Rebel Penguin Federation Declares War on Ice Warriors

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Nation – Tension between Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation has been on a rise over the last few weeks which is mostly due to Silverburg, former RPF leader, joining the Ice Warriors leadership. The tensions finally boiled over when RPF announced their declaration of war. What does this mean for both armies? Click continue reading to find out!

Since Silverburg joined Ice Warriors for leader, both RPF and IW have been verbally attacking each other, specifically Silverburg and Elmikey. RPF eventually declared war on IW to prove a point that they can win wars without Silverburg by their side.


Silverburg and Elmikey during an argument.

The war was announced a day after Ice Warriors logged onto Tuxedo claiming they had a practice battle with RPF but found themselves in the middle of bot raid instead. After the raid, tensions spiked to an all-time high once Elmikey was banned forever on Ice Warriors chat.

In retaliation, Silverburg was banished from the RPF and his RPF legend status was ultimately revoked. In the post announcing the banishment of Silverburg, Elmikey made many bold claims against his former co-leader. Silverburg was accused of multilogging in excess during his time with RPF, exaggerating size, and stealing the identity of the original 2007 Silverburg. You can view an excerpt of the post below, or the post in its entirety on the RPF site here.

He routinely exaggerated size in results posts, excessively multi-logged, and he actually isn’t the real RPF legend Silverburg from 2007. He is a fraud. He lied to me for a long time, I didn’t care that much when I found out. Looking back, I should have. Silverburg, you are a thief. You take credit for the accomplishments of others.

– Elmikey, RPF leader

It is important to note that while evidence was provided in the post of Silverburg condoning multilogging, no regname or ID was included. This means there is no guarantee that the person in the images is in fact Silverburg. However, the accusation still stands.

Not long after banishing Silverburg, Elmikey decided throw down the gauntlet and declare war. Below is an excerpt from his post.


The Rebel Penguin Federation hereby declares war on the Ice Warriors.

-Elmikey, RPF Leader.

As seen above the post released was short but said a lot. War between these two should be interesting. Both armies do quite well on the Top Ten, especially RPF who are commonly seen in the top 5 armies.

Since RPF posted their declaration of war they’ve raided IW’s capital, while getting raided by AR. I personally cannot wait to see this war since both armies are fast rising and this war will be really personal especially when it’s the former trainer vs the former trainee.


RPF invading while getting invaded.

It’s going to be fun to see this. I don’t know which army will win, which makes it fun. Will IW will since they have CPPS and can recruit easier or will RPF pull ahead and destroy the enemy? Only time will tell us.

Interview with Elmikey, RPF Leader.

CPAC: Why did RPF declare war on IW?

Elmikey: He said I was bluffing, he hits RPF chat daily with nulls attempting to persuade our members to follow him instead. IW said they were going to declare war the day of the draft and Silver’s words were: he said IW will declare war when the draft comes and he will invade all the land he used to own, meaning RPF’s land. 

CPAC: How do you plan on winning the war?

Elmikey: Building RPF to win the war.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Elmikey: We plan on winning the war by fighting the good fight. The only good fight. Silverburg has underestimated the one who trained him. I have been the best CP recruiter since I joined in May 2007.

CPAC: Thanks!

Elmikey: I am #1!

As seen from the above interview, Elmikey is confident he will win the war for RPF. Only time will tell if this will become true. A lot of work will have to be put in by both armies because both armies are strong.

Interview with Flen, IW Advisor

CPAC: What was your reaction when RPF declared war?

Flen: We already knew this day would come. Silver left RPF and from that moment, Elm was pissed at Silver.

CPAC: How do you plan on winning this war?

Flen: Our plan is simple, we want RPF to beg for mercy, they tried to mess with us and our Holy Ice Empire. They’ll freeze to death.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Flen: Elmikey go to collage and stop f****** with CP armies now, you should be banished from CP armies.

As seen in the above interview Flen is also confident. Let’s see if IW can take this confidence and beat RPF. Again, only time will tell if this will happen or not.

What do YOU think? Who will win the war? Do you fight the good fight? Who will lose the war? Do you not freeze up?

Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions! Make sure to comment YOUR opinion below!


Proud CPAC Reporter

23 Responses

  1. I fixed the spelling and grammatical mistakes made by Flen and Elm because it was making me want to smash something.


  2. Oh damn that interview of Flen, crap.


  3. People can’t trust us…
    Silverburg tryied get me to IW…
    RPF not have a positive reputaion…
    We don’t need traitors, so watch out, Silv and others!


    • H3H3H3HAHAHA, nice dislikes, because YOU OF COURSE CAN’T TRUST RPF HAHAHA LMAO XD!!11!!1!1oneoneONEoen!@!1~1one


      • You’re just another Elmikey fanboy who believes elmikey is rpf’s savior. The truth is bitter for you. Elmikey is a tyrant, a fool, and a donald trump sucker. His tyranny will fall someday.


        • And?


          • im done, if i’d have to say something else i would have sayed that.


          • why don’t you make a pathetic try and try to reply me instead?


            • Ehkem… dude, take it ->


            • #get_rekt


            • “ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY
              #Get_Rekt and gg


              • You know what? You are a pathetic elmikey sucker who believes that you have achieved alot and im a fool talking on the comment sections. Whats so rekt about it? When did you join rpf? 2015? 2016? I was an rpf troop from 2013, who do you think you are? I know Elmikey more than you do, you don’t know anything about his hyprocrisy, one day i got pics where elmikey said that ausia troops cant speak english and rpf will be english speaking army, i told it to elm and he told me that its false, and do you know what did he say after 1 week? He posted that RPF will be an english dominant army. He is a hypocrite, he is a fool, you’re telling me that its tough being an rpf troop? I got banned 5 times and i still served rpf with all that i had, i saw rpf leaders praising and glorifying recruits while i was being talked to roughly, why? Because they know that i loved rpf at that time so i’ll work hard for the army, so they thought they don’t need to be good to me, i used to get demoted again and again for foolish reasons like being rage banned like elmikey, i came over it and served rpf, but i left rpf for the final time when things came to my religion, they were blaming and making fun of my religion. Nor are you as good as me nor can you ever be, I’m not a fool like you who’ll spam rpf in every comment. You think that showing me a pic that one isn’t simply an rpf makes me rekt? Why don’t you flush you and your ignorance?Liking you comments and disliking mine won’t make you a hero, i don’t want to get likes on my comments like you, you are a fool. Go die in a drain kid.


      • The one who leaves RPF due to elm’s tyranny is a traitor, according to you, there is no doubt that rpf is drunk, just like you, made to be drunk by elmikey, rpf will never realise that elmikey is one of the worst people it can ever suck.


  4. collage?


  5. I’m not helping RPF with this war because essentially, it is just a war between Elmikey and Silverburg, which both RPF and IW are being drug into. I’m not getting involved in this bullshit, they are big boys, they should be able to handle their bullshit on their own, but apparently they can’t.


  6. RPF IS 100% GONNA WIN


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