The Recap Of Many Tournaments

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – Wow the last tournament of 2015 is over. Crazy right? Well, I was thinking why not do a recap of all of 2015 tournaments! I’ll be starting from the top to the bottom. Click read more to follow on!


Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation


The Christmas Chaos was a very crazy tournament. We had two major armies disqualified because of multilogging. There was also a mix up of posting the times and we had to delay the tournament. The Tournament did end with a bang, as the Rebel Penguin Federation took home the Christmas Chaos trophy and 5000 xats. They were the victors in the finals against the Nachos.

Champions Cup

Winner: Nachos


The Champions Cup tournament went pretty well this year. We had a surprise in the end as the Nachos had beat the Water Vikings in the Finals. The Champions Cup 2015 went home to the Nachos.

Legends Cup

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation


The Legends Cup this year had many surprises. We saw many new armies advance. We also saw many armies fall very quickly. Though in the end in the Finals, the RPF had won against the Water Vikings.

Spring Smackdown

Winners: Light Troops


The Spring Smackdown is one of the newest tournaments here at CPAC. This year we had very unexpected turn outs. In the finals we saw a very unexpected win. The Nachos had fell to the Light Troops. The Light Troops had won there first tournament throughout all there generations.

March Madness

Winners: Ice Warriors


The March Madness kicked off to be a lot of fun. We saw a lot of armies fight to be in the finals. The Doritos and Ice Warriors were the two who made it to the finals. In the end the Ice Warriors had taken home the trophy for winning the March Madness 2015.

Well what was your favorite tournament of 2015? Personally for me, I found the Legends Cup to be mine. Only because I led BMA to the semi finals. Which army do you think should have won? Do you think any armies were played out unfairly? Or do you think an army cheated during the finals? Start a debate in the comment section!

What do YOU think? Which tournament is your favorite? Who do you think did the best out of all? YOU DECIDE! Comment YOUR opinion!


CP Army Central Editor in Chief

8 Responses

  1. Like

  2. My personal best are the Christmas Chaos and the Champions Cup. Both were challenging!


  3. I’m new to CP Armies, joined to October-November this Year. The best is a Christmas Chaos!


  4. Many?


  5. this good gaming


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