My Resignation

After recent events, regarding my position at CPA Central, I have come to the conclusion that I am to hand my resignation in and will leave my position as CEO of the website.

While this may come as a surprise and for me it was a tough decision to make as, being at CPA Central for nearly five years now, this website has been the biggest thing to me in my army career – ahead of my stints in the Army of CP, Ice Warriors and Water Vikings, among other armies.

While there are a bunch of little reasons, that have got me thinking, the main reason comes at the hand of the current set-up of the CP Army Central Administration. I have been constantly told what to do and what not to do.

Also, at a meeting that happened recently, one that I could not attend as I was away (which also may I note was meant be sarcasm and ridicule) I was deemed a weak leader and was not that active – despite not only more regular posting in recent weeks but also more behind the scenes work that is not seen by you, the viewers. I was under the impression that in my role as CEO for a second time, which I have now been doing for five months, would include the freedom to create a new era for the website – but I have been restricted and I don’t like it – leading to more inactivity and lack of interest in CPA Central.

Other reasons have also contributed to me leaving, such as increased school work. To be under pressure to make a certain amount of posts a week, on top of the large schedule that I already do at the website, is unacceptable. I have also found CPA Central boring in recent times and I dont have the same enjoyment that I had before in reporting and there is also another reason which will become apparent in due course.

This, I feel, means the end of my adventure at the website. I have been here for probably the longest in the sites history, and ever since 2010 I have loved to report on the website – working under Woton, Iasage, Skloop and others. I apologize to Zak, who I leave to work at the website. He is easily an exceptional person to both run CPAC and talk to and I offer him all the advice and support that I can, but who will replace me is unknown – as this has been rather sudden.

I wish CPA Central all the luck in the future, and thank everyone who has been involved with me over the years – 100’s of reporters and editors who have worked with me. I would like to give a special mention to Iasage, who hired me to begin with.


Former CPA Central CEO

24 Responses

  1. first


  2. Cya babe


  3. Funks, the way you hastily blame your resignation and criticism on B1 is pathetic. When you become CEO of a corporation that the previous CEOs solidified as a powerhouse, naturally, the advisory roles of those retired CEOs will come with them treating you like a little tramp-stamp-bitch.

    Instead of making your resignation a passive aggressive accusation on the reasons you resigned, perhaps you should of just resigned and sorted out your problems privately. Sadly, your glaring ineptitude seems to overlook a better solution, again.

    I can understand school being a problem. However, in the future look to use your position of power to make the correct impressions instead of blaming the advisory roles above you in trivial interactions. If you’re met by criticism by the criticism of the peers surrounding you, perhaps you should take it instead of resigning to avoid the heat; perhaps.

    My respect for you has gone up and down over the years; it is a lukewarm indifference now, only to be turned into annoyance when you do something stupid like this.

    Have a good life outside of armies, if you stay out. Armies are addicting as hell.


  4. u go girl


  5. It was a joy to work with you.


  6. Bye Funks.


  7. You started with a simple Hello, but ended with a complicated Goodbye… Good Luck Funks.


  8. Bai Funks, ily baby


  9. Good luck ahead, Funks.


  10. can i have his rank now or what


  11. k bye


  12. Sorry, but if I was part of CPAC I would not allow a resignation like this. Its pointing fingers at people and laying blame. Not only is it disrespectful but as a CEO its quite immature.


  13. You won’t be missed!


  14. I’ll miss you Funks. You’re a cool person. 🙂


  15. Reblogged this on katiezohn and commented:
    Bye Funks. Will miss ya! 🙂


  16. Welcome to ACP, Funks.


  17. Funks despite the amount of negative comments, some for reasons I don’t understand due to my inactivity in armies over the last few years you did well and good and I commend you.

    I watched you grow in ACP and simultaneously here at CPAC and you stuck around much longer than I would’ve. CP armies lost their spark for me as well and surely they will for everyone eventually.

    Best of luck in life bud.


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