Champions Cup III – Battle One Review

The third annual Champions Cup has started with 16 armies hoping to get into the Quarter-Finals in three weeks time. The opening week included many titanic battles and some large sizes, considering the September Drop, leading to a fantastic weekend of action. This post gives an overview of the 8 battles that took place in the first weekend of the Champions Cup.

Group A

Ice Warriors vs Striking Raiders // Teutons vs Nachos

The first battle of the Champions Cup III saw the Legends Cup winners, the Ice Warriors, face the SMAP army the Striking Raiders. The Ice Warriors saw sizes of about 28-31, while the Striking Raiders maxed 3 and logged off after 5 minutes following a quick surrender. Therefore, it was an easy win for the Ice Warriors who gained three points and the Striking Raiders got 0 points.

The second battle in Group A was the legendary Nachos against the new army named the Teutons. The Teutons came in ranked above Nachos in the top ten, but failed to show any dominance as the Nachos had a few more troops on CP and ultimately won the battle on better tactics throughout the battle. Despite it being a close battle, the Judges voted 2-1-0 in favor of the Nachos. The Nachos got three points, while the Teutons started with 0.

After one battle, the table for Group A looks like this:

*In the event of tied points the armies are separated on Average Size


Group B

Army of CP vs Water Vikings // Golds vs Fire Strikers

In another big clash, the Army of CP faced the Water Vikings in a huge battle for Group B. The Army of CP had the joint biggest average of all the armies in the Champions Cup so far, with sizes maxing 35, and the Water Vikings had a max of 12-13. As a result, it was a dominant display for the ACP who easily beat the Water Vikings in size and tactics. The ACP won in a 3-0 vote, getting 3 points as a result. The Water Vikings start with a 0 point tally.

The final battle of day one of the Champions Cup saw the Golds and Fire Strikers battle in an underwhelming battle. The Golds had sizes averaging about 10 and the Fire Strikers failed to turn-up at all – resulting in an easy win for the Golds who claim the three points. Due to not turning up, the Fire Strikers received 0 points.


*In the event of tied points the armies are separated on Average Size


Group C

Doritos vs S.W.A.T // Golden Troops vs Elite Federals

What was potentially a fantastic start to day two of the Champions Cup turned into a dominant display for the Doritos against the SWAT army. The Doritos had sizes averaging 15-17, while SWAT could only manage sizes of about 5+. With better tactics, size and formations, the Doritos won in a 3-0 vote receiving three points. SWAT, therefore, received no points.

[No Pictures]

This battle was predicted as an easy win for the Golden Troops, but it was all but that in the second battle in Group C. It was a disappointing display for the Golden Troops, who could only manage sizes of 5-6 and the Elite Federals hit similar sizes. The tactics for both armies were even and the judges voted 1-1-1 in favor of a tied result – meaning that both armies got 1 point.


Group D

Dark Warriors vs Light Troops // Rebel Penguin Federation vs Chaos

The group of death started with two of the top five armies in the latest top ten facing eachother. The Dark Warriors and Light Troops both had sizes of 25+ with good tactics and in the biggest battle of the tournament yet, the judges voted 1-1-1 in favor of a drawn result. In an event contest, both armies got 1 point from the battle.

The final battle of the first round saw the Rebel Penguin Federation face the Chaos army. This was a fairly one sided afair with the RPF hitting sizes of 30-35 and Chaos having an average of about 15 on CP. Both had good tactics but it was a good display from the RPF, the third army in the top five in Group D – who took three points against the Chaos army. The judges voted 4-0 in favor of the RPF.


What do YOU think about the results of the first battles in the Group Stages of the Champions Cup III? Who will advance from the group and who will win the next battles? Comment YOUR opinions.

-Kingfunks4 CPAC EP 

33 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. GO Nachos! :mrgreen:





  4. It doesn’t necessarily say the Group D fixtures. Apart from that, it’s cool, I guess.


  5. i was Judged for Group A and B…




  7. We had sizes of 45 in pre battle and in the E+7 picture from the actual battle, there’s 37 DW. I please ask that it is changed because it is severely incorrect.


  8. Congratulations to ACP they have the best leaders slime and mikester, acp doesn’t need a 3rd leader when slime and mike are in control.

    Yours Sincerely
    Gordon Edward
    Commander in Chief
    Pure Blooded Killers


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