New Script: Penguin Activator

This post is not an advertisement nor is CPAC guaranteeing anything. This post is simply about a new script that has been developed. It is in a way a philosophical post asking whether CP Armies will ever be reliant on this script and others like it. If you want to buy the script, that is completely up to you.

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters, Zing’s desk – Recently, I held a conversation with Sprite, a DCP Owner about a new script that he has developed that makes and activates Club Penguin accounts fast and simple.

Autotyping is an activity that many armies in the community have done. No matter how much you see this happen, one thing that always needs to be accomplished, is that troops need to spend their time and effort making as well as activating Club Penguin accounts. Not only is this time consuming, but it is also boring and it is something that no one wants to do.

Autotyping often leads to penguins being banned for an infringement of the Club Penguin rules. Each time a penguin gets banned, you have to make yet another penguin which then gets banned following some recruiting and the cycle continues.


This script is currently owned by Sprite, the DCP Owner however he is making it possible for any army to use the script. While a small xat fee is asked for in exchange for this, months and months worth of accounts can be distributed through this method. Not only does this script save boredom, but it also contributes to armies success as there are more accounts that are able to recruit.

Is it possible that this script can indeed be the future in the community? We could possibly see armies turn to this method which would lead to a 100% increase in autotying on Club Penguin which in turn would indeed lead to more troops joining the Club Penguin community. Pictures of the script can be found below

1 2 4 5

CP Army Central hosts no rules about the concept of recruiting via Club Penguin accounts and therefore using this script will not get your army deducted, banned from tournaments or anything else. If anything, using this script could indeed help you out with your tournaments and making your army bigger for the Top Ten.

This script is not sponsored by CP Army Central nor is it anything to do with CP Army Central. It is simply news and a possible way of making the community bigger again. I recently spoke with Red from the Dark Warriors who was the first person to use the script in which he stated this –

6 7

As you can see from the above, the first buyer of Sprite’s script found himself to be extremely happy with the reliability and ease of the script and encourages people to buy it. This looks as if it could be the thing that takes us into 2016 on a high.

What do YOU think? Will you be speaking to Sprite about the script to make your army better? Should Zing take the snow off his xat display picture as it is no longer Christmas?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Executive Producer

60 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. yes you should take it off zing u stupid ass scrublord


  3. LMFAO!! Red prob needs help using a script xD. Nice post, Zing 🙂


  4. Sprite is a liar. He just bought this off Thinkcode.


  5. Sprite is scamming people, aha. The activator script isn’t anything knew; I’ve been using one since the summer. The one Sprite is using was made by Thinkcode, not him. He has no right to sell a script he didn’t make.


    • I am the person who made this script. I don’t know why Sprite is trying to profit of my work.

      All he did was edited the comments(the triple quotes) the original script is shown here:

      As well as “Unable to register at this time. Please try again later”, I fucking wonder why? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    • Oh and PS: All of the people who purchased it sorry, because Club Penguin removes the accounts from their database or just ban them forever. 😉

      I made offers out all the major chats, so it’s not my fault you’ve lost your xats.


    • In case all you guys ACTUALLY think he can code, I wonder what this is then:


  6. omg, scripts is what is ruining CP, yet idiots like Zing and Sprite just keep doing it. GET A BRAIN U MORONS!


  7. Zing should take off the snow.


  8. new way to create multilogs
    @jodie @AR


  9. So mulitlogs are considered totally normal and cool nowadays?


  10. Not sure why this post is allowed… seems like a blatant advertisement for what could possibly be a scam.


    • If you had read the post, you’d understand that this doesn’t attempt to advertise. This post is simply a philosophy of sorts asking whether scripts like this are the way forward


  11. What even.. is this post supposed to be advertising a script? I don’t really understand, despite reading your conclusion paragraph. The script is honestly nothing new. Literally all the high ranks in LT have it.


  12. Oh, good.
    We can fuck up CP even quicker than before.
     photo Screenshot_12_zps4vrdfgrf.png
    What could possibly go wrong?


  13. I wish I can use the script but I don`t have any xats to buy it for a penguin.


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