The Coup d’état of Antonio and Johnnyroger From Golds

FLIPPERS, Golds Capital – With the Golds, a current rising army which has been in the Top 5 for a few weeks now, Whats Up 11 and Dom5110, both current Golds leaders has couped Johnnyroger and Antonio from the Golds Leadership. 

As I said above, the Golds leaders, Whats Up 11 and Dom3110 have decided to coup Johnnyroger and Antonio from the Golds Leadership. Whats Up 11 claims that the reasons for this is Johnny’s inactivity and Antonio’s “ego”, claiming that he makes decisions without telling the other leaders about them. 11 also claims that the coup of these two leaders will not impact the army.

Ave Golds,

As of today, November 30th 2014, Antonio and Johnny have been removed from their positions as leaders of Golds.

After a very tough decision, 11 and I decided that it would be for the best of Golds to perform a coup d’état of Antonio and Johnny. The reasoning behind it is simple. Antonio’s ego has really let itself go. He constantly undermines leaders, and is always making decisions by himself, without consulting any one else, despite repeatedly being warned not to. As for Johnnyroger, we did not see him as a useful asset to Golds. He doesn’t make much of a contribution in terms of recruiting or leading in events, which are vital components if you want to be a good leader, and unfortunately he just wasn’t up to scratch in that respect. Also, I would like to make it clear that Johnny’s coup has NOTHING to do with the fact that he went slightly inactive after the unfortunate death of his brother. We wish him well, but we just feel he isn’t making a positive contribution to Golds. We also made the decision to fire some owners. The owners that are fired are; Ry, Charity. Again, we didn’t feel Ry and Charity were at all useful to help us move forward and make us better as an army.  If you have any questions regarding the firings, then please speak to either myself or 11.

Dom ||Golds Dictator||

In this post, Dom mentions that Johnnyrogers’ brother recently passed away but he is not couping him for that, but because even before that event he was not providing for the army. As for Antonio he claims that he is trying to gain more power then the rest of the leaders. Antonio has been a leader of the Golds army for a good ammount of time now and with all the leaders help they have been able to rise dramatically and become a constant Top 5 army.

Last week’s Golds Top Ten picture.

I was able to catch an interview with Whats Up 11, current Golds leader and legend

Interview with Whats Up 11

Good evening 11, can you give in full detail what happened to cause the coup of Antonio and Johnnyrodger?

Antonio is making important decisions without the leaders. He’s basically trying to overpower the leaders and trying to get more power, and his ego has let him go. As for Johnny, he is not contriubuting to the Golds, and is not even making events.

Has the coup of the two made anyone angry even to the point of quitting?

Nope, everyone has stayed so far. I’m glad about that, and some event support the coup.

Do you think this coup will make the Golds lose size at all due to the lack of leaders and lack of people to hype events?

We’re getting a new owner lineup. We fired the ones who didn’t do much. We might not be as big in the first few events, but we will defiantly get there.

Any last comments?

You’re either with us or against us. All gold everything.

What do YOU think about this coup? Will the Golds recover fast? Will they fall? Will they stay the same? Tell me your opinion!

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles. 

Lord Jay

CPAC Executive Producer

23 Responses

  1. Oh


  2. firsties


  3. Ive heard of the golds before but never got round to joining them, ill have to stop by soon.


  4. Bad idea for golds.


  5. Dom and 11 are taking after toy and spi!!!!!!1111


  6. lmfao


  7. >Was Top 5 CPAC
    >Coups Antonio
    >Falls to SMAP


  8. one the bright side, theres a new slot open in the top 5


  9. Why didn’t you make Johnny an advisor or something?


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