New SWAT Leadership Introduced

Mammoth, SWAT Empire –Special Weapons and Tactics, also known as SWAT, announced a wave of leadership changes, including the retirement of short-term leader Phantom, and the elimination of Pongo from the leadership. Continue reading

Champions Cup III – Groups & Week 1 Battle Information

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Top Ten Armies: 09/20/14

EDIT 10:00 AM EST: Several edits have been made for a number of reasons. SWAT has been added at 9th after an oversight in counting, SR has been bumped down to SMAP, and RPF has moved ahead of GT after a separate oversight. The spreadsheet has not been adjusted for RPF, but their score is now 61.61.

Moving another week into the school year, both the number of events armies have and the sizes they achieve are dwindling drastically.  This week brings a few new placements in this edition of the CPA Central Top Ten Armies, and determines the seeding for the upcoming Champions Cup.

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Ice Warriors Triumph Over RPF In Practice Battle

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital In an event that had been described as a massacre, the Ice Warriors defeated their Top 10 rivals, the Rebel Penguin Federation in a decisive practice battle earlier today.

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Changes Erupt in the Golds Community

FLIPPERS, Golds Army Capital- Recently, the Golds have returned to CPAC, for the second time, to yet continue their legacy. A change was made today, marking the uproar into the Golds. New leaders established, new rules, new troops and a new size.

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Andrew24 & Freezie66 Resign From Their Respective Armies To Recreate Pirates

Update (3:30 PM EST): Waterkid re-directed CPPA site to LT site and left the Pirates to join RPF, then quit RPF and rejoined LT. Andrew, Tompenguin, Tempah, and Freezie all went to Golds and joined for leader.

MIGRATOR, Pirates Empire – Andrew24 quits DCP and Freezie66 resigns from RPF, and shortly after they recreate the Pirates. This post will cover why they left their armies and what they plan to do with CPPA in the future.

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Autotyping: Person1233, The Anti-Bot Bill, and the Birth of a Controversy

This is Part 1 of a three part series on the complete history of autotyping in Club Penguin Armies.

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Major Changes In The RPF || DCP/RPF Alliance Comes To An End

Update 3 (9:20pm EST): RPF site has been under attack of pornographic content by a troop going under the name of Hotpink516.

Update 2 (10:57am EST): Lilstar’s posts have been removed from the RPF site. 

Update (9:02pm EST): Tompenguin6 has been banned from the Rebel Penguin Federation.

TUXEDO, Disputed Territory – A lot of major changes have occurred in the Rebel Penguin Federation and there is surely more to come. This post will cover most of the updates on the army.

This is still a developing story, stay tuned for updates.

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CPA Central Champions Cup III

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From Beyond the Grave: Edition One

Welcome to the newest series of posts brought to you by CP Army Central. This new series is brought to you by WarriorsRevenge/Ryan, and we will focus on a dead army’s history each week. This series is quite similar to my past series in early 2014, which was called, “The Forgotten Armies”. Enjoy!

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Headquarters- Years and years go by, and raindrops splash down from the sky. So many brave warriors, charging through the forever whispering wind, never to be seen again. Armies have rose, with a challenge in their eye, falling forever to die. Forgotten they lie, with a shimmer breaking through, a warrior arose to say, “Gugu Pengu Romans, this is your history.” Continue reading

Dark Warriors vs Doritos – The War So Far

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The Dark Warriors declared war on the Doritos on the 15th of September. Since then 3 battles have taken place. In this post I will be taking a look at all 3 battles to see who is coming out on top in this highly anticipated war.

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Three Things YOU Can Do to Improve

Maybe it’s a lack of confidence to demand a promotion you deserve, or the rank you’re worth. How can YOU improve, and let people know your true potential. I hope this post will cover techniques that i have used to further advance. Continue reading

The Ice Warriors Vs. The Teutons In A Practice Battle

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire- The Ice Warriors of Club Penguin, a massive army, put the rising Teutons Army to the test today in a friendly practice battle. With the Ice Warriors being ranked as 3rd in our weekly top ten armies of the week recently, and the Teutons being three ranks below them, we can only wait and see what army came out on the top today. Continue reading

Why Do We Bring Armies Back?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Why do we always bring back armies? Is it for the fame, the experience, or to please others? We all have reasons. An army you love and desire may die one day. You may not ever give up trying to reform it. Later on, the army gets in CP Army Central’s top ten. You brought the army back from the dead. But the question is WHY.

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Dark Warriors Declare War on The Doritos

UPDATE – 9/15/14; 2:48 PM EST – Interviews have been added.

FROSTY- Dark Warriors Capital: As some of you may know, The Dark Warriors have been in war with the rising Rebel Penguin Federation. Recently, an army has raided their capital, you may already know from the title by now.

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