Golden Troops – Temporary Shut Down

Update (7:00 PM EST): Jerry has released a post on GT site announcing the new leadership of the Golden Troops. Lord Pain and Lord Jay will both be returning to lead GT with Rishron.

Update (5:30 PM EST): Interview with Jerry added.

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Empire – Following the last temporary shut down of GT that was ignited by the retirements of Sercan, Vivek, Dinesh, and Tempah, and the coup d’état of Lord Pain, the Golden Troops have once again temporarily shut down.

❗ GT’s First Temporary Shut Down ❗

About three weeks ago, the Golden Troops looked like the new power house of CP Armies, knocking DW out of the top spot in CPAC for the first time in what seemed like forever. They were maxing sizes of 35-40 including sizes of 25-30 at Ausia events. All of a sudden, things started to change. Chaos erupted in the army when they heard of Sercan, Tempah, Dinesh, and Vivek’s retirements. This was followed by the coup d’état of Lord Pain. Sercan had no choice but to shut down the army temporarily until he could find a new set of leaders to help Zak keep the army alive and thriving.

An event GT held the day after they gained 1st place on CPAC:

❗ GT’s Re-Opening ❗

After almost two weeks of multiple changes in the leadership and ownership of the army, GT was finally ready to re-open. The new leadership consisted of Rishron, Hulk, Stromae, and Zak. Zak felt very confident in the new leadership and he was very excited for them to be re-opening. Here’s an excerpt from his post:

“I’m sure you’re all well aware of the chaos that’s occurred throughout the past few days. Four of our leaders left us, and a fifth was removed in a coup d’etat last night, leaving me as the only constant. These events have created a sort of pessimism around the Golden Troops. Some troops have left in the fear that we’d fall and die. I’m assuring you now that is not the case. I’m surrounded by three excellent leaders in Rishron, Stromae, and Hulk, and the four of us surely can lead the Golden Troops to greatness once again. There’s no need for any pessimistic thoughts. I’m very excited about the future of this army.”

The next couple of days, GT recruited hard and was determined to return to the community with a bang. After holding an event on a 5 bar server, GT had their first official event since the shut down. They held a US Training Session that saw sizes of 20. Here’s a picture:

Screen shot 2014-09-15 at 12.56.33 PM

Everything looked like it was going good for GT, they were getting consistent sizes of 20-25 at events, and were placed 6th in the most recent Top Ten.

❗ Temporarily Shut Down Again ❗

Following, GT’s placement in this week’s top ten, they looked as if they could be back in the top five pretty soon. But rumors started going around that Rishron was going to be couped, and that owners would be fired. Chaos started to erupt once again, and almost half the army left, including long time GT owners, Jay and Cody. According to GT troops, everyone was told that GT was on the verge of closing, so they went to other armies. This caused GT Advisor, Jerry, to come on and speak with everyone. Jerry could not maintain peace between the army, so he was forced to temporarily shut them down again. After announcing this to GT, he released a post regarding the temporary shut down, and what the plans are for the future of the Golden Troops. Here’s some words from his post:

“This one may last longer than the previous one. We will be having a complete overhaul of the owner ranks. More information will be posted soon.”

I also got a chance to catch up with Jerry, and ask him a few questions about shutting GT down again.

Interview With Jerry ❗

Me: What were your reasons for shutting down GT so suddenly?

Jerry: I was informed by a number of people who a few leaders have gone inactive or weren’t doing their job. GT also wasn’t performing exceptionally well, so we decided to shut down for a bit and find new leaders to take over this responsibility.

Me: How do you think shutting down for the second time in two weeks will have an impact on the rest of the army?

Jerry: I don’t believe there will be any negative impact. In fact, this can give the army something to look forward to.

Me: What are your plans for GT in the future?

Jerry: Stabilization. We have to ensure the new owners can work without the help of us advisors. In order to do that, we must find the right leaders to help us carry on this task.

Me: Alright. Thanks for your time Jerry, it’s always a pleasure.

Jerry: The pleasure is all mine.

I have also received word that GT Leader, Zakster, will not be leading when the shut down is over. The Golden Troops are not stable right now, but Jerry, and many others who stayed in the army, plan to rebuild and become successful once again.

