Kevin/Batman3 Retires From Nachos

FJORD, Nachos Army – Army figure Kevin (Batman1), well known for his huge involvement and leadership in the Nachos Army this past year, has announced his retirement from armies all together.

With his journey in this community beginning nearly 5 years ago, Kevin has held several high ranking positions in armies such as RPF, FGR, UMA and Golds, but the most notable and the most recent being the Nachos of Club Penguin.

The Nachos army has seen its ups and down this past year with many different leaderships taking the helm and turbulent Top Ten standings, until Kevin, alongside Agent223 and Step Up646, was promoted to the Nacho Leadership in early August. Under this leadership, the Nachos were able to to shock the community by achieving stability and managed to claim a few tournament victories along the way.

One of many examples of the Nachos under Kevin

Under the leadership of Kevin, the Nachos found themselves involved in many wars. Most notably would be their intense feud against longstanding rivals, the RPF. The Nacho/RPF have clashed in warfare three times, which saw three consecutive surrenders from the RPF.

Nachos most recent war victory

The reasons being behind Kevins retirement war posted in 3 basic points; stating he was 16 years of age, stressing far too much; and having far greater things to focus on and doing what he wished to accomplish. In a deep and wholehearted choice of words, Kevin left several parting requests and demands for the Nacho army and its future leadership. An excerpt from his retirement post can be seen below

1.) NO ONE…..RETIRE……WITH ME!?!?!?!SHIFY!111!11!ori8sg
2.) Screw elections or anything of the sort, Fluffy9404 is the next leader of the Nacho Army.
3.) I’d like to remain admin on the site. Reasons have been specified to specific people. Starmy Wars, The Dankin Menace will be out soon. Kinda need admin/editor to write that.
4.) I was named dictator for life by a few legends. I don’t want that position or name. I’d rather be named as “Big Brother.” I’ll always be watching over you guys.
I will never return as a permanent leader unless the Nachos are on the 100% verge of death. I will never return to other armies. I retire as a Nacho.

As noted, Kevin left very strict guidelines for the future of the Nachos and revealed he has no intentions on returning to lead  unless they are on the brink of death, but did state he would be “watching over” them closely.

///====|||==== INTERVIEW WITH KEVIN====|||====\\\

Bam: First of all, how do you think the Nachos will phase without you at the helm of it all?
Kevin: Most leaders say and lie, “Oh i think you guys will do excellent.” I’m an honest guy, they’ll decline a bit just like we did when Step, Agent and I started out. Dan/Stone are a great team. I have 100% confidence in their skills, but theres always an adjustment period.
Bam: Whats the leadership line up going to be looking like for Nachos now that you’ve retired?
Kevin: The new lineup of the leadership will be Fluffy, Dan and Stone and the rest of the ownership will stay the same
Bam: Understood and any future plans in mind?
Kevin: Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll be on wall street? Maybe I’ll be an engineer building bridges? Maybe I’ll be a low life selling dope? What I plan to do now is continue with school work and try out for my schools rowing team and enjoy retirement.
Bam: Any last comments or statements? 
Kevin: Don’t f*** with Nachos.


While Kevin gives us a few choice words he also revealed the Nachos will see former 2ic Fluffy9404 promoted to lead alongside Dan101 & Stone 523 along with the same solid ownership setup as before.

With the exit of Kevin along with a new leadership, the Nachos are bound to have some major changes coming but only time will tell what becomes of them.

But what do YOU think? What do you think of Kevins retirement? What do you think this means for the Nachos? Comment with YOUR opinions below!


CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

7 Responses

  1. Viva Los Nachos….


  2. Respected Leader. Enjoy retirement. (y)


  3. Respectful leader and a honest one, most chill guy ever. Enjoy @ retirement island!


  4. Now for my era to return :3




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