Top Ten Armies: 09/28/14

Another lackluster week creates some surprises in this week’s edition of the CPAC Top Ten, which includes two former number one armies dropping off entirely.

Top Ten

1. Dark Warriors [+0] [82.75]

2. Army of CP [+1] [81.79]

3. Ice Warriors [+1] [63.83]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [59.88]

5. Light Troops [NEW!] [58.48]

6. Teutons [+1] [53.24]

7. Golds [+1] [48.75]

8. Special Weapons & Tactics [+1] [47.75]

9. Smart Penguins [NEW!] [47.17]

10. Nachos [NEW!] [44.75]

The full statistics can be found here

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1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors continue their hot streak coming in at 1st this week. To start their week, they held a UK Practice Battle against Ice Warriors with sizes of 40+. As their war with DCP rages on, their UK invaded Sleet with 15+. They then invaded Snow Board with 35+. In their defenses of Frosty and Cozy, they reached sizes of 35+. They then held a Training Session with sizes of 27+. To finish their week, they held another Training Session with sizes of 35+.

2. Army of CP: The Army of CP move up a spot coming in at 2nd this week. To start off their week, they held an AUSIA Training Session with sizes of 24+. After that, they held another Training with sizes of 32+. They then held a Mining Expedition with sizes of 26+. Their AUSIA then battled GT in a Practice Battle with sizes of 20+. Next, their AUSIA battled Ice Warriors and got sizes of 33+. They then held a Training Session with sizes of 35+. To end their week, they defeated WV in the Champions Cup III tourney battle.

3. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors move up one spot coming in at 3rd this week. To start their week, They held a battle against DW with 20+. Next, they logged in for a recruiting session with 22+. In their battle with the Nachos, they got sizes of 24+. They then  battled GT with sizes of 15+. To end their week, they won round 1 of Champions Cup III with 32+.

4. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation move up a spot coming in at 4th this week. To start their week, they held an unscheduled Training session with sizes of 15+. Next, they held a prractice battle against SWAT with 20+. They then logged in 15+ for a training session. To end their week, they held 2 operations that saw sizes of 30+ and 25+.

5. Light Troops: The Light Troops make a sudden leap back into the Top 5 this week. To kick off the week, they reached 30 at an event, calling out their doubters in the process. This was followed by a UK event which saw sizes of up to 21. After this, they “declared war” on 7 armies with the given reason of “Kim Kardashian”, though this later was revealed to be a joke (as most of us expected). After two more UK training events, the Light Troops hit 30 again in a practice battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation, which they won by default due to their opposition not showing.

6. Teutons: The Teutons rise a spot to 6th this week. To start their week, they held a party to celebrate reaching 7th in last week’s Top Ten. They then saw the retirement of their leader Jon. After an unimpressive practice battle showing, they reached 11 at an AUSIA event. After winning by default in another practice battle, they introduced their new LIT, June, to the army. This was followed by an AUSIA event with sizes of up to 12. After an AUSIA event with 15 and a US/UK event with 10, they faced off against the Nachos in the Champions’ Cup and narrowly lost with sizes of up to 15.

7. Golds: The Golds move up a spot coming in at 7th in this week’s Top 10. To start their week, they held a training session with sizes of 21+. Next, they held a practice battle against SWAT with 19+. They then held a training session with 14+. To end their week, they advanced in our Champions Cup III with sizes of 11+.

8. Special Weapons & Tactics: SWAT moves up one place in this weeks top ten, moving up to 8th following an improved week. They started with a U-Lead session with sizes of 15-20+ on the server Mammoth at a USA event. They followed this up with similar sizes in a PB with the Rebel Penguin Federation. SWAT claimed to win the battle. To end the week they had a victorious PB against the Golds with sizes of 20+ and had some good tactics. They face the Doritos in a huge Champions Cup clash later today.

pb with golds4 9-24-14

9. Smart Penguins: The return of the SP sees them go straight into the top ten. To begin the week, they had sizes of 12-14+ with some good tactics and formations. Their next event was a successful AUSIA training session with similar sizes of 12-14+. Their final two events of the week were a training session with sizes of 15+ and a UK event with 8-10 on CP. Four training session sees them score low on event quality points, but good tactics and size averages sees them colelct a top 10 spot this week.

