Mikester Appointed As Commander In Chief In The ACP || Second Triumvirate Established

BREEZE, ACP Capital – The Army of Club Penguin have been a successful army earlier this year when their triumvirate was instated with Sercan leading UK, Jerry leading US and Flipmoo leading AUSIA. However, they fell apart when most leaders quit. However, a second triumvirate has formed; Mikester leading US, Purpleslime4 leading UK and Mrtchy leading AUSIA.

❗ The First Triumvirate ❗

The Army of Club Penguin have dominated the first half of this year with their first triumvirate leading. ACP have been ranked 1st multiple times under this leadership.

Boomer made a post recapping the ACP triumvirate which can be found here. According to his calculations, the ACP were averagely ranked 2.05 under the triumvirate.

Here is an excerpt written by the ACP Leaders informing about establishing the first Triumvirate:

Today, on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) 2014, four citizens of the ACP are introduced into new positions, positions of responsibility, power and importance. Their actions will mold the shape of the future for the ACP. These individuals were hand-selected by your current Commander in Chiefs for the sole purpose of the aforementioned; to bring ACP to new heights. In order to promote the finest leaders among our moderators, every soldier was put under evaluation. We tested their skills on the battlefield, their ability to judge their own actions, their morals, their attitude under various circumstances, and more. The tests were rigorous on our part; we quietly but accurately took notes of their competence. We left not a single stone unturned. And with that said, allow us to introduce your new Commander-in-Chief and Generals.

❗ Second ACP Triumvirate ❗

On the 22nd of September, the ACP have established a new triumvirate with Purpleslime4 leading UK, Mrtchy leading Ausia and finally, new appointed leader, Mikester, leading US.

Mikester has been second-in-command for quite a while after the 1st triumvirate came to an end. Purpleslime was promoted to leader when Sercan and Jerry moved to Golden Troops. A few months later, Mrtchy was as well promoted to leader rank after the retirement of long time leader, Flipmoo, in order to lead the Ausia division.

Here is an excerpt from Mikester’s inauguration post:

Let us rise together to congratulate our new Commander-in-Chief, Mikester. With this inauguration of Mike, we’re hoping as an army together to improve, bringing together the second ever Triumvirate in the ACP, a leader for each of ACP’s divisions. Though this is a short post, a big step for the ACP.

ACP will prevail, as we always have.

The Army of CP seem confident about their decision and hope this triumvirate could work out.

❗ Interview with Fluffyboy3, ACP 2ic ❗

CPAC: Do you think the ACP Leaders made a good decision by promoting Mikester to the Commander-in-Chief rank?

Fluffy: Yes, we needed and it will impact the US division as our high rankers are making genius ideas on how to improve the US division and ACP as a whole, Mike could in return talk with the others leaders and approve the ideas.

CPAC: A second triumvirate has been established. Do you think it will surpass the first one led by Sercan, Flipmoo and Jerry?

Fluffy: It could very well, as the old one had big sizes and fantastic leaders, I think this triumvirate will triumph and flourish to be a great generation.

CPAC: Where do you think the ACP will be placed in the following Top Tens?

Fluffy: I think we will stay in the Top 3, ACP is determined to get that number one spot again and we will keep rising.

CPAC: Thank you for your time.

What do YOU think? Will the second triumvirate ever surpass the first one? Where do you see the ACP in the following Top Tens? Comment what YOU think!

Vo Yo

CPA Central Associate Producer

26 Responses

  1. if ur reading this ur mum


  2. 3rd, WAYY TO GO MIKESTER :d


  3. Finally.


  4. honestly,

    the inauguration post,

    was so anticlimactic,

    it almost made me miss the eloquence and melodramatic posts of the first triumvirate,

    lol good luck trying to fix the US division Mike. You’re gonna need it.


  5. TIL 3 months= half a year


  6. Congratulations Mike! 😀


  7. random question but when will the next ground zero come


  8. I am calling ACP, DW, SWAT, RPF, DCP, IW AND GT to duty as Waterkid just asked us to destroy his army because of Kim Kardashian.
    Let us fullfill his wish. (Seriusly going a bit overboard waterkid?)


  9. As one of the privileged few who has had the supreme honour to command the greatest army in the history of CPA – I wish to extend to Mike my sincere best wishes in his new role as C-i-C, despite our obvious past differences and my continued unnecessary banishment from ACP’s chat. I only know too well the stresses and responsibilities of that position, and so if my advice is ever requested or required – I shall always be at ACPs call.


  10. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Structure & Language:9
    Overall grade:9

    This post was added to the staff record page.


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