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Umammoth, Club Penguin Army Central – The hacking, RATs and DDoSing has gone on too long, we need to stop it.

The reason Club Penguin hates us is not because we spam the servers with bots. It is because we are bringing children into a very dangerous community filled with people that have very malicious plans. After talking with Club Penguin officials and asking multiple questions, they told me that after the players leave the game, Club Penguin can no longer help the children and keep them safe. Neither can we, with the recent issue with Waterkid posting the recruiting script that turned out to be a RAT, the way we handled that issue is a joke. This script wasn’t even targeted towards the older members of the community. In the post written by Waterkid, he says that once you download this script, you will be given many memberships, which we know is what many of the Light Troops members wanted. He was targeting children that are very gullible and would obviously do this for a free membership.

Anyone that is a risk to their own troops and people of the community, is not a legend. Why should we praise somebody who is ultimately killing us in the end? Waterkid is a good example of this, in his post in which he links the RAT which is supposed to be Club Penguin members and a recruiting script, he says the following.

They contain a fast working CP account generator and my exclusive auto typer that enables you to put bots on around 20 servers of your choice ( you’ll need the IP of the server to place them). This also contains all of the 6 month membership codes we have generated. There’s around 200 codes in a text file, so use them while you can.

Obviously he is targeting his own soldiers and other members of the community. Everybody wants free memberships and everybody will download this, unless you know what Waterkid is truly like. Do you know who doesn’t know what Waterkid is truly like? His own troops, the people who believe he’s the great legend that people make him out to be.

The reason Club Penguin hates us is because we are slowly becoming more and more disgusting day by day. We, as a community, need to work together. I have completely stopped bot recruiting because I know that bringing children into this community is a terrible idea in our current state. I was recruited to xat in early 2009, at a young age I was scammed, hacked, ddosed and people installed RATs into my computer. This is stuff that an 8 year old has no control over and shouldn’t have to deal with. All of this caused me stress and made me quit multiple times, at the age of 8. Club Penguin armies are supposed to be fun, I’m trying my hardest to do just that. Size doesn’t matter in a community that doesn’t have size. This isn’t the first time that someone has threatened the safety of our troops and overall the community. Flen is another example of this, most known for his bots flooding events, his ddosing and hacking.

We let this happen, we have nobody to blame but ourselves. Yes, sometimes we ban them on our chats, but the hackers and rule breakers just join armies that will accept them. We need to remove players that are risking the safety of our friends, family, and troops. I want there to be a council that completely bans these players from the community they are not trying to help, but slowly killing. This council may not be possible, but I will be making a list of hackers and cheaters and in every army i am affiliated with, ban those players. If these cheaters and hackers join a certain army, I will no longer consider that army a valid army. We need to distance ourselves from people trying to destroy us and save our troops. If word got out about a Club Penguin army legend and leader giving his own troops RATs, that would just make Club Penguin hate us more than they already do.

I’m trying so hard to save this community, I want us to live. People may not notice the spot we are currently in, but it is not good. We, together, can save ourselves from death. I’m currently on vacation and I’m on the beach, but I’ve spent so much of my time working for the community because I am afraid we are going downhill and I don’t want to risk leaving and having us die while I’m not working. I understand that 1 person can’t make this community what it can be, that is why it has to be all of us, together. I’m doing all I can, everybody needs to do the same.

Every single person in this community is important, even if you don’t think you mean much to the community in the end, you really do. We at the Club Penguin Army Central want you to tell us what we should do? The things we do can only happen if the rest of you believe the same. There’s not much more to say about this situation, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and most people have stated theirs. #RemoveWater



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Editor In Chief

30 Responses

  1. The whole community seems to be pretty steamed at Water. Heh.


  2. This post makes a lot of sense. If everyone hates what these people are doing besides them, why give in? We have seen people retire from their problems with these hacks instead of trying to help FIX the problem. If we truly outnumber those who are okay with all of this, than how can they win? The power is in the people. And anyone who think it’s funny to watch 8 year olds get hacked, shame on you. I reccomend you just retire now because the community will be a hell of a lot better and safer without you in it. And if you are thinking of letting any of these people lead your army, or even JOIN it, don’t. And I encourage anyone who is in an army with these people to leave as a protest to what their doing. I also reccomend not bot recruiting in the first place. Me not giving in to the temptation of bot recruiting is what saved me from getting my computer RAT’d. It’s laziness and power hungryness that has lead to this and its disguisting. I hope this will make you think about your actions in the future. I SIDE WITH TRADER, AND I SIDE WITH YOU. YOU CAN CHANGE CPA IF YOU TRY!

