Editorial: What To Expect In 2016?

KLONDIKE, DrMatt’s Office – Wow can you believe the holidays are over?  Wasn’t it just Halloween two days ago? Things fly by so quickly. We are already are at the end of 2015. What could happen in 2016? What could we expect? Click Read More to read on.

I’m still having a hard time believing that 2015 is ending in 5 days. Literally i’m still stuck in 2014. 2015 has been one hell of a year for myself and this community.  What were one of the highlights of 2015? I would definitely say the start of bot recruiting. I would also say the 9 special reports that had come out as well.

Happy New Year 2016

This year has been both good and bad for armies. Armies have unfortunately started multilogging excessively and almost this whole top ten has been proven to multilog. But we have also found the new recruiting method called bot recruiting. Which bot recruiting has benefited us in both good and bad ways.

We’ve also seen a lot of wars emerge from armies all over. One of the wars that were important was probably the DCP vs WV war or the IW vs DCP war. We have also seen armies rise and fall. I would say that 2015 was much different from all the other years.

But what should we expect in 2016? I mean it’s just a date changing.  Will 2016 be the last year of armies? Unfortunately armies are slowly dying out. Or that’s what everyone thinks. No one really knows at this point whats up with armies. Who knows maybe in 6 months from now armies will be on a different platform. Or Armies will be better than ever.


Lots of thinking right? Maybe multilogging will end. Or maybe bot recruiting will. Definitely something may change in 2016. Or something may be created in 2016.  Definitely it’s uncertain what will happen in 2016.

What we hope to expect is a change for the better. A hope that there would not be 9 special reports released just like this year. Hopefully there will be no more crimes done in armies. And hopefully we have armies around for another year.  Who knows what will happen. It all depends on time. Time is a very important word because time tells the future. Time is constant.

Thanks for reading this editorial. I’ll be releasing a few editorials in the upcoming days. Be sure to leave topics in the comments and be sure to leave your opinion in the comments as well. Once again thanks and happy holidays!

What do YOU think? Will Armies get better or worse? Whats your expectations for 2016? Comment YOUR Opinion!


CP Army Central Editor in Chief

22 Responses

  1. I think armies will continue to multilog. It never stops. I also think Club penguin is going to change dramatically with penguins from armies on there. I`m also turning 16 in April and it might be my last year for armies. xD


  2. Yo when are you getting the winners of the challenges out?


  3. CP is turning 3D.


  4. I’m going to expect Donald Trump becoming President of the United States in 2016 btw fuck Hillary and the rest of the stupid liberals


  5. I expect more ppl to retire and then half will come back.


  6. I expect that unless cpac gets their big boy panties on and punishes armies, the multilogging will never stop and the communitty will die. Rest in pizza cpa 😦


  7. what do i expect in 2016

    for icey to get a job and go to college


  8. what do i expect in 2016

    for icey to get a job and go to college


  9. What do I expect for the upcoming year out of this community? One, the people who still are in this community most of the time need to retire, get a life, get educated more, get jobs, and learn about actually making a damn living mainly. Two, stop acting so fake. Three, stop having grudges with people over a kids game and you better stop making fun or talking shit about certain people because they either comment a lot, think trolling is cute when it’s completely idiotic, to get center of attention, because you are immature, and because you try to act cool and like you so better than others when everyone is no different than you other than maybe their beliefs or views on life pretty much. Four, stop hanging out so much if you have been here more than 5 years depending on certain things. Five, I will be commenting less on this site eventually so shut up irrelevant shit talking haters and pathetic devilish queers. Six, for those who need it try to understand what common sense really is because you certain folks lack of that and you know who you are too. Seven, you people need Jesus right now. Eight, try swearing a lot less so that you don’t make yourselves look like idiots. Nine, stop acting like know it alls because nobody here is perfect and that is indeed true about this society. #SeeTheLightOrGtfo


    • I need to correct the first expectation everyone who is like almost 18 that is still here most of the time needs to like retire already


What do YOU think? Comment your opinion!

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