Overinflated Size Estimates: How Bad Is It?

For modern armies, the Top Ten is everything. An army’s placement can make or break morale, start wars, boycotts, and coups. Is this rational? Hardly. But how far will armies go to influence their Top Ten positions off the battlefield?

The past year of CPAC Top Tens has seen a number of armies banned or engulfed in scandals for manipulating or re-using pictures, among them ACP, DCP, SWAT, and UMA. But little attention has been paid to leaders who, whether for ego or deception, use hyperbolic size estimates to influence their Top Ten positioning.

I will attempt to cut through the facade of some of the top armies’ events from the past week to see who really achieved the sizes they claimed.

Disclaimer: I have carefully counted each picture from the results posts on the armies’ own websites. The two pictures selected for each army were the ones in which they had the largest sizes.

#1. Dark Warriors

1-Year Anniversary Party (11/23)

DW Size 1
DW Size 2
Event Review:

  • Reported Size: 45
  • Actual Size: 40
  • Inflation: +5 (12.5%)
  • Comments: In what was easily the best event of the week, DW maxed 40 at their 1-year anniversary party while averaging around 35 throughout the event. DW’s tactics were very strong and they required fewer rogues to hit these sizes than some of their competition.

#2. ACP (Army of Club Penguin)

New Leadership Celebration Event (11/23)

ACP Size 1

ACP Size 2

Event Review:

  • Reported Size: 40+
  • Actual Size: 38
  • Inflation: +2 (5.3%)
  • Comments: Following with the party theme, ACP threw a blast of their own, maxing 38 and hitting consistent sizes around 35 throughout. ACP was able to perform impressive tactics despite their overall ranks being inflated by the number of rogues in the Town.

#3. IW (Ice Warriors)

Invasion of Arctic (11/23)

IW Size 1

IW Size 2

Event Review:

  • Reported Size: 37+
  • Actual Size: 31
  • Inflation: +6 (19.4%)
  • Comments: The Ice Warriors take the crown this week with the largest invasion force, maxing 31. Without an opponent to face off against, their sizes were aided by rogues, although they were able to maintain solid tactics once they left the Town. They averaged 25-30 throughout the event.

#4. AR (Army Republic)

Invasion of Snow Fort (11/19)

AR Size 1

AR Size 2

Event Review:

  • Reported Size: 30
  • Actual Size: 28
  • Inflation: +2 (7.1%)
  • Comments: With the largest sizes of any army in a head-to-head battle, AR maxed 28 in the middle of the week and easily disposed of RPF in their invasion of Snow Fort. AR maintained consistent sizes of 20-25 throughout the event, forcing RPF to admit defeat. They were even courteous enough to count their own sizes!

#5. DCP (Doritos of Club Penguin)

Practice Battle with RPF (11/23)

DCP Size 1

DCP Size 2

Event Review:

  • Reported Size: 40+
  • Actual Size: 23
  • Inflation: +17 (73.9%)
  • Comments: Delivering an easy victory over RPF, DCP maxed 23 while averaging in the low 20s throughout the practice battle. In probably the greatest exhibit of a leader overinflating sizes, DCP Leader Mustapha10 reported nearly double his army’s actual size in the results post.

#6. RPF (Rebel Penguin Federation)

Defense of Alpine (11/19)

RPF Size 1

RPF Size 2

Event Review:

  • Reported Size: 30
  • Actual Size: 20
  • Inflation: +10 (50.0%)
  • Comments: In a contested battle with the Army Republic, RPF maxed 20 and averaged 15-20 throughout the event. AR subsequently reported sizes of 25, and both armies claimed victory. In another strong example of overstating an army’s size, RPF Leader Elmikey reported RPF achieving sizes 50% higher than they actually did.


As you can see from the preceding images, all of the top armies are guilty of some amount of size inflation, some much more than others. Whether they are attempting to fuel troop morale or just feeding their egos, some of these leaders are developing reputations of untrustworthiness that may actually negatively affect their Top Ten scores for size.

For that reason, army leaders, I challenge you to find your best pictures for future events and make a legitimate count of soldiers (in relative uniform, formation, and participating in tactics) as I have done for these events. Not only will it do wonders for your accountability, but it will also make it a great deal easier for the fine people that produce the Top Tens we so enjoy.


73 Responses

  1. The great annoyance is when I see an event where people counted LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE ROOM WHO WAS THE COLOR OF THEIR ARMY as a soldier. It’s absurdity.


  2. This is why they have timelines. We don’t need this junk.


  3. If a white penguin in formation can be counted as DW, why is Puf complaining about green penguins doing clovers being counted as ACP?


  4. Just a heads up, they can still see your IP on the proxy.


  5. 73.9% and 50% lol omg


  6. I love this post.


  7. Size inflation isn’t really bad since most armies round to the nearest 5 anyways


  8. Last one is wrong. Its 33.333333333333


  9. In IW’s picture you missed out some people who were not in the right IW uniform, but on the IW ranks. There were at least 34 in that picture, debatable 36.


  10. These comments are absolutely hilarious.


  11. All this crap is just an opinion. So, dont get your panties in a bunch. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU MAXED, AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS.


  12. Boomer says Doritos did not get 40, lol no. You didn’t even take a picture of the event in the town, you only did forts. NIce try Boomer, what a dumb move.


  13. Dislike this right now if you are in a club penguin army.


  14. Like this comment IF you know that some people in CP Armies have CRH (Compulsive Rocky Hatred) *wary* 😛

    I am going to ban you again very soon. This is your only warning.


  15. This has to be the best post ever *wary*


  16. Just for factual shit, ACP is 3rd, IW is 2nd.
    EXCELLENT post, however. EXTREMELY eye opening.


  17. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Army Comedy Central.


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