Leadership Changes in The Night Warriors

Fog, NW Capital – With the Night Warriors back on the rise, we see an unexpected turn of events as xxToysoldier and Drake have parted ways for the army leading to the promotion of BMX and SH as new leaders of the army.

The Night Warriors have had a good few weeks with the Night Warriors back on the rise, the path to success seemed smooth. NW was even seen on the rise according to our weekly CPA Central Top Ten. It was only until last night, that both Toysoldier and Drake had stepped down within the army. Below is an excerpt from Toysoldier’s departure from the Night Warriors and CPA in general.

To NW:

I am done here, and perpetually so. As of the release of this post, I will be cutting all ties with anyone affiliated with Club Penguin Armies or Club Penguin, generally. Realistically, I am far over the suggested age for this game (as 75% of the community is as well) and I’ve decided to take a step forward. You all mean so dearly to me, especially those who were willing to anything for me and NW, as much I was likewise in relations to yourselves. Remember, everything we have accomplished was solely between ourselves, let others envy what we have done in these mere months.

Primarily, the cause of my departure will be due to the constant cheating which deteriorates my motivation and the entire reason why I, along with many others, are here in the first place. Bot raiders, multi-loggers, chat nulling, the constant denying even with sufficient proof.. we are here to become the best legitimately, and having a fun ride whilst doing so. Unfortunately, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Let this be a lesson to those who have partook in the cheating which essentially caused the cancer in this community:- You have utterly destroyed the chances of progression in which we needed. From here forward, expect nothing other than a complete downfall, there are no more golden ages from here on out.

To the community:

Currently, it looks like the best option for armies are to either pull the trigger or to start completely anew. When things are going wrong, it’s not going to help if you simply rely on blind luck and stick to the same tactics we’ve been using for the past decade. Things must change. Change cannot be instilled unless we all come to a consensus, but like mentioned in the paragraph above, this was all stalled due to a few people who envied us. For those who use this post as a reference or just are reading it coincidentally, note this: Always be the one who will take over and introduce change. Contrary to popular belief? Who cares. Do whatever you can to save this ship that is sinking, be the Era that is unforgotten. Do not let me or Drake down.

Stated above, Toysoldier issues his opinion that the armies must decide between death or completely revamping the way this community is run. He then further continues in saying that in order for change to happen the community in general needs to come to a consensus; what the coalition plans on completing.

Following the announcement of the retirement of both Toy and Drake, SH and BMX were inaugurated into the leadership to replace the two legends. Both soldiers previously served as 2nd in command under the Toy/Drake era and are now excited to embark on their own adventure.


Interview with Night Warriors Leader, BMX

Atticus- As a new leader of NW, state your goals?

BMX- To keep the army going strong and maintaining the army overall.

Atticus- How do you think the departure of Toy/Drake will affect the army?

BMX- I have learned a lot from them as a troop. I saw how they led and will keep their strategies in mind. I think this army will continue to grow regardless. 

Atticus- Going forward, what type of change do you hope to foresee in the Night Warriors and the community in general?

BMX- I hope to see the cheating stop in this community. We have been getting bot raided a lot recently so I would like to see that conclude too. 

Atticus- Any last comments?

BMX- Might of the Night

Atticus- Thank you for your time.


As mentioned above by BMX, he believes the Night Warriors are going to grow regardless of the retirement of Toy and Drake. He also mentions that he would like to see the cheating stop in this community. As he and many of us want to see the conclusion of all acts of cheating, help envision a change in this community. If we all work together to in our fight, surely we can keep this community alive and welcoming.

Comment YOUR opinion on the leadership changes in the Night Warriors. Will BMX and SH help NW reach #1 in the community? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Executive Producer

3 Responses

  1. Goodluck Sh! 😀


  2. NW will fail. Bye. I am out.


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