Many Changes In The SWAT Army

Update 3 (9:51pm EST): Nitro has been fired/quit from SWAT and has joined DW as high moderator. DW/SWAT alliance might possibly end. Nothing official yet.

Update 2 (9:40pm EST): Interviews added

Update 1 (9:00pm EST): Badboy and Doms  were removed from SWAT.

MAMMOTH, SWAT Empire – The SWAT army went through a lot of changes during the last week. They hired a lot of new owners and leaders which ended up by the removal of 3 owners and a new chat. To learn more about the current situation of the SWAT army, continue reading.

Not only major ownership changes have been made, but also many changes about the army’s rules, moderators and many more. Most of these changes begun on the 16th of September.

❗ One/Two Army Rule ❗

On the 16th of September, SWAT announced that they will enforce a new one/two army rule. This rule has been tested on many armies, but most of them failed due to troops not liking the rule. Will it be successful in  SWAT? Two of the many rules are: owners can only be in one army and a two army rule for 4ics and 5ics.

Here is the post explaining the situation:

Hello, SWAT! I have decided to enforce a one army rule for all owners. The one army rule is where all 3ics and above can only be in ONE army! That army being SWAT.

SWAT Team of Club Penguin One Army Rule

All troops 3ic and above can only be in one army. That army being SWAT.

 SWAT Team of Club Penguin Two Army Rule

 All troops that are 5ic and 4ic moderators can only be in two armies. One of those armies being SWAT.

Any troop that is in more than two armies, and refuses to leave at least one will be demoted(Unless leaders say different).

~In SWAT We Want Only The Most Productive And Finest Administration There Is To Offer

❗ Hiring of New Leaders & Owners ❗

Many owners were hired, but the most important one was about Huskers. Huskers was hired as a Leader (Called President in SWAT), but it is still unknown the official day he joined. In a post, he announced that a lot of moderators were hired, many were fired and same goes for owners. He seems to be very confident and seems to do anything for them to rise.

Here is a post summarizing the situation:

As you may be aware, there has been some recent changes within SWAT over the past week. Leaders have been fired and hired, mods promoted and demoted and new troops have joined us. SWAT has been rising over the week like a high-speed train transitioning from one station to another. Together as an army we are on a mission. A mission to rise as one and become the best we can be. The hunger and desire to progress is seen everywhere in the army, the leaders are always recruiting, owners doing what is expected of them and finally you the troops are the key to our success. As a SWAT troop it is up to YOU to recruit for the army. YOU have to step up to the mark and execute your orders. An army will get nowhere without deicated troops. I have seen dedication here, mods are recruiting on and off cp. It doesn’t only have to be the moderators, members can recruit as well. Auto Typers are free for everyone to use and can be found here to download. So I ask you the troops to dedicate yourself to SWAT and do whatever you can to help the army grow.

You may also have noticed, there has been several leadership changes. Pongo,UK Leader (now former) has been dismissed by the leadership. His abilities as a leader were discussed by the leadership and a decision was made to fire him. Dwain and myself have returned to lead once again. The main purpose of our return is to fuel this generation with experience in order to reach the goals set. You can also expect one or two more leaders rejoining SWAT for the same purpose. As leaders and owners we have been working hard for SWAT day and night to make this a better army for you the troops and now we ask you the troops to encourage us by putting in the effort to recruit and attend all events.

At that time, the SWAT leaders were the following:

Supreme Commanders (1ic)

Nitro, Phantom, Dwain (Nemesis), Huskers, Konrad

❗ The Removal of Supa Em, Dwain and Huskers ❗

These owners were removed from the army by Badboy, current DW 2ic, former SWAT Leader and current SWAT Advisor. He used many words to describe these owners and many reasons on why they were removed.

Here is the full post:

Hello SWAT!

Its your main advisor, Bad.