What are your thoughts about the Golden Troops temporarily shutting down for the second time? Will they be able to rebuild and return in a stronger form? Will they improve their ownership so that they can become a stable and strong army like they once were? Tell us what YOU think in a comment below and thanks for reading!


~CPAC Reporter~

41 Responses

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  2. 1st comment im so honored


  3. nooooooo shhhhhhhhhhffffff


  4. 1RST


  5. Jesus, They were fine like 6 days ago then they shut down,
    Owners beeen fired111!!oneone!1


  6. Nope. I’m done with GT. Sercan’s a hypocrite and a pussy. I refuse to touch anything that has any association with him.

    Also, yes, Rishron was going to be couped. I intended to coup him due to his abrasive nature causing multiple good owners to leave.

    What sparked my leave was an argument between Sercan and I in a kik group chat. Sercan had found out that GT was moved from 4th to 6th in the CPAC top ten and instantly lashed out at both CPAC and I, calling CPAC biased and calling me self-conceited because he thinks that errors in other army’s numbers means that I don’t want GT high, when in reality, they were honest mistakes made by 78562cool which I understood and worked with Bluesockwa2 to fix.

    Sercan thinks that we’re all against him and GT when in reality we’re not. He cares so much about the Top Ten that it’s sad; he bases his entire self confidence in armies off a top ten placement. That’s why he decided to shut down GT. He’s scared of us being in the lower top ten.

    GT is being brought back now, though, because Sercan’s a hypocrite. Pain is leading alongside Jay, who I don’t expect to stay long because who’d want to lead with Pain? Rishron will be staying as well, which is a huge mistake by Sercan and Jerry.

    GT as a whole wasn’t fun. The owners were suppressed, something I didn’t even know until a few days before I left. Sercan held us in a chokehold. He had the most power, which obviously should not have been the case. All he did was criticize others. He’s easily one of the most overrated leaders I’ve ever worked with.

    I hope the Golden Troops stay dead. We don’t need them back. They’re better off laid to rest for the final god damn time.


    • The old GT is way better, because of how the great leadership they have, and caring about their troops and stuff. it wasn’t like this back then. But for this GT of this gen – its terrible l say, wayy terrible but there will be happening in RPF too[maybe.]
      As what you said about Sercan was right, because Sercan is acting like Elmikey.
      -For caring about the Top Ten, as your comment about Sercan and what he would do.
      -Making a leader that abuse his/her power over the owners.
      Lol l but he might reply negative stuff about this anyway.
      This is why l didn’t rejoin GT, because of how different they are with terrible generation.


  7. p r a y e r s

    Sercan & Jerry both agreed to shut down GT even though they got 6th, I talked some sense into Jerry gave him some small ideas and we agreed to keep it open and hold leader applications. Before I went off for the day I said one thing to him and one thing only. DO NOT RE-HIRE LORD PAIN. He is hated by 95% of the army and was fired for a reason.

    I come back on and see Pain has been hired to lead alongside Lord Jay when the two of them absolutely despise eachother.

    The ‘godfathers’ need a reality check, Sercan’s ego is such that he thinks he can run GT without having to lead, he’s tried pushing GT into war on the Nachos before when the army was barely even stable after he bailed 2 days after I went into temp retirement. The same ego that pushed him to edit pics and multilog in ACP.

    I’m done with GT for now. Some great people and some good memories but a shadow of what it used to be.


    • didn’t I tell you that sercan was an asshole. That week we I made that ‘Sercan Logic’ post on DW. Im glad you see the true side of Sercan now.


      • I always knew Sercan was arrogant, I think most people do. Sometimes it’s good for him like it pushes him to always try his best other times it leads to silly gloating and pushes him to stuff like he did in ACP to make sure he has something to be arrogant about.

        Obviously I’m not going to say while I was leading with Sercan that yeah Badboy is right because you always have to stick up for your own.


        • In all honesty, Sercan has no room to think he’s a good leader if he’s had to resort to things like editing pictures on occasions. A good leader doesn’t need to tamper with anything to make his/her army better. So to put things simply, Serc is a coward and an egotistical idiot.


  8. Anybody who leads an army with “overlords” or “gods” above them are fools and are destined to crash.

    It didn’t work with RPF and Snaily, so why would it work here? Leaders need to have full power to lead an army. I feel for Zak here and I’ve been in his situation when i hired Elmikey to lead DW and Ambrosha came out of nowhere and made crazy demands.