10. Nachos: The Nachos return to the top ten this week, rising three places from 3rd on SMAP last week. They had several events this week and started with UK training with sizes of 5+ and another UK training session with sizes of 8+ the next day. The first USA event of the week saw them hit sizes of 3 against the Rebel Penguin Federation, who won. This was followed up with sizes of 5+ at a USA training session. The week ended on a better note as they beat the Teutons in the first of their Champions Cup Group Stage battles with sizes of 15+ and followed this up with 10-12+ at an unscheduled training session to narrowly achieve a top ten spot.

weekly poll

This month, armies overall have seen an abnormally large drop from what we usually expect annually. This week is no different, as two armies with scores in the 50’s got 4th and 5th. This week, we asked you, the readers, how long it will take for this drop to end. It was neck and neck between a month and a few weeks, but the extremely slight majority voted a month with 31 votes. A few weeks followed behind with 30, and this week came in last with a mere 6 votes. The 6 who voted this week have been proven wrong, as you can see by the above Top Ten. The other two options will not be determined for, well, a few weeks.


New poll released every Sunday!


Here at CPAC, we put an extreme amount of work into our top tens, changing the formula and its requirements from time to time to adapt to the current state of warfare. However, sometimes our formula is exploited by armies. Exploitation is something we’ve already been stopping by counting pictures of events. We now are squashing another popular form of exploitation. All mining expeditions or rogue-seeking events of the like will hereby be counted as 4-5 bar events. The parameters of the term “rogue-seeking” is entirely up to the Top Ten maker’s interpretation. This new rule will launch into effect in next week’s Top Ten.

So, what do YOU think of this week’s top ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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Lord West

CPA Central Editor in Chief


CPA Central Executive Producer

69 Responses

  1. damn it zak illuminati made u first


  2. Good post. Very informative


  3. Interesting Top 10


  4. Spooky Skeletons.


  5. But srsly how are teutons 6th. I thought they’d be 9th or something.


  6. No surprise here.


  7. 0.96 points away.


  8. That gap between 2nd and 3rd tho


  9. Nice work Nachos on getting back in the top ten. 😉


  10. It’s quite interesting that Sp and Nachos made it to cpac. LT are on a rise but the top 3 are slowly progressing.


  11. Wow, the #10 score would’ve been about 5th or 6th on SMAP a few weeks ago


  12. Water ninjas should be 10….


  13. Armies are currently doing really bad, I hope we pick up… :/




  15. Awesome top ten. I am glad ACP is rising instead of dropping, unlike most armies.


  16. Where the fuck is DCP? they were fucking 2nd last week


  17. “All mining expeditions or rogue-seeking events of the like will hereby be counted as 4-5 bar events. The parameters of the term “rogue-seeking” is entirely up to the Top Ten maker’s interpretation.”

    so basically means

    “we now have the right to dock anyones event points just bc we feel like it, and there isnt anything you can do to stop it bc yolo”

    obv bias


  18. lol waterkid, ”Where will IW be after the Legends cup, back near the bottom?” :O


  19. Go ACP and Teutons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. I didn’t knew about those rogue-seeking events.


  21. ACP’s sizes are brilliant but Mrtchy is a crap leader and LT ARE GONNA BEAT THEM.

    SWAT- They will be in SMAP soon wait and see.


    • wooo!! go pbk!11shift!1 we got 11th on smap we should be prod of orsilves :):)


      • Mrtchy as you struggle with simple tasks let me put it in simple terms. PBK has just returned from the dead where do you want us to be 1st on SMAC?

        People like me because im loyal to my troops, kind to them unlike you who just doesn’t have the qualities of being an ACP Leader coz he is an arrogant little shit.

        Hope that clears things up for you batty boy.

        Yours Sincerely
        Gordon Edward
        Commander in Chief
        Pure Blooded Killers


    • Uhh, Mrtchy is a fantastic leader. Some people are jealous of our three great grapes. 😦


      • Lol then i can explain why you think that.

        1. You like many are licking mrtchys ass, give up you wont make leader whilst mrtchy is leader.
        2. You are blindfolded to see Mrtchys true colours. People not naming names are already starting to notice that what im talking about is the truth and when you find out, don’t come running to me and btw fluffy took his side today so he is no longer my mate.

        Yours Sincerely
        Gordon Edwards
        Commander in Chief
        Pure Blooded Killers


    • Swat only stays in cpac because they give everyone owner right off the bat.


  22. Where are the Doritoz?


  23. Doritos took a huge fall!


  24. “All mining expeditions or rogue-seeking events of the like will hereby be counted as 4-5 bar events.” lol RIP ACP


  25. Ominous for many armies, that. Since mining expeditions with enormous sizes will fetch less points. Good Top Ten, good to see RPF back on track. Good job RPF leaders.
    Good job SP, we’re gonna crack it!
    That margin between ACP and DW though!




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