I just wanted to inform everyone that Dwain, Huskers, and Supa Em have all been removed from the SWAT Army. Why? Well Dwain is a corrupt prick who thinks its cool to act like a dictator and hire 10000 owners. Huskers and Supa are nice people and good troops, but just aren’t active enough to lead SWAT. And since Dwain refuses to give SWAT chat back, and Ganger doesn’t want to reset the password to give it to the leaders, Doms has made a new chat. The link is See you there!

~Bad, SWAT Advisor

❗ The Interview ❗

Interview with Badboy, former SWAT Advisor

CPAC: What do you think about Ganger’s recent decisions?

Bad: I think Ganger is a ******* idiot. He is RETIRED. Yet he has all the leaders that come in on a ******* leash and they give into his bull****. It is time SWAT got tough and stop letting Ganger walk all over them. This Godfather **** is the same reason why GT has crumbled.

CPAC: How do you think SWAT will do in the current situation?

Bad: They’ve ****** themselves over. They’ve pissed off Nitro and Doms. They decided to banish me when I probably give more of a **** about SWAT than anyone, but everyone says otherwise. Nitro and Doms will probably join DW and enjoy themselves in a stable and cool army. One without dictators and ****heads.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Bad: If SWAT thinks they will survive with Konrad at the helm, they are ******* delusional. Ganger always has to ruin everything. Also, DARK WARRIORS FOREVER!

CPAC: Thank you for your time.

Interview with Percy, SWAT Vice President

CPAC: What do you think about Badboy’s decision on the removals.

Percy: I don’t know, he wanted Ganger not to own the chat, then we created a new chat only for him to be main. I didn’t really agree with what he did.

CPAC: How do you think SWAT will do after many changes?

Percy: We will see how SWAT does, but I’m pretty sure we will be in the Top Ten

CPAC: Any last comments?

Percy: Join SWAT.

CPAC: Thank you for your time.

What do YOU think? Will their be other changes in the army? Will SWAT rise under the current leadership? Comment what YOU think!

Vo Yo

CPA Central Associate Producer

26 Responses

  1. Badboy and Doms are banished from SWAT


  2. I wont be banished for long faggot.


  3. welcome nitrooooo


  4. Nitro has now retired from CP Armies.


  5. SWAT and DW alliance is now broken. SWAT is NOT enemies, we are neutral with them.


  6. hahahahah imagine having a retard as advisor

    who fires two leaders and then when talking about it in an interview says DW FOREVER


    • Lol ikr.

      I love how badboy is talking shit about/to ganger when he is hes trying to do the same exact thing and take control of SWAT.


      • I’m wasn’t trying to “take control”. I was simply trying to help SWAT break away from the dictatorship of Ganger90. Its been 4 years and he’s still hogging the site and chat. Godfathers who are RETIRED should be RETIRED and let the current leaders and advisors take care of issues. You don’t see Unknown come on DW everyday and start firing people whenever he wants. That’s not how its supposed to work. If Ganger doesn’t want to deal with changes that happen in SWAT when he’s not around to witness them, he should just them down. He’s never going to let them go. Ganger has a bright future with football and he chooses to come on here and still dictate people and try to maintain control over everyone. That’s why I suggested making a new chat, so that the current leaders can be FREE, and continue to lead SWAT in a peaceful matter. But no, Ganger has to come on and ruin everything by firing all the leaders and just keeping Konrad. I cant wait to see how bad SWAT does with just Konrad at the helm. Its going to be a rude awakening for him when he has no one to help him. And he can thank his buddy, Ganger90, for that.


    • Like

    • I don’t see your point. I didn’t fire anyone. It was agreed upon by all the SWAT Leaders to remove those 3 people due to Dwain being corrupted and Supa and Huskers being inactive. And yes, DARK WARRIORS FOREVER! 😀


    • Lol. That was what i was thinking actually. He is a retard


  7. Damn it, all this shit always happens when I’m sleeping.


  8. inb4 swat dies again


  9. Dwain is an arrogant wanker with no place in cp warfare same for illuminx and chip.

    I hope they remain banished


  10. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Structure & Language:9
    Overall grade:9

    This post was added to the staff record page.


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