with 17, and their UK maxed 22 at another training event. NR did an AUSIA U-Lead with RPF, reaching 20 troops online. Their final event this week was a cleanse of North Pole, where they maxed 23.


5. Nachos: Nachos blasted into this week with a quick training session and a practice battle with WV both hitting sizes of near 20. Later they held another training session/igloo raid and a 3-way battle with ACP and WV maxing out sizes of 20. To end their week they held one more practice battle against the Army Republic hitting sizes of 15+.

6. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF began with a training session hitting sizes of 15. Later they raided Ice Warriors capital along with a ausia training session with sizes of 15 and 20. To end their week they held several more practice battles with sizes ranging from 15 to 20+.

7. Night Warriors: The Night Warriors commenced their week by having an event with NR, maxing 19. Then, they held a recruiting session where they hit 35. NW next had a training session with a top size of 10. Then, they faced ACP in a practice battle with 15. Their AUSIA division trained with a max of 6, and to end the week, they recruited and reached 24 online.

8. Army of CP: ACP began this week with a training session along with a quick practice battle against NW hitting sizes of 18 and 15. Later they had an Ausia recruiting & a UK three way battle with sizes of 9 and 15. To end their week they had 2 more Ausia events with sizes of 9 along with a quick UK training maxing over 17.

23rd june 2016 uk 11

9. Golds: The Golds kicked things off with a parade event where they topped off at 11. Then, they recruited with their AUSIA division and maxed 10. Later, the Golds had an AUSIA practice battle against ACP with a top size of 10. This was followed by an unscheduled US party event where they maxed 9. They brought their sizes up at the end of the week, maxing 14 at a training session.

10. Ice Warriors: Ice Warriors began their week a quick event which was raided by bots hitting sizes of 15. Later they held 2 big CPPS (to avoid further bot raids) events maxing sizes of 30+. To end their week they held a battle against RPF averaging out sizes of over 20.


Back by popular demand, here’s a new weekly poll!


Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Vice President


37 Responses

  1. Good job to all armies this week!




  3. Reblogged this on CP Vikings and commented:
    Second week running, keep it up!


  4. Well done WV, IW 10TH LOL


  5. How does 2 30’s 15 and 20 get you below an army who had 4 15’s and below.


    • Because your tactics were the worst i’ve ever seen in a week.
      Gathering a bunch of noobs on CPPS and having like 9 people do an emote doesn’t warrant a high top ten spot.


  6. Nice job to all armies competing for the top spot this week, best luck next week!


  7. Nicely done, WV! Keep it up!! ❤ Btw, nice rise NR. 🙂


  8. Clan are the most blatant multiloggers lmfao


  9. Good job hanging on Golds! We will rise! Congratulations to Clan yo.


  10. nice job clan!



    why are iws cpps events being counted? History has shown that cpawn doesn’t count events held on cpps. Don’t believe me? Ask Shadow Reacon.

    If you’re going to assign rules, at the very least endorse them.


    • Well, first off, completely different administration, home boy.

      IW asked permission to temporarily host events on a CPPS because of their continuing issue with being bot raided.


  12. GO RPF!
    BTW M8 =


  13. lol @ the clan. You guys are resorting to DCP ways. Multilogging, Upvoting comments, and most importantly, not being able to hide it. Good job WV. Good job IW. Good Job Nachos. Good job AR.


  14. love @ IW for using nulls to downvote comments that are anti-IW.


  15. Haha!!!! NW!!!!!!!


  16. How is iw last when armies didnt max more than 20 gg


  17. Bullshit. NW is in front of RPF.


  18. Let’s work hard ACP and get back into the top 4.


  19. OH COM’ON, CPAC. I scheduled the Fjord Frenzy on the 9th. Ffs




  21. And do SMAC armies get to participate in COTU? If not that is fine. Just trying to make battle plans.


  22. Wows


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