Summer Sun Hunt 2016 Winners

A week ago, 12 suns were hidden across CPAC, SMAC, and CPA. We’ve received several entries from our readers, but only the first 3 to complete the hunt will walk away with a prize. Read on for the results.

To enter the competition, viewers had to find 4 suns from each site, listing their numbers and locations. Here are the winners!

1st Place


Winnings: 750 xats


2nd Place


Winnings: 500 xats


3rd Place


Winnings: 250 xats


Please find Gob on Xat to collect your prizes. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone else who participated! Keep checking back for more contests this summer.

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO



8 Responses

  1. But I just started. What a joke lol.


  2. so was there a 4th sun on cpac?


  3. like this comment if you think legend brad should have won all the prizes.


  4. Lol. Can’t find the last and don’t see the 4th sun of cpac…


  5. Wow, good job Luis and Chip 😀


  6. woo i win 250 xats + funk’s home address!


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