Whats Up 11 Overthrown from Doritos

Summit, Doritos Nation – It was only a few weeks ago, we saw former DCP Leader, Mustapha10x, step down. Since then, Whats Up 11 has taken his place, only to be overthrown by Sprite.

In early November, Mustapha announced his temporary retirement, saying that he simply had no time for armies. DCP then rehired Whats Up 11 as leader.  Whats Up 11 said that he is currently taking Mustapha’s place while he is gone and will make sure the Doritos stay in shape.  You can see his return statement below.

Most of you know me by the name Agent 11 (or Whats Up11 on CP). I’ve finally made my return to the Doritos after I made the grave mistake of leaving the Doritos for the Ice Warriors around a month or two ago. While Mustapha is gone, I will be taking his place. I’m honored to be leading this legendary army again, and I won’t make the mistakes I made last time.

During the time Whats Up 11 was hired as a leader, the Doritos have had very few events. They have also taken a major fall in the top ten after dominating first for months. During the course of Whats Up 11 being leader, he has failed to have the Doritos show up to any battles against the Water Vikings, as WV declared war last month.

Photo of DCP under 11's leadership.

Photo of DCP under 11’s leadership.

After an almost three week reign, Sprite, DCP Leader-in-Training, announced that Whats Up 11 had been coup’d from the Doritos. Sprite talks in his post that everyone had seen it coming and that Whats Up 11 had done nothing beneficial for the army. He also goes on about how all Whats Up 11 did was go AFK and never recruit. There has also been allegations that Whats Up 11 had been talking to Badboy, SWAT Leader, in an effort to expose DCP. Sprite claims in his post that he had the support of two other DCP Leaders in his decision to coup Whats Up 11. You can see Sprite’s full statement below.

Everyone saw it coming. Nobody liked this kid. He didn’t do anything beneficial to contribute to the overall army. He was extremely inactive, never recruited, never called troops to chat, and always went AFK or left chat entirely right before events. In fact, he was snitching to a certain cancer in this community (aka Badboy) and trying to expose DCP for crimes that SWAT and other armies like WV have been accusing us of. Because of these reasons, I hereby declare WhatsUp11 banished from the Doritos army. The 2 other DCP leaders have agreed with me on this decision and have each taken a role in the coup.

Then Sprite ends the coup d’etat post by saying that this is a time of Celebration, as no one liked Whats Up 11 in the Doritos anyway. Since the coup of Whats Up 11, Bam117, DCP Leader, announced that he is still present in the army. Following that early morning just before the Coup, Sprite had a Ausia event where the Doritos “Maxed 32”.

Doritos Ausia Training

Doritos Ausia Training

It looks like the Doritos will have many upcoming changes. We see that Sprite had returned to the Doritos, as well after retiring late last month, and see that Bam most likely will become active again. The Doritos seem to be heading right back on track.

Comment YOUR opinion! Where will Whats Up go next? Will the Doritos become powerful again? YOU Decide!



87 Responses

  1. #1 and wow sprite. ur more cancerous than I thought… 11 come join WV 😀


  2. Damn first. This is messed up mate


  3. Good move, yet stupid move. 11 is pretty pathetic just like I’ve said. No one likes him. He tries to act as if hes ever accomplished anything in this community. He tries to hide the fact that he’s been carried in every single army. On the bad side, giving Sprite full control will lead to many more accusations as Sprite has a bad reputation behind him.(Sprite ily though)


  4. Watch out cpac DCP is making a comeback 🙂


  5. But the thing is like no one in DCP likes Sprite. If DCP troops had a choice I think they’d choose 11 over Sprite. Atleast 11 is chill and not so corrupted to multilog.


  6. Thank you to DCP for giving me the opportunity to lead.
    Now, lets make a new vote. How much will Sprite multilog for DCP? Reply with your vote.


  7. I honestly dont care if we mulitlog or not. It makes me wanna puke hearing the word multilogging cause its like Tabloid junk 1 of the reasons as to why I will retire peremently from cp armies after I turn 16 on april 15 2016.


  8. Yo are Shadow Troops still around? I haven’t been on this in like 4 years.


    • Nah they died off. A couple attempts have been made to bring the army back, but they’ve failed. There hasn’t been a successful generation since the generation you were in. Last reputable site was stpwns.wp.com I think. Vetsd and most of the old loyal ST people are all gone now.


  9. lol cp armies are funny now, it’s just a big middle school now~


  10. Typo, It says Dortios on the title


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