The Short Lived Jalapenos

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – It was only earlier this month, a short lived army had come back to life. The Jalapenos have closed there doors after making it into this weeks Top Ten. Click read more to follow on.

The Jalapenos were created early this year. They were created by most known, Luis28. They originally were around in august but then died. Then earlier this month they had been revived for there second generation.

They had a very short 2nd generation. They had also a very sucessful 2nd generation. They accomplished things like getting to 1st on SMAP. And they had also accomplished getting 10th on CPAC. Then unexpectedly, they had to shut it down until further notice. See the statement below.

I, 28luis, Jalapeno Army Creator, hereby shut down the Jalapeno Army until either Ronnoc and/or I decide to bring it back.

Over all of the armies I have led with Ronnoc this is without no doubt the best one. We have been doing awesome as of lately and our sizes have been 8+ at almost every event (something that not all S/M armies can reach) and got 1st on SMAP/SMAC as well as reached CPAC.

The reason I am shutting the army down is because as of right now, I am in the RPF and Ronnoc is not as active enough as to keep the army alive and no one wants to lead this army but defacers.

In his statement, Luis28 explains that he had to shut it down because Ronnor is not as active and Luis is currently in the RPF. He also explains that no one wants to lead the army but people who deface. He also explains how successful the army has been out of all of his armies.

Over the course of the time, the Jalapenos have been fortunate enough to get up to sizes of 13+.  Though they have not engaged in any wars they have had apparent proof of the Doritos multilogging.


So will we see a fiery comeback from the Jalapenos in the future? Will it be soon? Will it be never? Or will it be later on in 2016. The future is uncertain for the Jalapenos!

What do YOU think! Will the Jalapenos return? Will they rise? YOU Decide! Comment YOUR Opinion


CP Army Central Editor in Chief

6 Responses

  1. If you see 28luis in every quote in our site, why can’t you put that in the post? (i dont like luis28) 😦


  2. and another thunder cunt bites the dust


  3. Nope Jalapenos is coming back by a new leader


  4. Welp, Bye bits!


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