Ice Warriors Declare War on Light Troops

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – In a not so shocking turn of events, the Ice Warriors have declared war on the Light Troops following the recent tensions between the two armies, the ACP and the Nachos.

On March 28th, Ice Warriors leader, Andrew24 announced on the Ice Warriors site that the army is declaring war on the current 7th place army, Light Troops although there is debate about who actually started the war.

Hello Ice Warriors,

Today Taylor Swift called me on the phone and alerted me that the Light Troops have declared war on us. She suggested that we should fight back and turn their entire nation page into a blank space. So without further ado…

The Ice Warriors hereby Declare war on the Light Troops.

Invasion of Ice Box will be on Sunday at 2 pm central.

Prepare for war troops,

~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors

As you can see, the Ice Warriors have stated that they are the ones who are declaring war on Light Troops, but they also mentioned the fact that the Light Troops in turn declared war on them as well. They announced that per the orders of Taylor Swift, they would be fighting back against the Light Troops.

Ice Warriors are not in this alone however. The ACP and the Nacho Army are already at war with the Light Troops. This move by the Ice Warriors now make the numbers advantage so much bigger in favour of the “Light Destroying Alliance” which has been rumoured to be called the Army of Iced Sombreros.

The Ice Warriors announced that they would be invading Ice Box on Sunday at 2pm central. While they haven’t asked for help from the Nachos or ACP to the best of our knowledge, one is left to anticipate their eventual role on the side of Ice Warriors.

Recent Ice Warriors Event

Recent Ice Warriors Event

Without question, the war is not in favour of the Light Troops. Some people have even said that Light Troops are at quite a low in their history at this present moment in time but as many armies have seen before, some armies perform better when their backs are against the proverbial wall.

It doesn’t appear that this war is going anywhere soon but what we do know is that we are on the road to a possible World War affair. Doritos of CP have made clear their problems with the Ice Warriors recently but could we see them join the war on the side of Light Troops?

What do YOU think? Can Light Troops take on the combined powers on three kingpin armies? What army will be the next to enter their name into this war?

Zing King To

CPAC Editor in Chief and SMAP Chief Executive Officer

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  1. 1st


  2. IW will win they are weak.


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