Ace Retires From Armies

SNOWBANK, Army Republic Empire – Ace, a great figure in the Army Republic and Club Penguin armies as a whole, has decided to retire this week. What will this mean for the Army Republic?

The Army Republic have recently been in the Top 3 of the Club Penguin Army Central Top 10 for 3, for the past few weeks. The army has had lots of success under of the leadership of Ace, reaching sizes of 30+ and even achieving 1st on the Top 10. Recently, AR has been having issues getting recruits and as a result are 9th on this top ten this week.

Army Republic in a recent event, maxing 20+.

Little information was found on the reason for his departure from the army and he hasn’t currently posted a formal leave from the army. The only post we found can be found here, the post is the schedule for his retirement event. Kyle’s retirement schedule post is on the Army Republic’s  current site located here.

❗ Ace’s Last Event ❗

Server: Toboggan| Room: Town


9pm GMT

4pm EST

3pm CST

2pm MST

1pm PST

*If we get 25+ penguins online we will give away a rare penguin!*

Since his retirement post wasn’t out, I decided to interview Ace on why he retired.

Cody: Why did you decide to leave the Army Republic?

Ace: Too old and I’m far too busy with life now.

Cody: Do you ever plan to return to the Army Republic, or armies as a whole?


Cody: How much do you think the Army Republic army is going to fall following your leave from the army?

Ace: They won’t fall. This will only give further motivation for them to succeed. Ar has some of the finest leaders right now with the utmost determination and dedication. They will achieve great heights without me.

Cody: Any Last Comments?

Ace: I’d like to thank my mom. my sponsors, and my fans. Thank you all.

It seems that from this interview that Ace does not plan to rejoin armies and is competent that the Army Republic will not fall without him. Just recently Ace was given legend in the Army Republic, proving to us that Ace was seen as a great figure not just in our eyes, but in Army Republic as a whole.

I had gone to the Army Republic chat, asking a bunch of troops including  some owners and leaders to see what they felt about Ace and how he inspired them.

ƊaηιєIIaк888: I think he’s amazing.

King Wheelo: Ace is probably the most loyal and dedicated leader I have met. He truly cared for AR, and often paid for the necessary resources without even mentioning it. We are saying goodbye to a truly fantastic leader.

Pepper: He was one of the coolest leaders, I’ve ever met.

Alisa: He is honestly the most awesome leader, I have ever met.

As time goes on, people are bound to retire from their armies, and there aren’t that many people left here who have been as dedicated for their respective armies and put in as much as effort as Ace has. Ace has proved what he can do in this community throughout his time as being Army Republic leader. He has gotten Army Republic to second multiple times this year and recreated a successful generation. He will always be remembered for the good things he did while in armies. In my opinion, the Army Republic is a unique army, and I don’t think the Army Republic will fall soon. They have such love and dedication to Ace, I know for a fact that they will put their best effort to improve the army.

Do YOU think Army Republic will fall without Ace? Will Ace ever return to armies or the Army Republic? Is the last paragraph of this post satire? Is Cody the sexiest man alive?



CPAC Slave

8 Responses

  1. Nice post but you got some facts wrong.
    1. I never took AR to first. (2nd was my best)
    2. The last legends induction was near november so … I’m not a legend in the army.
    Other then that good post seeing as my retirement post hasn’t been released yet.


  2. I’m gonna miss you Ace. 😦


  3. You put my name instead of Ace’s for the interview 😛


  4. Ace, have a safe retirement, from Zottffss.


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