Chip Retires From Night Rebels

NORTHPOLE, Night Rebel’s Empire – Recently Chip retired from the Night Rebels after a successful run as leader. What does this mean for both the Night Rebels and Chip? Well let’s take a close look into it.

With Chip as leader Night Rebels were seen maxing numbers like 20 – 30, which is good considering the state of club penguin armies right now. He managed to help get the Night Rebels to the top three army position a number of times during his run. Now that he’s gone does this spell the end for the Night Rebels? Well, not necessarily.

When the Night Rebels made their epic return they managed to get first on their first week back. Chip was not leading at this point. This does prove a point that Night Rebels can rise. I don’t know if they can do what they done again but I know for sure they done it. As a new week rolls in we can get a closer look into how they are doing without Chip.

Chip made quite a short post on the Night Rebel’s website (because it was 3am when he wrote it according to him) but the post did speak wisely. He stated at the start of the post that everyone knew his leadership would be short because he was only staying until the Water Vikings re-opened.

As most of you know, I joined the Night Rebels around 3-4 weeks ago so I could help rise the army. Before I officially started leading, I stated that I will be leaving the army on the 18th of June, as the Water Vikings, my home army, are returning. Well, it’s the 18th now.

-Chip, Former Night Rebel’s Leader.

He then went on to state his accomplishments in his short time in the army. He noted he managed to get Night Rebels to first place. The post read:

In the given short period of time, I managed to do a lot of things for the Night Rebels.Most notably, I led them to 1st on CPAC for two weeks straight (IW wasn’t legitimate). Now many people may say “You got 1st on CPAC with a max of 25+.. lol good going”, which completely makes sense, 25+ is really not a large size. But think about it this way, maxing 25 in this state of the community is more than a normal accomplishment. It takes effort to hold 15 events in a week when nearly every army chat is dead, and it sure as hell takes effort to max an average of 20 in them too. 

-Chip, Former Night Rebel’s Leader.

However, after this he went on to name what things he done wrong stating things like “I came here to stabilize the army but failed and “I did manage to get the Night Rebels to max 25 – 30 but I didn’t manage to hold me ground”.

The goodbye post he made was emotional because it’s rare to see people in armies state the truth about their leadership. Usually you only state the things they done right but Chip stated both right and wrong.

The obvious question which I brought up is does this spell the end for the Night Rebels? As I said, I think it’s a no but only time will tell. I personally hope that the Night Rebels don’t fail because they’ve made a huge impact to the cpa community and are a pretty respected army.


I say the Night Rebels will pull through the loss of Chip but only time will tell. Until then we can only sit and wait and hope for the best for Night rebels. That’s only my opinion though.

What do YOU think? Will the Night Rebels fall? Will Chip’s leave effect them? Can Night Rebels max 20+ without Chip?

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Really Annoyed CPAC Reporter

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  1. Ok


  2. Add pictures


  3. “…they’ve made a huge impact on the cpa community and are a pretty respected army”


  4. “…they’ve made a huge impact on the cpa community and are a pretty respected army”



  5. The event picture you just posted wasn’t under my leadership.


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