Water Ninjas Declare War on Air Force

COLD FRONT, Water Ninjas Nation – Trouble has been brewing between the Water Ninjas and the recently-revived Air Force, leading to WN officially declaring war today.

Using the headline “Operation Anti-Air”, Water Ninjas leader-on-trial Tot issued the declaration of war on one of his former armies. A short post cited the following reasons:

The great nation of the Water Ninjas hereby declare war on the worthless Air Force Of Club Penguin. We will show no mercy to these fools who have dared to insult, call us weak, and troop steal. We will leave the army chaos and defeat, there will be no corner for them to back into, only a short cliff. From today we will not stop the attacks onto the Air Force, until they are dead. Long live the Water Ninjas!

Reasons For War:

  • Troop Stealing
  • Insults
  • Stealing Of Servers
  • Threats

Standard fare as far as reasons for declaring war go. Regardless of whether these accusations have any truth, troop stealing and server theft are often reasons for armies to go to war. After the brief statement, a slew of pictures of Air Force chat, some of which gave some additional information about this conflict. In the picture below, AF owners are talking about an event that was raided by WN, and it confirms that WN are the aggressors.

The raided event in question was an AF training session that happened yesterday. WN logged in spontaneously to raid the event. They also raided an AF event earlier today. AF leader Zeer is convinced that this is only happening because Tot hates him. However, 2 WN leaders confirmed that the war is actually for the reasons listed in their post, not just Tot’s personal agenda. Zeer also said that AF may decide to ignore WN’s invasions, which begin tomorrow. WN stated that if AF does not “accept” this war, they will continue to raid their events.

The Air Force’s current generation has only been around for a week, and are averaging 10 at their events so far. This week they placed 10th in our Top Ten. To put up a good fight against WN, they will need to rally some troops.

The Water Ninjas have been making use of all three divisions, and will continue to do so in their campaign against AF. Their US division reached sizes of 10-22 this week, and their AUSIA and UK divisions topped off at 7 and 11, respectively.

Will fighting actually break out, or will this war dissolve into raids? Only time will tell…

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


21 Responses

  1. Like

  2. Let’s see how this goes.


  3. Operation Anti-Air? Don’t you want to breathe (d)


  4. Operation Anti-Air? Don’t you want to breathe (d)


  5. Well let’s see how this goes.


  6. Good, make those fuckers get rid of UMA’s buttons :/


  7. I’m like 99% sure AF is supposed to stay merged into WV til August…




  9. Another great post Lorenzo Bean, and its a war post


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