Vo Yo & XxToysoldier Return To The Dark Warriors

FROSTY, DW Empire – Following the retirement of Drake, DW Legends Vo Yo and XxToysoldier have announced their return to the Dark Warriors. This post will cover why Drake retired and what Toy and Vo Yo’s reasons were for coming back to DW so suddenly.

❗ Retirement Of Drake ❗

It is said that Drake covered up the REAL reason of why he retired. Here is what his statement was to the troops of DW:

Retiring due to football.

Most of the DW ownership knows the real reason why Drake retired. It is because of a group of eight DDoSers that went by the name of “Wok”. They permanently hit Drake offline last night and have accessed all of his personal information. They were paid to do this, and they gave him a choice. It was either he left DW, or he would get his whole PC burned out. He wont be able to get back on for a while. Because of this, Drake was forced to retire due to safety reasons. But with any bad news comes good news.

❗ Return Of Vo Yo ❗

After Drake announced his departure from DW, Vo Yo saw that they were in need of a leader and he returned. Shortly after making this decision, Vo Vo released a post on DW site. Here’s some words from his post:

I, Vo yo, am back as Dark Warriors Leader.

I don’t know if this will be temporary or not, but I will stay as long as DW needs leaders. 🙂

He isn’t sure whether or not its just temporary, but he knows he will make a real difference with his return.

❗ Champions Cup III Round One ❗

When DW heard the news of Vo Yo’s return, they were so excited. With this excitement, they all prepared for their Champions Cup III Round One battle against the Light Troops. Vo Yo and the Dark Warriors came out with a bang, maxing sizes of 45 against LT. They fought a long hard battle and in the end it was decided a tie, giving both sides their first point of the tournament. Here’s a picture from the battle:

❗ Return Of XxToySoldier ❗

Shortly after witnessing the battle and hearing of Vo Yo’s return, XxToysoldier announced HIS return to the Dark Warriors. Here’s an excerpt from his post, “Return”:

Vo Yo and Xxtoysoldier now return to the Dark Warriors Army.

I got a chance to catch an interview with Vo Yo.

❗ Interview With Vo Yo ❗

Me: What are your thoughts on what happened to Drake?

Vo Yo: Well, its unfortunate how people ddos and blackmail over a kids game.

Me: Do you think DW can rebound from this loss?

Vo Yo: Yeah, Toy and I returned with many legends such as Freezie, supporting us. If we keep recruiting, we will get out summer sizes back.

Me: What were your reasons for returning so suddenly?

Vo Yo: Well, Spi is pretty busy in real life, and Drake retired. I joined because the Dark Warriors needed more then one leader. Puf is great, but he cant do the work all alone.

Me: Alright, thanks for your time.

Vo Yo: You didn’t ask for any last comments.

Me: Any last comments?

Vo Yo: No gtfo.

Me: 😦

What are your thoughts about Drake’s retirement and the return of Vo Yo and XxToysoldier to the Dark Warriors? Will they recover from their losses and thrive with their new acquisitions? Will they improve themselves and recruit even more and take the form they had in the summer? Tell us what YOU think in a comment below and thanks for reading!


~CPAC Reporter~

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  1. 1st lol




  3. xD


  4. The amount of bias is to damn high. :/


  5. Agreed. This post should have been written by a neutral reporter, AKA somebody who isn’t in the army it’s writing about.


  6. All posts should be written by someone not in that army. That’s like me posting about Rishron leaving GT.


  7. much grammer
    non bias
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  8. I hope this helps DW remain at number 1,better than ACP.


  9. So basically if this post was worded the same exact way but it was someone else who wrote it you would all probably be fine with the post.




  11. I have 2 main suspect armies for this crime of DDOS.
    DCP and RPF.


  12. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Structure & Language:7
    Overall grade:7.5

    This post was added to the staff record page.


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