CPAC Invasions Review: 09/28/14

The only war this week to report is the war between the Dark Warriors and the Doritos.  Doritos had no posts on any of the defenses/invasions recorded on their website while DW did. 

  • The invading army will always be on the left, while the defending army will always be on the right.
  • The server will be displayed as follows: “Klondike:”
  • The arrow (←) will be pointing toward the victor.
  • If the battle is disputed, the arrow will point both ways ( ↔ ).
  • If the battle is agreed to be a tie, an equals sign will replace the arrows (=).
  • In the rare case of a disputed tie, the equal sign will be on the side of the army claiming a tie, while the arrow will be pointing towards the army claiming victory.
  • If one army posts of a battle on their site and the other army does not, the army that posts will be marked the victors on the review unless they formally admit defeat.

Weekly War Log:

Dark Warriors vs. Doritos: Ongoing

Tuesday, September 23rd

Sleet: Dark Warriors ← Doritos

Snow Board: Dark Warriors ← Doritos

Wednesday, September 24th

Summit: Doritos Dark Warriors

Frosty: Doritos Dark Warriors

Thursday, September 25th

Cozy: Doritos Dark Warriors


CPAC E∂ιтσя Iη Cнιєƒ

5 Responses

  1. exciting i guess


  2. dark warriors strongest nation


  3. we won all of them… musty really needs to stop lying to his troops


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