    • “Anybody who leads an army with “overlords” or “gods” above them are fools and are destined to crash.”

      should probably tell sercan that as he wonders why I never came back from temp retirement


    • But Ambrosha didn’t came out of nowhere, he asked me and the few other people from DW that wanted to coup Elmikey. Lol


  9. Godfathers are a complicated issue in all kinds of groups throughout armies, but the resolution to this isn’t simply “Jerry and Sercan are shitlords.”

    We’ve seen the idea of Godfathers work before, but there’s a line between being there to make sure the army steers in the right path and refusing to retire. We’ve seen the idea of Godfathers work well in armies like UMA; even here at CPAC, Woton longed served as our Godfather, largely for the benefit of the site.

    One of the most famous Godfathers is those of the ACP, and though I draw some issues with that system (such as how easy it is to manipulate — fire owners who will be against the vote, hold the vote so it’s in your favor, then bring it to the Godfathers = coup) but for the most part, these things do not inherently weigh down the army. What weighs down the army is when people retire and take an advisor role, but do much more than advise.

    We see an example of this here, and as Freezie noted, when individuals don’t want to relinquish their power to their successors, a fallout is bound to happen. Are Godfathers inherently bad? No; it’s good to have a talented leader or politician to push the incumbent to do better, to work harder, to guide them along the way and fire them if they do a shitty job. Are backseat leaders bad? Yes.


    • I think “Godfathers” should rarely ever be involved unless it’s 100% necessary and should never make decisions unless it’s already discussed with the leaders. Stuff like Sercan trying to push GT into war and Jerry hiring a leader a lot of the army hate is why I doubt this system will work for GT as the Godfathers don’t actually consult the leaders etc.


      • when did jerry hire pain wtf


      • I would agree; they should be used as a last-option scenario and have to be very careful about overstepping boundaries. A reason Godfathers have worked in places like CPAC, ACP and UMA is because the armies essentially train new people and promote them up through ranks, so by the time people get to the high ranks, they respect the Godfathers.

        When you look at the Golden Troops (though a good number, granted, are former soldiers) some leaders are just being hired randomly, and don’t have respect for these people that are imposing (arguably overstepped) decisions on them. In the end, it goes on the current leader’s record.


        • Precisely. I couldn’t have said it better myself. While I was in UMA, Cas served as a Godfather to Coolster, Derek, and I, which worked extremely well. He let us make the big decisions and was always there when we needed him. He never desired the highest power, which worked well for all of us.

          But in the Golden Troops, we had a much different situation. I felt like I was being held back by the Godfathers, something I’m not used to. I was in a very undesirable position, and under constant scrutiny from Sercan. While I can admit I did not do too much, I definitely did contribute in positive ways to the army. However, I was never complimented by Sercan. He only pointed out the bad, and constantly got mad at me when I pointed out a flaw or disagreed with him. If he had gone about it nicer and had maybe talked to me more instead of only saying things once in a while, all of which were attacks on me, we’d have gotten along better and my leadership would’ve been more effective. Unfortunately, he strangled and contained me by holding a higher power over the leadership and I, something I’ve never liked and had previously hoped to never happen.


  10. Are they still going to be at Champions Cup? If not, who will replace them?


  11. Normally I wouldn’t grace CPAC with a comment from me but under these circumstances I see reason to comment. GT will be restored to a stable state in the top 3 as we were before everything was ruined. GT lacks weakness and thus has found perfection in that manner. If we fall we can easily rebuild ourselves. My position on the site and chat has been secured by Riotors and Jerry thus this will not happen again. The chaos that occurred after my coup is why GT is where they are now. Whoever is smart I suggest you join GT now 😉


  12. zak i bet they didnt give you the ex leader position of owner *hello*?
    and i know they wont after you quit they just mod you or ban you :/


  13. and tbh gt were good until the leaders quit.


  14. k


  15. Yes I have defiantly despised Pain in the past even to the point of getting him couped but if that’s what it takes to keep GT alive (maybe not the same GT) then I will do it.


  16. When in doubt, Lord Pain it out. 😉


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    Structure & Language:9
    Overall grade:8.5

    This post was added to the staff record page.


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