Controversy In The Making: Autotyping, or Laziness?

Before I begin this article in the making, I would like to announce my return to the Club Penguin Army Central community. I am glad to accept the role of a philosopher, and I hope that the audience enjoys my writing.

On the subject, autotyping has been on the rise lately. Some autotyping enthusiast crown autotyping the reason armies flourish today, others dispose of the autotyping method.

Normally, before the autotyping craze, going on major servers was often quiet, free of any users affiliated with CPA in general. This was typically the case, unless a Club Penguin Army scheduled a recruiting event that took time and effort to do so. I was able to get “street cred” within the Army of Club Penguin if I took my own time to go on a popular server and chant, “Join the Army of Club Penguin today!”. This took a chunk of my free time, but I enjoyed it, for I was doing my army a favor.

Now the situation is different, people don’t have the time to spend to recruit and schedule such, thus they used the autotyping method. First controversial (for more information, look at Boomer’s post), the method became a part of the CPA life style. Nowadays, mostly every Top 5 Club Penguin Army uses or has used the autotyping bot.

In the real word, bots are easier to tell apart from humans. But in Club Penguin, bots seem nearly identical to the user to your left and right.

Despite previous ethics stating clearly that bots were not permitted, the craze went on. When I attempted to interview the Second In Command of the Dark Warriors, he seemed fairly confused that I was criticizing the method, for the method is used regularly nowadays. It seems as if I am stuck in 2012, when autotyping wasn’t a server-wide method used by most large armies. It seems that army leaders are brainwashed by the situation..

When autotyping was considered a controversy, back in 2013, I was one of the many individuals who opposed of the very succumb period of time when ACP actually experimented with recruiting with bots. It was the words of the weak that pressured the individual owners to dissolve their new recruiting tactic. ACP was in a period of downfall, but was on the rise at that particular period of time, due to hard effort by the participants of the DRACP. Even then, what was considered “small” is considered medium today. Obviously, CP Armies don’t reach the participant amounts that they have reached in the past years, but there has been worse down falls than what we are facing today.

Army leaders had an idea, but they had to figure out how to enforce it!

Due to the downfall that Club Penguin Armies were facing (and would be facing currently), Club Penguin Army leaders had to resort to the autotyping method. if army leaders would simply begin using that particular method immediately, it would draw controversy (like what previously happened with the ACP), so the Army Leaders came up with an idea to convince participants that autotyping was ethical.

As soon as no time, countless of armies that were previously against the use of autotyping were enforcing autotyping, promoting the participants use of a 3rd party bot that was specifically banned in the Club Penguin Terms of Conditions. So not only did Club Penguin Army participants do something that was considered unethical just a year before, they were breaking the rules of their beloved game, Club Penguin.

What I did realize, was that most of these Club Penguin Army leaders are in the upper grades of High School. Of course, High School students have exams and tests, much more than the age group that Club Penguin targets, but most of these leaders and high-ranking officials of these Club Penguin Armies are in high school. These army leaders do not have the time to frequently recruit and schedule and lead events like they were able to `1-2 years ago, when they were much younger. Instead, these Club Penguin Army leaders are to busy doing homework or watching a sports game when they have the opportunity. Even the Club Penguin Army leaders that don’t have as much tests and exams as the other leaders are to busy playing Minecraft or LoL rather than recruit for their own army. Of course it’s a good idea for a scripted robot doing all the work rather than the leaders!

“I’m too lazy watching football!”

Even though my opinion stands controversial, my argument lays at rest. This is solely my opinion, the viewer is as committed to express theirs. I would be more as glad for the viewers to express their opinions and provide their side of the story in the comments section. The viewers opinion means a lot, and I would appreciate so.

What would the viewers like me to discuss next post? Comment below!

Stay Awesome,

Galaxie3, CPAC Philosopher

36 Responses

  1. Musta u high on crack?


  2. TBH people overrate auto typing, first you get judged by if you auto type or how long you auto type instead of being on chat getting new recruits and keeping the chat active. second, there are better was of recruiting. Chat recruiting you are engaging with the people ur trying to hook into joining ur army. as auto typing, you’re just saying phrases over and over again and some of them barely make sense. Poch had the best idea of recruiting imo, his fame from doing CP cheats turned into Ninjas being in the top 3 constently. Auto typing is basically the old cp recruiting but worse, back when I joined WW in 2010, most phrases were not blocked and we had freedom of how we recruit, now that we are using auto typers most of the phrases are gone now.

    tl dr, auto typing is overrated, there are better ways of recruiting and auto typing is going to fade out soon.


  3. “had to resort”


  4. I like the post. You expressed your opinion without forcing it on us. But two things.
    1. Categorize your posts.
    2. I’d put this moreso under Editorial/Opinion than Philosophy.
    Keep up the good work.


  5. stop upvoting ur own comments musty. we all know


  6. Great article! In a way, this reminds me of the “machines vs man-power” sort of thing way back when machines were getting popular. I get flustered whenever I see an auto-typer whenever I’m recruiting, mainly because I type the words out myself.


  7. Some kids just can’t even figure out how to make a join application properly, even when the instructions are right in their face.


  8. heres the biggest fucking problem with autotyping

    it pissed off our big brother. Ever since autotypers have boosted in popularity, Club Penguin staff has cracked down on us. They banned more phrases, they’ve banned countless of our penguins. We’re breaking Club Penguins rules. Which in of itself is wrong. Also, damaged all aspects of the community.


  9. Leaders today don’t understand the type of relationship you can have with your soldiers by recruiting themselves vs. relying on a script to do it for you.

    One of the reasons I went nearly 2 years with very few rough spots in AR was because I recruited most of my soldiers and formed bonds with them instead of viewing them as pawns under my order. I knew and regularly talked with basically every soldier in my army even at our prime.


  10. Simple fact is without autotyping we don’t really have a great way of pulling people into the community. People go on about chat recruiting like it’s 2011 but the fact is almost every tracker chat is completely dead. There is DSGHQ and PenguinLodge but that’s about it. I’m yet to really see someone lead an army to incredible sizes this year without some degree of autotyping being used, the people criticising it are usually the ones who haven’t autotyped consistently enough to see the results.


  11. Without autotyping we would have died in 2013.


  12. Yes…


  13. Wow good post, Doesn’t ACP have autotyping as their middle name.

    What happened to good old fashioned recruiting, it takes time but at least you are spending time with you’re army.

    Yours Sincerely
    Gordon Edwards
    Commander in Chief
    Pure Blooded Killers


  14. …I never knew that I could’ve just used the autotyper…cringing


  15. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Structure & Language:7
    Overall grade:7.5

    This post was added to the staff record page.


  16. I agree and I’ve never autotyped. Ever. 🙂


  17. The beautiful thing about autotyping is it’s extremely effective and takes absolutely no effort.


  18. That was immature….

    But hilarious xD


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