SilverBurg Joins Ice Warriors Leadership

HUSKY, Ice Warrior’s Capital – Over the past few weeks, we saw major leadership changes in the Ice Warriors, which caused them to majorly fall in sizes. From the Coup D’etat of Badboy, and Trader, to the leave of Bam117, we now have Silverburg, former Dark Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation commander, leading the Ice Warriors. Will Silverburg get the Ice Warriors back to their former standings, or will he freeze up?

After slipping into the pit of inactivity, the Ice Warriors have appointed former RPF and DW leader, Silverburg, to lead the army. The Ice Warrior’s leadership hired him with high hopes, foreseeing that he will resurrect the immense sizes they once saw.

You may see an excerpt of Silverburg’s introduction post right below,

“I have joined the Ice Warriors army.

I am seeing that the Ice Warriors have become victim to a lot of bad press by the rest of the community. I am coming into this army to clean the slate of the Ice Warriors, and turn them back into the strong powerhouse they once were without being victim to criticism. I promise that under my leadership that there will be no multi-logging allowed under any circumstances. Those who are found to be multi-logging will be forever banished from this army. This army has been around since 2007 and has a special place in my heart, so I`d hate to see the Ice Warriors turn into the new DCP.”

-Silverburg, Current Ice Warriors leader

From the excerpt above, you may see Silverburg explaining why he joined the Ice Warriors, and what he plans on doing for the army. Silverburg also mentions that this generation will be completely clean, and warns people in the Ice Warriors army that there will be consequences for cheating.

Since Silver’s inauguration, the Ice Warriors have had one event. This could chiefly be due to the bot raids that have been surrounding the Ice Warriors for the past couple of days. This, however, did not astonish the Ice Warriors, as they have been getting bot-raided periodically.

In an event held on the 21st of June, the Ice Warriors, with the help of their newly formed Club Penguin Private Server sponsorship, accumulated over 60 users on their headquarters, confident that they will be reaching and even peaking the 40+ size margin. However, unfortunately, they got bot raided by an unknown user. Many people have accused large figures such as Waterkid to be behind it all. Although, the evidence is quite dubious.

You may see the Ice Warriors attempting to have an event below,

I managed to grab an interview with current Ice Warriors leader, Silverburg, about many things regarding the army.

Chip: Now that you are leading the Ice Warriors, what are your primary goals for the army?

Silverburg: To fix the broken reputation of the army as well as to lead it to glory to the best of my abilities.

Chip: Will the Ice Warriors be going to war any time soon? If so, what army are you planning on targeting?

Silverburg: The people who I’m targeting are the people who have targeted me. Those people know who they are. 😛

Chip: What do you predict the Ice Warriors will place on this week’s Top Ten?

Silverburg: I won’t be going full blast until the Server Map is fully function-able, but we’ll see how the Ice Warriors do. Getting first is ideal, though.

Chip: Thank you for the interview. Do you have anything you would like to add?

Silverburg: Ice Warriors are copping “Fight the Good Fight” sorry, not sorry.

From the interview above, Silverburg hints that he will be declaring war on the Rebel Penguin Federation, claiming that they have targeted him before.

So, what do YOU think? Will the Ice Warriors go to war with the Rebel Penguin Federation? Will the Ice Warriors declare war or will Elmikey attack the Ice Warriors first?

Here at CP Army Central, we value YOUR opinion(s). Make sure you comment it/them below!


Recently promoted CP Army Central Editor in Chief

3 Responses

  1. Gg chip this post is bias… Jk it’s beast m8, loving the interview.


    Watch out and get ready Silver… we don’t needs a traitors.


  3. Great interview.


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