Viper Retires From UMA

MAMMOTH, UMA Nation – Since reopening last month, the Underground Mafias Army have established themselves as a world power and are currently first in the latest Top Ten. Viper, a UMA Legend, has announced his retirement from UMA and Club Penguin Armies.

Viper first joined UMA in 2009 under the leadership of Hero12985, Itachi6dark, Batista1822, Explosionruleshalo. Under the tutelage of many UMA pioneers like Batista and Itachi he eventually became UMA Leader in September alongside Harvin13 and Crazy. After four months of leading UMA he retired and placed Brifcore in charge of the Underground Mafias Army.

He rejoined in 2012 alongside Harvin13, Wwebestfan and Lild after finding UMA in disarray and led them to 4th on the Top Ten. He was replaced by Np3000 and eventually retired once again. He returned in 2013 to rebuild UMA with Wgfv and Daniel. UMA became a world power once again and fought the Army of Club Penguin, eventually forcing them to surrender. UMA reached record-breaking sizes and second on the Top Ten.

UMA under Viper.

Viper retired and later returned in 2014 to lead with fellow Legends, Wgfv and Daniel. This was the last leadership before the army shut down and Viper along with other veterans and Legends attempted to revive UMA on various occasions with little success. Viper led Red Ninjas alongside Mach and Step during the Summer of 2015 and joined DCP, RPF and AR. He revived UMA with Mach, Step, Joseph, Bam and Trader reaching sizes of 40 and first on the Top Ten.

Recent UMA Event.

An official post was released by Viper on his own UMA site regarding his retirement from Club Penguin Armies. The post was orientated around his time as a UMA Leader during 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. In his post, he said that this would be his final retirement from Club Penguin armies.You can read an excerpt from the post below, or read the full post on Viper’s blog here.

This brings us to the current time. I look back on my career with some satisfaction, mostly regret that I never stepped up to be bigger than I was. I have a pretty bad self-confidence problem ,but my tab count made up for that. The people I met in this army, are my oldest friends. Who have been around for 6-7 years. Some of them drifted away, some grew closer, some didn’t read this entire post. I am permanently retiring from CPA.I can be pretty annoying most of the time. I can break promises and fail but who cares its literally a flash game.


Viper concluded his retirement with post with a list of mentions and people who influenced his time in Club Penguin armies.

Interview with Viper, Former UMA Leader

Why did you decide to retire from Club Penguin Armies?

Aside from the community taking a noticeable nosedive in activity, I’m retiring because I’ve accomplished what I wanted to do. UMA is first, I have nothing left to strive for, I have no interest in anything else.

Will you ever return to armies?

No, I will never join an army under any position, but I’ll still waste away on xat, or take part in any kind of senate UMA might have.

Is there anyone taking over as Leader?

Not as far as I know.

Any further comments?


After spending 7 years leading UMA to success and making himself one of the most prolific UMA Leaders of all time, Viper has retired. UMA has seen two retirements in the past week and Trader defecting to the Army of Club Penguin. I think UMA will suffer a drop in sizes and lose its position as first in the Top Ten on Sunday, but I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the Underground Mafias Army yet.

What do YOU think? Will Viper ever return? Will UMA continue to be a world super power? Comment YOUR Opinion Below!

Lord Verum

CP Army Central AP



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