Practice Battle In Review: Golds against SWAT

KLONDIKE, CPAC HEADQUARTERS – On the server of Klondike, the SWAT [9] and Golds [?] have a strong practice battle with both armies showing their true colors and a bit of joking along with this practice battle. What does this mean for SWAT and Golds next? 

The SWAT and Golds battle out on Klondike with Golds maxing around 20 and SWAT maxing around 26. Both armies fought hard showing what they can do. With Golds having their slight fights with DW with a “war of posting” some call it battled hard even in a time like this.

Golds say: 

Town – Golds [Due to SWAT retreating to Forts without notification]

Forts – Close but Golds had an upper size advantage. 

Iceberg – SWAT wins with upper size advantage. 


SWAT says: 

Town – Town was pre-battle and battle didn’t start until Forts.

Forts- SWAT wins due to upper size advantage 

Iceberg – SWAT wins due to upper size and tactics


Both armies defiantly fought hard but could not come to a winner. Each army had different thoughts on what happened which I described above where whether the Town was an actual battle room or it was just a pre-battle room due to little tactics. What do you think happened?

CPAC Opinion:

Town: The Town in my opinion was indeed considered as a non battle room since the battle did not start until 7:00:00 PM EST but just a room to get started and get both armies on. 

Forts: I believe that the Golds did win the Snow Forts with upper size and a slight advantage in tactics. 

Iceberg: The SWAT wins the Iceberg having upper size and tactic advantage. 

Overall: A tie between both armies with similar sizes and similar tactics. 

So what do YOU think? Did the SWAT win with their upper tactics? Did the Golds win with upper size? Vice versa? Was the entire thing a tie? And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Lord Jay

CPAC Editor In-Chief

20 Responses

  1. Iceberg was majority of the battle, and SWAT was dominating then. Golds had lost all their size, and their tactics were terrible then. Since Iceberg was more than 15+ minutes, SWAT should win.


  2. da gramer is horibl bt u r amazn nd i luv u su mch. k? luv u bae! ❤


  3. Another great post from Rph. 🙂


  4. gj


  5. Good post


  6. 90% of the battle happened at the berg though


  7. so done w the fact that these SWAT kids are crying over who won a PB where neither of the armies even got 25



  8. Golds had 50 people locked out while we were at town they were all in the dojo


  9. Great Practice Battle and Post!


  10. Golds win without a doubt.


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