Coalition Meeting Times

If you’re ever going to attend a meeting, make it this one.

Below you’ll find when/where to participate in our upcoming meeting.

Coalitions Project Private Forum

Saturday, June 25th

Army Central Chat

1 PM – 3 PM EST

12 PM – 2 PM CST

11 AM – 1 PM MST

10 AM – 12 PM PST


During our last meeting, the conversation was overtaken by one specific topic. As a result, we’re far behind our agenda. In order to make up for that, we’re dedicating the time we would normally allocate to the Public Forum, and investing it into the Private Forum. This change is temporary and only acts to catalyze the process that needs to take place before the Servers Draft and the World Map can come into play.



4 Responses

  1. Kk. Coming. Will post meeting on Twitch.


  2. Lol I bet Gob made this post in seconds.(copy/paste)


  3. ur like the eu telling us what to do and taking our jobs u bastard



  4. I will be attending.

    -Red Cavaliers Leader


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