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  3. Lmao, l still agree on this.


  4. #RemoveWater


  5. CPAC needs to make a page of all people who are banned from ever joining an army again, so we can try to prevent more stuff like this from happening.


  6. #RemoveWater


  7. CP armies is just like politics in a way. When you think it can’t get more backstabbing, dirty, rotten, and just so low in morals, it does.


  8. Just wakin up in the mornin, gotta thank God
    I don’t know but today seems kinda odd
    No barkin from the dog, no smog
    And mama cooked a breakfast with no hog
    Got my grub on, but didn’t pig out
    Finally got a call from a girl I wanna dig out
    Hooked it up for later as I hit the do’
    Thinkin “Will I live, anotha twenty-fo?”
    I gotta go cuz I got me a drop top
    And if I hit the switch, I can make the ass drop

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  9. I admit, I hate it when people become victims of hacking. WATERKID, GET A LIFE XP. Also, I do give away memberships for free occasionally, but the codes are out of stock until further notice, so at the moment, I am unable to get any codes.


    • Yeah! That happens to me when activating my code that, Waterkid hack it Hrmph! I suggest, Waterkid, the hacker and the spoiler of membership codes shall be banish!


  10. Waterkid! You shall be ashamed of yourself you gajin, and also you shall deserve nothing but a 0% special ! I suggest banish you. Look what you’ve done putting many codes you spoiler and look what you’ve done, stuck in collecting money at MasterCard and Visa to buy expensive Memberships. #TheMisterWaterkidHacker


  11. Waterkid you spoiler gajin you shall deserve nothing but scrap


  12. We need to remove hackers out of our community. Waterkid is just placing everyone in risk. Kids are getting scammed and hacked. I’m only 11 and I know who to trust and who to not. And guess what? He is trying to kill CP armies. We need to remove him from CP armies and save what remains in this community. We need to have a better reputation to Club Penguin. #RemoveWater


  13. Reblogged this on Gold Vikings Army.


  14. Damn….. Trader is going ham….. I like it.

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  15. Waterkid shouldn’t have did what he did.

    But he does have a point. On LT site there is a new post saying that Dark Warriors legends have done this before. And, Water also says that nothing has been done to them before. Why should we punish one individual and not another? It’s quite stupid if you think about it.

    Many people have pulled this same act, so again, why is it just Waterkid everyone attacks? I do not see legends such as Toysoldier, SaW, and xiUnknown getting punished for this.


    • SaW and Unk are wayy different during that time, they do not go around like what Waterkid did and they stopped for a while now. Water, KEPT on going, SaW and Unk doesn’t. Im not so sure about Toy, but he did keep on going to spread out lies again too. SaW and Unk are mostly chill unlike Waterkid who still do it and not stay in an army that he always lead, the Pirates. See what l mean? SaW a d Unk stayed in an army an dapologizes to everyone for what they hace done to them, fhats why they still got CPA legend and thats why people aren’t attacking on them.


  16. That Rat Waterkid shall be punish cuz this gajin is hacker and i want him to be pursue for hacking my chances to become a MEMBER!! 😡


  17. Waterkid, deserves in jail for being so hacker and spoiler at Membership codes good thing some of the 12 months membership codes are not been redeem by the Leader of the LT HACKERS!!!!!!

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  18. Light Troops psshhh!!! uhhh MORE LIKE LIGHT HACKERS!

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  19. I’m not the only one that, I can blame you for your big sins dirt bag because, I know your BLOWHARD partners did a very big mistake. I also blame Yayaruby and Tumbleyes for being so hacker at the page source of Club Penguin to glitch the colors and making anyone suffer on your stupid plan at the server: Abominable. Especially, I blame your BSM for being helpful with you in hacking Membership codes at the generator of CP.


  20. Dumb Waterkid is still here and then he idiot me grrr. Let’s see how Waterkid will feel the pain


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