Ice Hounds Surrender War Against Silver Surfers

Hockey, Ice Hounds Capital – The Ice Hounds recently ended their war with the Silver Surfers. The war has been filled with several invasions and defenses. Continue reading for more on the war..

The war between the Ice Hounds and the Silver Surfers have been ongoing since April 16, 2016. During the war, the Ice Hounds were able to see sizes of 10+. The Silver Surfers sizes were fairly close to the Ice Hounds, with a max of 11+ and averaging that throughout the war. But in the end it seems the Silver Surfers pulled out with the win because of more consistent sizes and more invasions.

The Silver Surfers are led by Cena, Jodie and Coqui. While the Ice Hounds are currently led by Clementine, Carson and Dawix. While talking to the leader, Dawix, he told me that a former leader rejoined and every current leader was demoted to 3ic. This makes us wonder if the armies sizes will be effected in any way, or will they rise?


The Silver Surfers in the invasion of North Pole vs. Ice Hounds.

The Silver Surfers being a top CPAC army and the Ice Hounds being near the bottom of SMAC, the outcome of this war wasn’t that surprising, with the Ice Hounds surrendering to the Silver Surfers. A post was found written by Silver Surfer leader, Cena. The post states the treaty and a few words from Cena.

Ave Silver Surfers, the Ice Hounds leader, Konrad has left Ice Hounds and they have surrendered to us in the war! Silver Surfers, I told you all we would win this war and I wasn’t joking when I told you we would get revenge on Konrad for bullying troops.


The Ice Hounds agreeing to the treaty & surrendering to the Silver Surfers

The post written by Cena says that the former Ice Hound leader known as Konrad, left the Ice Hounds and in doing so, the Ice Hounds have surrendered the war to the Silver Surfers. No post about the war was written from the Ice Hounds. For more information we went to the Ice Hounds, 3rd in command, Dawix.


Interview with Ice Hounds 3ic, Dawix.

Trader: Why did the Ice Hounds surrender to the Silver Surfers?

Dawix: We did not, we have a treaty.

Trader: On Silver Surfers site it says Ice Hounds surrendered with your leaders also agreeing, is this false? Did you not surrender?

Dawix: False. We have a treaty until June30, none are to invade servers/war.

Trader: Do you plan to go back to war after the treaty is over?

Dawix: Unless they want to, ATM we can’t do anything. Cena said it himself if we invade before June30 2016 IH gets all SS servers, and if IH invasions SS, SS gets all of IH servers.

Trader: What does Ice Hounds plan to do now that the war is over?

Dawix: Well continue training and hope to rise, infact we maxed around 13+ on re-invading hockey.

Trader: Any last comments?

Dawix: Credit goes to Dom, he has kept us alive, but he has recently retired.

Dawix says in this interview that the Ice Hounds didn’t surrender the war, but it was just a treaty. Right now, Dawix says that the Ice Hounds don’t have any reason to go back to war with the Silver Surfers and it is unlikely for them to go back to war after the treaty is over. Dawix plans to rise the army even more while they are out of war. Dawix telling us that the Ice Hounds didn’t surrender the war, makes us question what actually happened. It clearly says in the picture that the Silver Surfers posted that the Ice Hounds surrendered.


Will Ice Hounds go back to war? Will they rise while out of the war? Where will Konrad go next?

Tell us in the comments!


Editor in Chief


17 Responses

  1. Great post! I’d like to confirm that the Ice Hounds did, indeed, surrender the war.


  2. Yes the icehounds did surrender only for the tready Icehounds do not plan on invadeing SS after the tready is done


  3. smac is leaking into cpac help


  4. Someone leaked SMAC into CPAC


  5. niceeeee, gg ss.


  6. I would like to confirm Silver Surfers WILL NOT be invading IH June 30th unless Konrad rejoins.


  7. Sad to see Ice Hounds lose, but a job well done to both armies.


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