Nachos Cutting Ties From Army Republic Alliance

Fjord, Nachos Capitol- On June 22nd, 2016, a post was released on the Nachos website declaring the end of the Nachos and Army Republic alliance. If you are asking what led Kevin to make this decision, continue reading for the full story. 

Prior to the Nachos cutting ties with the Army Republic, Wheelo (AR Leader) and Dan101 (Nacho Leader) engaged themselves in an argument over who supplied AR with their original recruiting script. The Nachos have claimed AR legends, Burr and Buritodaily, informed Army Republic of the Nachos recruiting script once they had left the army. Both legends then continued to promise the safety of the original Nachos script.

After many months of cooperation between the two ally armies, the Army Republic had received a recruiting script from the Night Warriors army. In order to be fair, the Nachos argued that due to their help earlier, they should be given the NW script as well. After they were initially denied of their request, Ace (AR Leader) granted them the script in order to keep the friendship in place. For further reading, an excerpt of the post is shown below.

On behalf of the Nacho Army and the Nacho leadership, I sorrowfully am making this post to address the following issues:

The Army Republic was what I saw as a brother. We saw combat together, our soldiers shared foxholes, we saw death, and we suffered together. We both triumphed as victors, and we both had our own setbacks. We stood together flying through the turbulence of adversity whilst fighting for a respective noble cause. Until these past dreadful hours, We were great allies. That is now over.

The Army Republic leader, Wheelo engaged in a fight with the Nacho leader Dan101. It’s not clear who started the fight, but it was clear that there was prior tension.

Where do you think AR’s original recruiting script came from?

Us. We gave it to Vinny and Buritodaily who then brought it to AR. They used it alongside promising us the safe guards of such a valuable tool. This tradition continued until about 3 months ago. AR got a new recruiting script from the Night Warriors. Out of debt to us, we believed we should get the script as we gave AR our script. AR initially refused, but the at-the-time leader, Ace gave it to us to preserve our sacred friendship.

Wheelo claims that AR is the reason we have a recruiting script which is entirely false for classified reasons I will not go into further detail about.

We also supported AR in every conflict they pursued, and they mutually supported us. We both had each others backs.

Wheelo attacked us that they are the reasons we won March Madness. 5 Army Republic soldiers helped us out at the maximum, and I do commend them for their support. Claiming they are the sole reason we won the battle, is way out of line.

Wheelo doesn’t need us anymore.

 In response to the Nachos cutting ties with AR, Wheelo soon released a post of his own view of the issue. In his post, Wheelo mentions that this all started when Dan went on AR chat to yell at him about using recruiting bots during a Nacho event. Following Wheelo taking off the bots, Dan continued to argue that AR should stop directly copying the Nachos recruiting lines.

Further in his post, Wheelo then stated that not only Dan, but Kevin is the bigger issue. Wheelo claims that Kevin has been backing an AR and Nachos breakup for months now and that he is merely using a small argument between them as an excuse to conclude the partnership. Finally, he declares that Kevin has attempted to turn all the past and present AR leaders against him. Wheelo then concludes his post with an apology for “his role” in the fight. To view this post, click here.

I, Kevin truely didn’t want to cut ties with AR until I saw this little faggot named Wheelo. Excuse my french, but that’s the only term that came to mind. I’m no villain. I did what Camp and Dan asked me to do. I made the post because I thought I had held the best relationship with AR and their former leaders and I thought it be best if I explained why the Nachos chose to sever ties.

I did lead one of your events because of the sacred bond held between the Army Republic and Nachos. Ace and Flame told me I was a great battle leader, and they asked me to lead an event (I believe the semi-finals) of Christmas Chaos. I led the event, and it ended in a narrow defeat. The goal was to get AR and the Nachos in the finals so it would be an epic and friendly competition type of event between the two powers. I didn’t say anything about you guys performing poorly, but Ace and Flame asked me to help out. That’s the type of relationship I had with them. Ace and Flame were owners on my chat during tournament events and I was an owner on theirs. Wheelo, you’re too uninformed and too stupid to aquire any background information before attacking me. Ace and Flame wouldn’t deny it either.

I didn’t say we didn’t need AR, it’s not my army. Camp and Dan didn’t like your crappy attitude, and they were pretty offended by your claims about the script, your credit of the march madness victory, and your attacking on our sizes. Dude, Armies won’t want you if you’re gonna do that… You could’ve taken screenshots.

 Following up in response to Wheelo’s post, Kevin declares that all Wheelo’s claims against him are inaccurate and false. He believes that he had the strongest relationship within the alliance and that there would be no reason for him to end the alliance. He also denies trying to turn the army against Wheelo.

Interview with Nacho Leader, Dan101

CPAC- Please explain further reasons for the Nachos cutting ties with AR?

Dan101- It was an argument between Wheelo and me. He then proceeded to talk crap about the Nachos saying “we don’t need nachos, you’re nothing without us.”

CPAC- Do you see any chances of the issues being set aside and the alliance being brought back?

Dan101- Maybe.

CPAC- Do you expect to see a war upcoming soon between the two armies?

Dan101- No, but if they do, we will show no mercy. 

CPAC- Any final comments?

Dan101- Screw Wheelo.

CPAC- Thank you for your time.


As I now analyze the current situation, it looks as if the two armies making up is not to be seen in the near future. As the leaders of the two respective oppositions are starting to take credit for their own mistakes, neither side is attempting to forge together a new alliance.

Comment YOUR opinion on the breakup of the Nacho and AR alliance. Will this soon result in a war? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Executive Producer 

5 Responses

  1. Always sad when a couple break up.


  2. This happens when Silverburg (IW) left RPF for IW, and that he used to be in RPF. But Elmikey is still in RPF and he got really pissed of what Silver is doing and they both made in an arguement. They both are fighting against each other because they can’t control themselves. They both are meant to be friends, not like fighting each other just like this. This post shows you how pissed Wheelo and Dan really are, and that they hates each other. This was not what it looks like back in the old days, and this needs to stop. This kind of argument is pretty pointless and it’s stupid. You guys needs to man up, and don’t take it too seriously and be fair. This is why the community has us, and the whole army tha used to stick together. Now it’s falling apart. Rarely the recruits were so scared to see such bad words, arguing, or anything like that when the older people doesn’t listen. This is what happens.


  3. A stove is a stove no matter where you go
    A patty is a patty, that’s what I say
    A grill is a grill, this is surely so
    And fries should be fries, either way

    But this grill is not a home
    This is not the stove I know
    I would trade it all away
    If you’d come back to stay

    This kitchens not the same without you
    It’s just a greasy spoon
    (Just a greasy spoon)
    Without you


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